The Vice Captain of the WhiteBeard Pirates

In the Desolate world of one piece, a young man finds himself wrapped right in the middle of it all. Follow him as he follows his captain and proclaimed "Father" Whitebeard as they explore the sea, fight pirates, marines and God knows what in this fan fiction web series. DISCLAIMER : I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS FROM THE ONE PIECE ANIME OR MANGA EXCEPT FOR THE OC. THIS IS MY FIRST NOVEL, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW ON WHETHER I COOKED OR NOT. MUCH LOVE

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News Of Kaido's Reappearance

I woke up to an unfamiliar cabin, lying right next to Stussy.

The headache was gone, for now, and Ghidorah was once again sleeping comfortably within my now completed sea of conciousness. It was a rather daunting task, to finish it within such a short period of time, but it was working. However, I knew deep in my heart that one day I would have to embrace this monster. That would be the only true way to awaken such power.

Stussy was still sleeping as I left the bed to go and find some clothes to wear, I had been in my birthday suit since I woke up. Nevertheless, I approached the mirror after wearing a baggy white shirt accompanied by a black pair of pants. I had grown an inch or two while I slept, and my appearance had changed too. 

My hair was now stripes of black and dark silver, each dreadlock of my hair taking on one of the two colours. While my skin was still on the darker shade, the pupils of my eyes were now vertical slits glowing dark silver. The iris remained the same onyx black color that it used to be.

I walked up to the deck to find the rest of the crew performing their daily tasks, almost as if nothing had happened previously. The only difference was the fact that they seemed to fear me a little bit more than they used to. I could only shrug as I made my way towards the railing near the bow of the ship to have a seat. Ken quickly rushed over to me with a World Economic Newspaper at hand. He was nervous, but at least he was brave enough to face me compared to the others.

I stared at him with an aloof expression as he started talking.

"B-Boss, I got news! Kaido has been spotted leaving a World Government Affiliated Island after making a mess out of its laboratories. H-He had been spotted making his way deep into the New World before he dissapeared." Ken stammered as he reported.

My eyebrows raised a bit as I looked at the Newspaper he had given to me. Sure enough, Kaido had just made a reappearance. Along side it came a bounty offering a hundred million Berries for any information concerning Lunarians. It also gave a brief description of how they appeared, which was the basic generic description. 

With this, I concluded that it was finally time for Roger to start making his last voyage. It wouldn't be long until Roger would be executed. Kaido was probably on his way to gather forces, I think these baby steps would propell him to becoming a future Emporer of the Seas. 

I threw away the paper as I stared at the seas in the distance, Roger would probably be meeting with Whitebeard so that Roger could take Oden from him. It was soon beginning to be the end of Oden and the Roger Pirates, I hoped that Toki wouldn't do anything stupid like throw away my offer to help. 

However, that would be her decision to make. Right now, something rather interesting popped up. The spotter for the crew noted a fleet of Marines coming our way in the distance. The spotter also noted that there was a sole figure standing on the bow of the ship that led the fleet. By the description of the man, it was obviously Sengoku. I guessed that they were trying to get back at me for the island. 

I promptly ordered everyone to prepare for battle again, luckily the new ship that we had been using belonged to the Marines, meaning that it had quite a bit of Canons for use. Since the fleet was directly in front of us, I grabbed my axe and channeled lightning through it. I had thought that they had learned their lesson about dealing with me, clearly not if they only sent Sengoku. 

I swung Labrys downwards while sending The Lightning of the Dead towards the fleet, normally, Sengoku would use his shockwaves to deflect the attack; like he did just now. 

"Speaking of which, how long was I out?" I turned and asked Ken.

"It has been about a week since you went on a rampage and destroyed the island. We had been worried about you, especially Ms. Stussy," Ken replied emotionally.

I kept my eyes on him for a bit before turning my gaze towards the Marine Fleet. Though strange, I felt quite more powerful now compared to before. I felt power pumping through my veins just itching for a good fight. 

'Is this Ghidorah? Maybe some parts of him had fully consolidated with me.'

It was a logical possibility, because I could still hear my thoughts telling me to kill them all. It wasn't hitting me like a headache now, but it was like a mosquito to my ears: constantly annoying me. I suddenly heard a roar coming from the other side of us. It was Sengoku, and he had a loudspeaker snail that boomed all the way to us.

"We have you surrounded Boris, you are under arrest for the destruction of the Firerock Kingdom, surrender immediately! and I will spare your men's lives!" 

"Surrounded?" I murmured coldly.

I didn't see any ships nearby save for the fleet that had stopped quite a distance from us. The only way they could have surrounded us was with sumbarines, which I doubt they had, or resin coated ships. I quickly spread my observation haki in the waters of the sea. However, before I could even sense them, numerous ships immediately emerged to the surface. Each ship was being led by a Rear-Admiral. I only saw the familiar face of Borusalino among them, it looked like they didn't want to send Kuzan or Sakazuki this time either.

'A pity, I'd have loved to see how good they fought now.' I thought indifferently.

Since I had only woken up a while back, my guard hadn't been up completely. I had simply assumed that the World Government would right this off and cover it. 

'Was the ruler of that island one of the people meeting in the World Conference? How troubling.' I theorized quietly as I could sense the ships closing in on me. 

I had to give it to Sengoku, he wasn't known as 'The Resourceful General' for nothing. Seeing how brute strenght wouldn't work on me, he devised a strategy that could. I muttered aloofly while I took out a cigar and lit it. 

"They have already set up a formation for a Buster Call ahead of time. Meaning that they had been watching us for quite some time. How the hell did you guys not sense it, huh? I thought y'all had Observation haki." I looked at the battle-ready crew coldly.

They all looked uncomfortable as Ken walked up to me to explain for them.

"Sir, we had been using our Observation haki from the time you had passed out. We didn't sense anything happening so we had our guards down." He bowed his head slightly.

I could only shrug quietly before looking back at the surrounding marines. I couldn't place blame on the crew for that, it was possible that they were simply just better than the crew at using Observation haki. It could be possible that they had been concealing their presences while they approached. 

That didn't change anything, in the end. I was about to order them to start firing the canons when I sensed a familiar presence approaching in the distance. It was only then, that Stussy emerged from the cabin with a mischevious smile on her face as she approached me. 

My indifferent eyes twitched a bit in annoyance, I didn't even need to ask her what she did because she confessed her deeds the moment she clung to my arm.

"Everything is okay now, I called him out here to help." Stussy snickered after saying that.

The crew cheered in joy as an all too familiar hearty laughter reached my ears.


[ please read creator's thoughts, thank you. ]

I read y'alls comments about the last chapter. I gotta admit that I did mess up with how I wrote that, and I could've wrote it better. For that, I'm sorry, I'll try not to do something stupid like that in the future.

I won't scrap it, but I will try to clarify my intentions with the last chapter. I wanted to show an aspect of Ghidorah taking over his body. It wasn't my intention to imply that Boris had two souls, it was more of a sense of wills than it was about souls. Like Bruce banner and the Hulk.

TLDR: There is only one soul in his body, but two conflicting wills: Ghidorah's and Boris'. Think Bruce Banner and the Hulk

On the other hand, I would like your opinion on what Theories I could make for Imu. There isn't a solid theory that could describe such a person's intentions, and I would like to build a world based on that. Feel free to leave a comment below on what you think should happen.

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