The Vice Captain of the WhiteBeard Pirates

In the Desolate world of one piece, a young man finds himself wrapped right in the middle of it all. Follow him as he follows his captain and proclaimed "Father" Whitebeard as they explore the sea, fight pirates, marines and God knows what in this fan fiction web series. DISCLAIMER : I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS FROM THE ONE PIECE ANIME OR MANGA EXCEPT FOR THE OC. THIS IS MY FIRST NOVEL, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW ON WHETHER I COOKED OR NOT. MUCH LOVE

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House Calls

The leader of the nine people was holding up quite a fight against Whitebeard.

He emphasized on his speed, instantly closing a distance and making constant swipes on Whitebeard's neck. Whitebeard on the other hand, was simply using his Observation haki to deflect the attacks that were coming his way. 

Judging from the attacks that we had all received from this group, it was simple to conclude that although they were strong, they severely lacked the experience needed to be effective in combat. I wasn't surprised because the World Government normally goes out of their own way to make sure the people living in Mariejois don't fight. 

It was then that Whitebeard grew board of the man's antics, and decided to finish this with one strike. Right when the leader was about to swing his sabre at Whitebeard, Whitebeard instantly sensed his intentions and grabbed the face of the leader. The hand that grabbed the leader's face glowed white before Whitebeard slammed this man's head to the ground. 

The impact shook the entirety of Mariejois, so much that some of the buildings began toppling on each other. As a result, screams could be heard within the city, I sighed before strapping my axe back on my back.

We were about to start moving again, but I had remembered that Thatch wasn't in good shape. I promptly had Stussy carry him back to the ship that should be in the Red Port. She promptly agreed, and took Thatch away; Thatch was complaining about this decision the entire time. 

Whitebeard looked at me greatfully before we continued our casual walk towards the Holy City.

The more we walked, the more Celestial Dragons we continued seeing. While most of them were immediately directed to safety, there were others who thought that they could play hero and tried to stop us. I took it upon myself to make an example of these heroes by butchering them like cattle, but this caused more chaos within the city. In fact, it had caused so much chaos that a certain Admiral with a huge afro along with a man in a gray suit promptly decided to make an appearance.

"Whitebeard! You've gone far enough, you won't be leaving here alive!" Admiral Sengoku declared.

"Gurararara! Let's see whether you have the strength to back that up!!" Whitebeard responded coldly.

Sengoku instantly grew to his Buddha form and lunged at Whitebeard, his hands glowing gold. Whitebeard gladly met his attack with a glowing fist of his own. The impact between the two flattened all immediate surroundings, sending all World Noble spectators flying away kicking and screaming. 

On the other hand, I looked at the man who donned a gray suit along with a gray fedora. His eyes covered with orange glasses. 

"It's been a while, Boris~," Vice-Admiral Borusalino greeted.

"I can't say that I missed you," I responded back aloofly.

"Oh~ how hurtful! Words hurt, you know?" Borusalino replied.

He instantly turned to light before I could split him in half with my axe, he was still annoyingly fast. He reappeared floating above, and promptly started shooting a bunch of lasers my way. I could only deflect and dodge as I sent most of the attacks towards my surroundings. Destroying most of the surroundings as a result. 

I could tell that he was getting frustrated, after all, unlike last time. We were fighting somewhere that was valuable to both the Marines and the World Government.

'I bet they were probably ordered to cause as minimal damage as possible.'

In the distance, I sensed multiple Marine squadrains making their way towards our location. Also, I sensed countless World Government Agents along with CP members making their way towards us. It was obvious that they were trying to overwhelm us with numbers. 

Suddenly, Borusalino instantly appeared behind me with a sword made from light drawn. He held it high above his head, and was about to slash down at me before I blocked it with the handle of my axe. The impact that was caused by our collision instantly caused a huge shockwave throughout our surroundings. 

I pushed him back and promptly lunged at him. I pushed my Observation haki to the limit so that I could predict where he would be appearing to next. Like always, he dissapeared into light before I could make contact with him. However, this time I managed to figure out where he would reappear. 

I instantly used Soru to reappear right in front of him, the look on his face was hilarious. However, the real rib-cracker was when I slammed my axe down on his shoulder. He couldn't turn back into light fast enough as my axe made contact with his skin. When I felt strong resistance from his shoulder, I could tell that he had used all his willpower to make a small covering of Armament haki on his skin. 

This wasn't enough, however, I instantly sent him flying towards the oncoming Marine squads. It caused a huge explosion, indicating that he had probably attempted to turn into light when I had sent him away. Not that I cared enough to check, I kept walking towards the middle of the building. Only to be rudely interrupted by Sengoku and Whitebeard's fight. Whitebeard had managed to send Sengoku crashing right in front of me. 

The explosion caused the oncoming Government agents to be flung away. The CP agents easily dodged the oncoming rubble, and continued to make their way towards me. Whitbeard, mistaking them for coming at him, slowly cocked back his arm. His fist glowed strongly as he slammed it to the air, causing the air to crack like a breaking window. 

The area that he had punched at instantly began to shake, and soon, the area was destroyed by the shockwaves caused by Whitebeard's strike. The strike instantly flung the CP agents away from the vicinity. However, before Whitebeard's attack could cause further damage, Sengoku instantly appeared and used his shockwaves to clash with Whitebeard's attack. 

The clash instantly caused an even greater shockwave throughout the entire surroundings. Causing even more irreprable damage on our surroundings, but Sengoku did manage to somehow quell Whitbeard's attack from becoming any more devastating. Whitebeard slowly turned to face me after everything had settled down a bit. 

"Where are you going?" Whitbeard inquired.

"Oh, I though about visiting some people. You wanna come with me?" I responded.

Whitbeard laughed before shaking his head and looking at Sengoku, it was obvious that he had found something interesting to pass time with for a while before we left. 

On the other hand, I could only turn to look at the building that stood in the middle of the city. Looking back, you could tell that we had made quite the commotion making our way all the way to this point. We easily left destruction in our wake, and it didn't help that many World Noble's corpses littered along our way.

I could still sense the six presences watching us. They were obviously coming from that mansion like building. I started making my way towards it, killing anyone that stood in my way. Many World Nobles and Government agents were left for dead as I slowly walked on. 

I soon reached the doors leading to the entrance of the buildings. My expression was indifferent, but I was feeling excited. I could tell that I was in for a lot of fighting.

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