The Vice Captain of the WhiteBeard Pirates

In the Desolate world of one piece, a young man finds himself wrapped right in the middle of it all. Follow him as he follows his captain and proclaimed "Father" Whitebeard as they explore the sea, fight pirates, marines and God knows what in this fan fiction web series. DISCLAIMER : I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS FROM THE ONE PIECE ANIME OR MANGA EXCEPT FOR THE OC. THIS IS MY FIRST NOVEL, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW ON WHETHER I COOKED OR NOT. MUCH LOVE

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An Encounter With The Resistance

It had been about a week since we had left Selen. I had made sure to keep Vegapunk's transponder number somewhere safe within the ship. Moreover, I could sense some Marine ships in the that were slowly making their way towards Selen. Currently, I was sitting on the couch, enjoying a cigar as we kept going deeper within the New World.

Stussy was currently inside our cabin taking a nap. She had called Vegapunk previously and had a lengthly conversation with him. The crew was performing their normal everyday activity, and Ken was supervising all of them. It was an everyday occurence that we were currently undergoing.

Asides from the occasional pirate fleets that would try and sink us, there wasn't much to keep our guards up for. Well, that was until we docked on a certain kingdom's island. It was an affiliate of the World Government, so it was obvious that there would be a Marine Base nearby on the island. However, that wasn't what had me concerned particularly, what had really caught my attention was the presence of a certain individual. 

I could feel their presence from within the center of the capital of the Kingdom. I couldn't recognize their aura, but I knew that this person was strong. 'Maybe it's a Vice-Admiral?' I pondered as I slowly walked out of the ship. Normally, I'd avoid docking in World Government affiliated islands because of those pesky Marines. However, the crew had began to show mild signs of anemia; it was probably caused by the lack of fresh fruits within the ship. 

As a result, we had to dock our ship on this island to go look for some fresh fruit. Something that we would need to prioritize in the future as well. However, the problem laid in the fact that in order to keep these fruits cool, we would need a fridge within the ship. However, our ship didn't have that sort of capacity. The only ships within the Whitebeard Pirates that actually did was the Moby Dick.

The need to go back to Water 7 to get a new ship was slowly beginning to make itself a priority within my plans for the future. However, for now I'd have to be content with a small cool box. It was going to be big enough to contain numerous amounts of food. However, it wouldn't be too big for us not to be able to move it to and from the ship.

The crew already knew what they needed to do. I had also told them to avoid causing trouble within the capital. The last thing I wanted was the Marines interfering with my journey, Stussy decided that she would remain on the ship to watch over it. I was currently making away towards that formidable presence, I wasn't intending to pick a fight with the person in question. I was just curious to see what a powerful person like them was doing somewhere like this. 

It didn't take long till I got to the center of the town. I could see a podium right in the dead middle of the town. On it were a group of people, it seemed that they were preaching about freedom or something. One of the people wore a dark green cloak, his face barely able to be seen. Another was a young woman with pink hair equipped with a rifle. There were some other people on the podium, but those two were the only ones who managed to catch my attention.

Suddenly, the dark green cloaked figure slowly turned towards me before dissapearing. My guard was up, so I had already spread my Observation Haki within the area. I could barely feel his presence approaching me, probably thanks to a devil fruit or something. The figure re-emerged right behind me. However, he didn't make any other move other than that. Instead, I heard a firm tone coming from the cloaked figure. 

"Codename: Storm Dragon, to what do we owe the pleasure?" I remained expressionless, I was pretty surprised by the fact that they had yet to get my name yet. However, that really wasn't my problem.

"I was just walking about, I have no intentions of hurting you. You're not in Pop's territory anyway." I replied briefly.

It didn't take much thinking to realize that this person was probably the head of the counter resistance for the World Government. A figure who would soon give the World Government a major headache, Monkey D. Dragon. I didn't need to look at his face since I had used a bit more Observation haki to see it. He didn't look much like his future son Luffy. I would think that luffy would probably take after his mother. 

However, that was a story for another day. Right now, I was aiming on keeping this pleasant conversation with Dragon as peaceful as possible. No need to fight someone who isn't willing to fight either. 

"Are you telling me the truth? Or are you stalling for time?" Dragon continued to interrogate.

"If I wanted to stall for time, I would have attacked you. With the intent to kill, don't you think?" I responded coldly.

By then the people on the podium were looking at the both of us warily. Save for the speaker who continued to preach about freedom, the rest looked ready to jump right for me. I released as short sigh before promptly turning back. I ignored Dragon's wary gaze and started walking back to the ship. 

It seemed that he was already planning the birth of the Revolutionary army. I didn't really care about that since it was probably within the anime's plot. If anything, had I known that it was Dragon who was currently on the island. I wouldn't have left the ship to begin with, but me and my damn curiousity. 

As I was getting back onto the ship, I saw the crew hauling a large container onto the ship. I couldn't help but sigh in relief. The quicker we could get the container in the ship, the faster we could get out of here. I didn't need people like Dragon hovering over me, telling me about the evils of the world. I'd rather fight than listen to something like that. 

I slowly made my way to my couch where Stussy was currently sitting while reading a book, and made myself comfortable. One of the crew members had already began putting fresh produce within the box. I promptly told Ken to set sail as soon as they finished unloading all the produce that they had gotten from the island. 

In the distance, my senses picked up a large alarm-like noise coming from the direction of the Marine Base. I couldn't hear any footsteps yet, but I knew that trouble was soon going to rear its ugly head over should we remain here longer, although I'm sure that they woukd have come to arrest Dragon and his crew. No sooner than that, we were already beginning to sail away from that troublesome island.

I sparked another cigar for me to enjoy as we continued our journey deeper into the New World.

It had been said that the deeper you go into the New World, the more troublesome the weather would get. I would soon be witnessing that saying first hand, because a few days later, we stumbled upon a battle between the Roger Pirates and the Golden Lion Pirates.

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