The Vice Captain of the WhiteBeard Pirates

In the Desolate world of one piece, a young man finds himself wrapped right in the middle of it all. Follow him as he follows his captain and proclaimed "Father" Whitebeard as they explore the sea, fight pirates, marines and God knows what in this fan fiction web series. DISCLAIMER : I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS FROM THE ONE PIECE ANIME OR MANGA EXCEPT FOR THE OC. THIS IS MY FIRST NOVEL, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW ON WHETHER I COOKED OR NOT. MUCH LOVE

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Kozuki Oden Vs Vice-Admiral Sakazuki

[ Third Person POV ]

Enies Lobby

Oden, Marco and Jozu had borrowed some affiliated pirate ships to move from the New World to the Grandline. 

They immediately barged into the World-Government affiliated branch, and promptly began causing chaos from within. The one thing that they had failed to account for, or what they had simply ignored, was the fact that there was a Celestial Dragon that was currently picking out slaves within the island. 

Enies Lobby was responsible for judging criminals and giving out sentences before they were sent to Impel Down. As a result, it would be an ideal place to pick out stronger criminals to turn them into slaves. This was the exact kind of mentality that Saint Marcus currently had, accompanied by Vice-Admiral Sakazuki, he was picking out the slaves from the prisoners like he was on a shopping spree.

Currently he had possessed over 10 slaves, although it was a lot, it wasn't enough for him. He was currently scrutinizing the other slaves and picking out which ones were more to his liking. It was actually Sakazuki who suddenly noticed the pending disaster that was about to break in the Courtroom of Justice. He quickly elementized and formed a lava wall before an explosion engulfed the entire room.

The other World Government agents quickly rushed in front of Saint Marcus to protect him with their bodies. Fortunately, Sakazuki prevented them from harming themselves by immediately burning the debree flying their way. As soon as the dust settled, a man with a bowl like hairstyle on his head, and he was being accompanied by two people. One was a largely built man with a short haircut, and another was a smaller man with blonde hair; he wore an unbuttoned purple shirt, revealing the Whitebeard insignia that was tattooed on his chest. 

The man slowly looked around before landing his gaze on Sakazuki. 

"Hoo? You look strong! Maybe this won't be so bad!!" Kozuki Oden said.

"Eh?! Why is there a Celestial Dragon here?" Marco asked surprised.

"Judging from the prisoners behind him, he's probably getting more slaves," Jozu commented stoically.

Saint Marcus was speechless as he watched the three make light conversation. It was as if they were ignoring the exsistance of the group that was currently standing opposite them. This did not please Saint Marcus at all.

"Get them! I want those three mongrels licking my feet right now!!" Saint Marcus demanded.

Sakazuki looked at Saint Marcus before turning his gaze back towards the three Division Commanders. He knew that he was going to get them, he just wasn't sure whether they would be alive to lick the World Noble's feet. 

"Marco The Phoenix, Kozuki Oden, Diamond Jozu; you pieces of pirate scum have guts to invade a Pillar of Justice," Sakazuki commented coldly.

"Oh you know~ we heard that you guys wanted a fight. So we brought the fight to you!" Marco commented happily.

Marco the Phoenix immediately summoned his flames as he watched Sakazuki elementize. Just as it seemed that Marco was about to clash with Sakazuki, Oden took in a deep breathe before yelling.

"STOOOOOP!! Marco, I want to fight him!" 

"Eh?! What should I be doing then? It's not like I came here to watch you fight?" Marco protested.

"Marco, we might as well try our part in killing him," Jozu commented casually while pointing at the World Noble. 

Saint Marcus was shocked as he began taking a few steps back. He had never heard of people actively threatening his life.

"Are you crazy?! They normally send Admirals to attack us, you know?!" Marco argued. 

Jozu didn't have the oppurtunity to respond because he immediately turned his side to diamond as he sensed Sakazuki lunging at him. However, before he could land his lava covered fist on Jozu's diamond chest. He had to stop mid-lunge and step back as a dangerous sword slash passed between Sakazuki and Jozu.

"You'll be fighting me, do you really have the oppurtunity to attack others?" Oden asked him while smiling, his eyes burned with battle-hunger, and Sakazuki was going to be his prey.

Sakazuki glared at Oden with hatred before increasing the intensity of his lava. Consequently, the lava on his arm immediately exploded. However, Oden quickly jumped back to avoid the lava's scorching heat. Marco and Jozu quickly made way for the two of them to fight. They turned their attention from the duo and quickly looked at the World Noble who was looking at the scene with a blank expression. This was his first time ever being within a situation like this.

Meanwhile, Sakazuki and Oden began going at it. Lava and sword slashes flew every where, Sakazuki continued covering his arms with Armament haki and sending fists of lava towards Oden's way. Oden on the other hand simply dodged and deflected the lava projectiles and sent sword slashes Sakazuki's way. 

As a result, the entire Courtroom of Justice was reduced to rubble in a matter of minutes. 

Marco and Jozu had incapacitated all the Government agents that were protecting Saint Marcus. Speaking of Saint Marcus, he was unconcious and under the bottom of Marco who was currently sitting on him. He still didn't know what to do with him, so he didn't go as far as to kill him. However, the World Noble was kind of comfortable to sit on, Marco took note of this while he watched Sakazuki and Oden fight each other. 

"Speaking of which, where are the other marines?" Jozu asked thoughtfully.

Before Marco could respond, Oden raised his katanas and sped forward while chanting.

"Gun Modoki!!!"

Sakazuki immediately chanted in response.

"Hound Blaze!!!!"

A wave of magma shaped like dog heads immediately rushed towards Oden. Meanwhile, Oden raised his swords and flickered towards him. He went right through the wave of dog heads, and right as he passed through, the lava dog heads immediately split open before burning away. Oden didn't stop there, he kept speeding towards Sakazuki. Sakazuki on the other hand, grabbed the sword that was resting on his back. He immediately coated it with haki and blocked Oden's attack just before it touched him.

The impact sent shockwaves throughout the entire vicinity. The Marine reinforcements that were surprisingly late in attending the event, were immediately knocked back toward a nearby wall and lost conciousness thanks to the ferocious heat that Sakazuki's magma had caused. Marco and Jozu could only watch with great fascination as they kept their eyes on the two. 

Oden and Sakazuki quickly pushed each other off and made space between each other. They had been probing each other's abilities while they fought. Marco and Jozu could sense with their Observation haki that this fight had just started. The demeanor had suddenly changed from its casual like state to an even more serious manner. It was truly beginning to look like a battle was about to commence.

"Great Eruption!!!"

"Shougen Shirataki!!!!"

The two of them raised their haki covered blades and charged at each other. 


Meanwhile, Cipher Pol Agents could be seen landing on Enies Lobby. They had been attempting to locate the locations of both Whitebeard and Boris. The two of them, along with two Division Commanders and their surbordinates, had completely dissapeared from the World Government's radar. 

This was completely worrying for them because there was a certainty that the both of them would definitely be acting during this conflict. They had already dealt serious blows towards the World Government by robbing the ships delivering the Heavenly Tribute and attacking Latten Island. They could only shudder in fear as they thought of the possibilities that could happen. 

However, that was completely out of their hands for now. There was an emergency that was currently transpiring on this island. A World Noble had graced his presence on the Island of Enies Lobby before the Whitebeard Pirates lay siege. Their mission was to extract the Celestial Dragon out of the island safely without any further complications.

However, that would be complicated. As they finally found Saint Marcus, they had also found dozens of knocked out World Government Agents. The mission target himself was knocked out, currently being used as a chair by the First Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. The Cipher Pol agents wasted no time attacking the two of them. 

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