The Vice Captain of the WhiteBeard Pirates

In the Desolate world of one piece, a young man finds himself wrapped right in the middle of it all. Follow him as he follows his captain and proclaimed "Father" Whitebeard as they explore the sea, fight pirates, marines and God knows what in this fan fiction web series. DISCLAIMER : I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS FROM THE ONE PIECE ANIME OR MANGA EXCEPT FOR THE OC. THIS IS MY FIRST NOVEL, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW ON WHETHER I COOKED OR NOT. MUCH LOVE

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Our First Expedition

In front of my fellow crewmates I grew to my animal form, my three heads roaring in unison as they had finally been let out after a long time. I could feel that I had grown bigger this time, I used to be twice the size of Whitebeard; but now I was almost thrice as big. Stussy, who had seen my form before promptly grabbed the supplies that we would need: Some food, water, a change of clothes for us both and a sack full of Berry for if we entered a town that would had hotels. 

When she had made herself comfortable on my back, I slowly raised my arms and spread my wings before taking off. I soared to the skies and sped off to the direction that Stussy had pointed to. Since I was using my arms to flap my wings and fly, I could only rely on Stussy for directions. As for Stussy, she seemed to enjoy the view as I soared across the sea. We could see islands in the distance along with the occasional sea king that would be swimming under water. We had gained a lot of ground as a result of my flying. By the time the day had ended, we decided to stop at an island we could spot in the distance, it was a rather averagely populated city that had some really tall buildings. Stussy would later inform me that this island was known as Ulvehoved, largely known for the number of wolves roaming around the island.

We landed a bit of a distance from the city so as not to scare its residents and we promtply began our journey to the city. It didn't take long, when we arrived; Stussy asked around for a hotel that we could stay in for the night. The old men who were asked by Stussy looked at the two of us with knowing looks before pointing at a nearby building. Stussy thanked the two old men quickly and we got a hotel for the night. When the inkeeper asked us how many rooms we would be taking. Stussy quickly asked for one room, I looked at her puzzidely as she continued to smile at the innkeeper. Who promptly handed us one key after Stussy gave her the payment for the room.

We walked in silence till we got to our room. When we opened the door and a rather plain and simple room greeted us. Near the wall, one bed was quietly se there with white sheets and a simple white cover. Again, I looked at Stussy with confusion, why did she only request one room? Stussy, her expression which I couldn't read. Slowly walked to the bed and sat on it. She patted on the area right next to her, inviting me to sit there. I complied and sat right next to her, and as soon as I did that she immediately rested her head on my left shoulder. My anxiety only grew as we sat there in silence. 

I looked at her quietly before asking, "Are...you okay?" She didn't respond and only continued resting her head on my shoulder. Thinking back on all the flying that we were doing today, maybe she was just exhausted right? I decided to ask this instead, "Do...you want to sleep together?" I got a reaction this time, she looked at me right in the eyes with a mischevious glint in them. She smiled happily before saying, "I thought you'd never ask! Let me get washed up for bed, you better get washed as well, okay?" She immediately rushed out of the room, leaving me alone in the quiet room.

If all she wanted to do is sleep with me, why didn't she say that to begin with? It appears that no wonder what world I reincarnate to. Women would always appear the same, just complicated for no reason. I sighed tiredly before leaving the room, Stussy had forgoten to give me the keys before I left, so I could only lock the door behind me and hope that she'd be back by the time I was out of the bath. I managed to find the bath after a couple of seconds of walking, the inn that we had was a couple of meters away from the local bath house. I quickly paid the owner and got into the bath. The heat from the water slowly managed to seep into my bones. I slowly came to realise how exhausted I was from all the flying I was doing. I sighed as I plunged myself deeper into the water. 

 [ Stussy POV ]

Sinking my tired body in the water, I recalled the events that had happened before hand. I got a single room for Boris and I. Moreover, we were going to sleep together for the night. Boris was a rather expressionless individual, if I didn't know any better, I would have thought that he was a failed clone some mad scientist had created in attempt to create artificial intelligence the same way Vegapunk had done to me. However, in place of that rather aloof attitude was a strong ruthless individual. I still remember what he had done to Saint Lazarus back in God Valley, his normaly indifferent expression, just amused as he looked down at the sniffling World Noble like a predator who trapped its prey.

I have always been watching him since then. Could you blame me? Every time I look at him, I just remember his face when he split Lazarus' head open like a watermelon. I wanted to forge a more closer relationship with him, a relationship that would let me forget the expression he had at God Valley. I could tell that, normally, he was a kind yet quiet individual. He normally kept to himself except when patrolling the ships daily. The ones in charge of the other three ships would greet him with happy expressions. He was always a welcome sight within the Whitebeard pirates, I had gone out of my way to ask the others about Boris. 

For the most part, they said that he was always a quiet individual. This was coming from the moment they first saw him. However, Marco, a young boy who was the only person to often talk to Boris portrayed him as someone with ' an aura of a big brother'. "Although he doesn't show it, he cares about Pops and us. That's why he's always inspecting the ships, also, he helps us with training every once in a while." the boy told me one day. From the words of the crew, he seemed to be someone of a caring nature. 

From that point on, I made it my mission to get close to him. Maybe the closer I got to him, the more I would learn about him. I could ask Whitebeard since I was considered as his daughter, but I felt it would be better if I could see it for myself. If he's as caring as they say he is, he wouldn't mind loving a clone like me, right? Only time would tell, but I would make it my mission to make him love me as a human, and I would love him as a human as well.

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