131 A Little Kid?


The next clean up done by Kyle and Dylan were done very quickly. Their abilities were simply overwhelming for these giant mutated ants. Even when there were rank 4 giant mutated ants coming, they were easily dealt with by the two of them.

Even though Dylan was technically still in the middle of rank 4, his control over his water element was very precise. It even felt as if he was calculating the force that he was using to maximize it to the fullest.

On the other hand, Kyle directly set these giant mutated ants into fire and turned them to ashes with no other remains.

It was similar with Kate.

Both of them directly eliminated their opponents, leaving nothing remained behind aside from the leftover of these giant mutated ants.

After their abilities had been used for about half, they woke Jake and Lotte. The four of them then worked together to repair the wall, consuming most of Jake's ability before both Dylan and Kyle turned to sleep.


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