The Vice Captain of the WhiteBeard Pirates

In the Desolate world of one piece, a young man finds himself wrapped right in the middle of it all. Follow him as he follows his captain and proclaimed "Father" Whitebeard as they explore the sea, fight pirates, marines and God knows what in this fan fiction web series. DISCLAIMER : I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS FROM THE ONE PIECE ANIME OR MANGA EXCEPT FOR THE OC. THIS IS MY FIRST NOVEL, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW ON WHETHER I COOKED OR NOT. MUCH LOVE

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The Hero, The Admiral, And The Pirate

I quickly summoned an even greater storm in addition to the storm that the clash of wills had caused.

I knew I couldn't disperse the storm that Shiki and Roger had caused, but I knew I could add to the chaos. It was a bad move on both sides because I was also putting my ship at risk, however, there was no time to worry about that; not completely anyway. 

I stood on the bow of the ship resting Labry's blade on my shoulder. The Marine fleet was getting closer and closer, and I could sense two monsterous auras residing within them. I could only sigh in weariness as I saw two figures standing side by side on the bow of the leading Marine ship. 

On the left side, stood a man with a large black afro with a mustache. He wore round-framed spectacles in which the lenses shined the more lightning flashed. On the right side, stood a man with salt and pepper spiky hair, his beard was the same color. Additionally, a stitched scar on top of his left eye. 

Stussy, Ken and the rest of the crew broke out in cold sweat as they saw the figures of Admiral Sengoku and Vice-Admiral Garp making their way to us. Honestly, I couldn't blame them, Sengoku himself was already an Admiral. On the other hand, Garp had made a name for himself by crushing pirates who were in his way while he was chasing Roger; in other words, people like us. 

I took a deep breath in and started dishing out quick instructions for how we were going to handle this battle. Since it was obvious that they couldn't take both Sengoku and Garp, I would need to handle the two of them by myself. As for the rest of the crew:

"Stussy, find weak-points within the Marine's fleet formation. I want you to break their formation and cause chaos among their ranks." I looked at Stussy sternly as I told her, "On the other hand, Ken, I need you to lead the ship and attack them. Be on the lookout for two individuals with eccentric appearances. Also, be on the lookout for one of Garp's subordinates. If I'm not wrong, he should be right around your strength, if even more in combat."

I paused for a brief moment as I stared at the 0 division of the Whitebeard Pirates. Truly, I had no desire to fight these guys. However, there was too many variables that would have happened if we let the Marines intervene in this battle. I couldn't let that happen, also, I knew someone like Sengoku wouldn't let me sail away freely. After my stunt on Falke, the value of my head had become valuable in more ways than one.

"I know that we are surrounded, however, it will be a disgrace to Pops if we turn-tale and run! So fight!!!" I roared at the crew.

The crew roared together as they all begun to man the cannons. I quickly soared to the skies using moonwalk and began to channel lightning, haki and ryou down Labrys. I needed to cull as many ships as I could. To be exact, the number of marine ships within the fleet were 17 in number, whereas the Golden Lion pirates had a fleet of 28 pirate ships. 

Labrys became black, and began to glow silver as I began to infuse my Conqurer's haki along with my ryuo. The storm above could only be described as terrible as I saw both Garp and Sengoku remove their Marine cloaks and look at me solemnly. When I felt that Labrys was filled to the brim with my power, I slowly raised my axe and glared at the Marine Fleet. 

'Lets see whether they can take on this move' I thought to myself grimly.

"ENDENS LYN!!!" I roared as I lunged at the Marine Fleet.

The heavens rumbled as I launched my attack on the Marines, the attack was a mergence of lightning, Labrys, Conqurer's haki infusion and ryou. Ghidorah's lightning would compress itself under the force of Conqurer's haki and when the attack landed on its target. The power, along with the Conqurer's haki, emerged in a full-on explosion that would destroy its target from the inside out thanks to the ryuo. The explosion caused would be devastating, and as a result, causing island destroying effects.

In response, Sengoku and Garp lunged at me as I swung my attack, I could hear them roaring as they made their moves as well.



Our clash collided causing a bright light to be formed within the point of collision. I could sense tidal waves being formed in the sea as the three of us clashed. Sengoku was strong the last time I had faced him, however, him along with Garp made up for a deadly combination as I could feel myself beginning to be pushed back. 

At this point, I doubted whether the crew was actually fighting with the Marine fleet. The impact itself was devastating, but the after-effects weren't minimal either. The impact had caused the storm to further grow in intensity. The winds howled as the sea continued to churn violently. 

The duo had slowly began to push me back as we continued to clash, at this rate, I wouldn't be able to hold out longer. I quickly kicked Sengoku, who dodged almost instantaneously, and forced my swing to throw Garp back. It wasn't much, but I was able to break the initial collision and space out the three of us. 

We all continued to float in the air as the two of them glared at me, I slowly twirled my axe and let it rest on my shoulder once again. I had to look unfazed, they would have attacked if they knew my insides were in turmoil as a result of our first collision. 

"Storm Dragon!! Why are you interfering with Marine Operations?!?!?! Does Whitebeard want to go to war?!?!?!" Sengoku boomed at me.

"I wasn't trying to stop you guys. If anything, it was a reflex, since you marines are so trigger happy." I replied back mildly. 

Sengoku and Garp could only clench their teethes at that remark. I guess they were informed of their fellow member's encounters which led to them getting sunk by me. I needed to delay as much time as possible, I couldn't let the Marine's get to them. Not yet anyway, Garp's expression was seriously dark as he glared at me. 

"I won't let you stand in the way of me arresting Roger! Back off!! Or we WILL be going to war with Whitebeard!!!" Garp darkly threatened. 

I was about to respond at the threat with a smirk when I heard an arrogant snarl come up from behind me, I was so focused on Sengoku and Garp that I never really payed attention to my surroundings.

"Oh? A war with Whitebeard?? How entertaining!!! I wish to be apart of this war as well!!" The voice boomed followed by a burst of conqurer's haki emerged from behind me. Almost instinctually I let out my own Conqurer's haki. Sengoku and Garp wasted no time emmitting theirs as well. I immediately lunged towards another side so I could face the two marines along with the newcomer.

Obviously, it was the Golden Lion.

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