The Vice Captain of the WhiteBeard Pirates

In the Desolate world of one piece, a young man finds himself wrapped right in the middle of it all. Follow him as he follows his captain and proclaimed "Father" Whitebeard as they explore the sea, fight pirates, marines and God knows what in this fan fiction web series. DISCLAIMER : I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS FROM THE ONE PIECE ANIME OR MANGA EXCEPT FOR THE OC. THIS IS MY FIRST NOVEL, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW ON WHETHER I COOKED OR NOT. MUCH LOVE

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97 Chs

Big Mom Finally Makes An Appearance

[ Stussy POV ]

I hung up the transmission from Pops. He wanted us to meet up with him for a meeting, apparently everyone was going; everyone within the WhiteBeard Pirates that is. In bed I looked at the peacefully sleeping person by my side, my relationship with Boris had grown over the span we were patrolling the border. I made it mandatory to always share a bed, no matter how tired the situation was. I also had begun to understand Boris' character a lot more as time went by. I could now tell what mood he currently felt by simply feeling his aura. 

Behind that expressionless and aloof facade, I saw a curious person who couldn't help but poke around things he had never seen before. A good example would have been when we went to lay claim on an island known as Marian. One of the island's populants was a beast man, it could easily be concluded that Boris had never seen a beast man because that was all he was staring at. I mean, he'd never looked at me that long before. I almost got jealous till I remembered that the beast man was male. 

His slow speech was slowly irritating me because it would take a long period of time for him to finish a sentence. So everyday I made him tell me a story about something, anything so he could improve on his communication skills. My efforts proved to be successful, however, he couldn't speak fluently completely. Sometimes his mind would go blank when trying to get a name for a certain description. Only for him to forget what he was talking about to begin with, although frustrating, it was better than nothing. Nonetheless, I had slowly began to notice that my efforts of attracting him was starting to pay off. 

Every morning when I would wake up, I would find him snuggled up right next to me holding me by the waist as he slept on quietly. I must admit that on the first day, he had me flustered for quite sometime as I tried to pry him off me. However, later on I found myself reciprocating this action by holding his head near my chest as we slept. My heart would grow warm as we continued this habit, was this what humans felt when they were with the people they loved?

Now wasn't the time to think about that, I needed to wake him up so we could meet up with Pops. Whitebeard had given us a location where we would meet, and the journey would be quite long so I wanted to get an early start. I continued to stare at his face as he slept, I really didn't want to wake him up; but duty calls.

Suddenly, his eyes flashed open as he got up and stared out the window. Stunned I stuttered as I asked him what was wrong. His eyes flashed with seriousness as he replied, "It seems that Charollette Linlin has finally made her appearance." He got up and grabbed his trenchcoat and axe, I could never convince him to wear anything else. I wasted no time getting up and getting some clothes on, I wasn't ashamed to admit that I had slept without clothes. It didn't seem that Boris cared to be honest. 

We rushed quickly to the shore as we saw a big ship with pink highlights on in slowly make its way to the shore. On it, a huge woman with pink hair stood tall with a bulging belly. Her face was beautiful, however, it did start to show signs of fattening. Beside her were two pirates, one was tall and had purple hair while the other wore a yellow hat and had an excessively long tounge. It wasn't hard to determine that these were none other that Charollette Katakuri and Charollette Perospero. The two sons of Charollette Linlin, they had been making stirs throughout the New World. As a result, they got bounties from the World Government. I looked back at Boris who continued to look at Linlin, who stared right back at Boris with a smile.

[ Boris Pov ]

This is troublesome, why the fuck is Linlin making appearance now of all times? She was clearly pregnant, judging from that bulge coming from her belly. I could only look on stoically as I watched her jump from her ship, The Queen Mama Chanter, and land right in front of me. She looked down on me and gave a short laugh before saying, "It's been a while, Boris! How's that fool WhiteBeard, doing? Still trying to build a 'family'? Mama mama!" 

I wasn't fazed by her underhanded diss at Whitebeard, I only continued to look at her in silence as she kept laughing. Seeing this, Linlin stopped laughing and glared at me before declaring, "Ulvehoved will be property of the Big Mom Pirates from here on out!" Suddenly, she released a burst of Conqurer's Haki, the commotion had drawn a lot of attention from the local citizens of Ulvehoved. The crowd which gathered to witness the altercation soon passed out from Big Mom's aura, to which I responded to with a burst of my own Conqurer's haki to match her's. I glared at her while stating, "The island of Ulvehoved is currently territory of the Whitebeard Pirates. If you want to lay your hands on the Island, you'll have to go through me." my voice was low as I began taking my stance, Stussy took the hint and vacated the scene quickly. She wasted no time waking up the crowd and evacuating them from the area.

The air was tense as we continued to stare at each other. Our Conqurer's haki clashing with each other, fighting for superiority as silver, and purple lightning flickered around us. It seems that Linlin really wasn't planning on giving up Ulvehoved. I couldn't blame her, this island was pretty close to Tottland; her main base of operations. Having a foreign entity so close where she lived was a major security risk that she refused to tolerate. However, I wasn't just about to give up an island that had favor in WhiteBeard's eyes. If she really wanted to get this island that badly, she was going to have to fight for it.

She suddenly summoned her trusty one sided saber, Napoleon, as she raised it over her head. I coated my axe in haki as I readied myself for collision, and just as we were about to collide. Two figures landed right in front of Charollette. Katakuri's spiky purple hair and Perosperos long tongue could be seen as they stood in front of the both of us. "Mama! You're pregnant! You can't fight Boris in this condition! What happens if it affects your pregnancy, mama?!?!" Perospero pleadingly convinced Charollette Linlin. Katakuri looked at me with his trident ready, his eyes shined anxiously as he looked at me anxiously. It seems that the kid wasn't ready to have a fight with me, at least he knows his limits. 

Perospero continued to try and reason with his mother. Linlin's Conqurer's haki slowly began to die down as she thought about it for a while. Eventually, she lowered her weapon as well and stared at me once more. "Alright, brat! You've saved this island...for now, tell Whitebeard to be prepared for war in the future. I will claim my territory!!" Big Mom roared promptly before leaping back onto the ship. Perospero soon followed along with Katakuri. We both said nothing to each other as he leaped back onto the ship, and soon, the Queen Mama Chanter dissapeared in the horizon. 

When I felt them leaving my Observation Haki's field, I let out a small sigh of relief and placed my axe back to its holster on my back. I started walking back to the hotel Stussy and I stayed in and found her sitting on a table, smiling at my now approaching figure. My relationship with her had grown in the past few months, we had been sleeping with each other ever since my first expedition with her. Slowly, yet surely, we'd come to get used to each others presence like husband and wife. I took a seat down and listened to what Stussy had to say. Apparently Whitebeard had called earlier and wanted us to come back to the ship for a meeting. 

I could only sigh and go back with her to the hotel room to prepare. I'd come to grow fond of the Island of Ulvehoved and decided to always stop by whenever I had the oppurtunity to. Soon, we checked out of our hotel and gave our key back to the inn keeper. We went a bit out of town before I turned back to my animal form and let stussy climb aboard, and several minutes later, we were on our way to see WhiteBeard for the first time in quite a bit of time.