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The Vengeful Spy In My Bed


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Traditional author review! 👀✨ Well, a few spoilers. FL is a spy assassin out to get personal revenge on an ex and his wife. ML is an international police detective on a hunt for FL's organization, also the uncle of the ex. As the plot progresses, FL and ML will kill each other... I mean! Fall in love! With each other. But what about their secret identities? Will they be able to remain in love despite their opposing career choice?? Keep reading to find out more ❤️

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I was hooked from the very first chapter. Not just because of the amazing writing and stellar plot. But because I could relate to the characters almost immediately. Love it. And definitely adding it to my library. ❤


I believe this book will quickly become one of the best reads because I am hooked after only five chapters. I'd like to read more. The description and grammar are flawless. The characterization is also excellent. The author introduces each character in such a way that we will love and despise them( according to each characters) Even though we already knew it from the blurb, how the author describes the characters makes it more interesting. I just hope she doesn't fall so hard for Damian that she loses sight of her purpose or goal. I understand that the blurb ended in a 50/50 judgment, but hey, I'm looking forward to reading the rest. Good job author, keep it up.


i really love this book and the characters as well, it so interesting ☺️☺️ and anyone that reads it would what to continue reading it all day long cause it really good .. Keep it up author 😘😘


Ok, first of all, the characters are introduced in an amazing way, the story is very easy to understand, and it is written at an incredible level. Even though I've never read a romance story, this one really grabbed me past Chapter 4. The world is very good and explains very well what is happening. Very good work Author! Keep doing this amazing work.


Oh boy what a story!! Amalia is definitely my favorite, not to mention the way the story is described. i just added it to my library. because good books are meant to be read❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


The author has done a great work on the making of this book. The story is awesome and the chapters are packed A nice book...........................by a nice author......


Story plot is amazing and well written, I love romance stories with the revenge element in it, very excited to see how the uncle and the FL will progress with each other.


Personally, my mind is blown away by the creativity of the story. Obviously, I'm sure Amalia has a bigger plan in store for her sweet revenge but there are other interesting parts to look forward to as well - The new job that comes with her new identity, the potential relationship she may have with the ex's uncle, and how she works as an individual to society - clearly she rose to be a strong FL with a justified motivation! From the first chapter to the last chapter (Chapter 10) that I read, it was all around interesting, even to the tiniest details. The unique concept of the company's policy, the wonderful and realistic sounding devices invented is as good as watching those spy movies and the way Amalia meets Damian (I can't say for sure he's the ML but I would like to believe so) was just natural! Wait until you read how they respond to each other, it was *chefs kiss*


Reveal spoiler


I have read up to chapter 4 and I am completely mesmerized. Author has a way of telling a story, and I simply cannot get enough. Please update more [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


The story's been brilliant so far, good world building and nice pacing to it. The updates are also nice. Keep up the good work author! Never stop writing!