1 Irene Gallagher, The New Secretary

It was a typical workday in the daily operation of Primavera, one of the largest flavor and fragrance companies in the world.

The company boasted not only an impressive number in sales from quarter to quarter, but also the most attractive employees in the city -- both male and female.

It was not too remarkable a fact, because beauty was one of the most important factors to reel in both female and male customers, both small and large scale.

This was why the first and foremost prerequisite to even dare to apply to Primavera was an attractive appearance, no matter the position.

This rule was bent violently when Primavera announced a new opening for the general manager's secretary position.

Under the list of requirements stood the word "unattractive".

Even the onlookers and passersby had to stop and watch in astonishment when a line of unattractive people marched into Primavera HQ at one of the busiest junctions in the city of Varmount.

"What happened?" one would ask.

"I heard that General Manager Chris Henderson was caught having an affair with his last secretary," another would whisper.

"Oh my!" someone else would gasp.

The truth remained concealed because the relevant parties could not agree on one version of the story.

Chris Henderson, the General Manager, straightened his collar and tie upon questioning, acting as if he was offended by the mere questions.

"Clearly, Suzie seduced me," he huffed angrily.

Suzie Simmons, the secretary who was dismissed the same day, cried her eyes out and said that she "accidentally bumped against the general manager and that she did not mean to do anything."

June Henderson, née Schmidt, Mr. Henderson's recently-wedded wife, insisted that it was not an accident, and that this man-chasing vixen must be dismissed at once!

Though a lot of people felt bad for Suzie Simmons who ran out of the building in tears, those who were born with unfortunately less appealing appearance now had a chance to work in such a high-class company as Primavera!

Among those mortal folks who tried to walk the road that only deities walked on was Irene Gallagher.

When her name was called, she walked into the meeting room and sat before a group of interviewers, among which the HR Manager Mr. Collins, the General Manager Chris Henderson, and the General Manager's wife, June Henderson.

The three people looked Irene up and down.

The woman's unkempt blond hair hung lifelessly around an oval face. The upper half of her face was dominated by a pair of thick glasses. It did not help that Irene kept looking down at the desk, as if she were scared to look at the face of her interviewers.

She wore a beige-colored shirt over a black skirt that extended to her knees. She looked like someone's gloomy, unmarried relative who lived with at least 30 cats at home.

A bright smile spread on June's face. "I like her!"

Chris Henderson's face went ashen for the briefest moment before he regained his composure and squeezed his wife's hand in agreement. "Anything you want, darling."

Mr. Collins tried to inform his two superficial superiors about Irene Gallagher's amazing educational background and work experience, but they did not care to listen.

"As long as she can work, it's fine," June said dismissively.

After both Mr. and Mrs. Henderson left the meeting room, Mr. Collins shrugged and told Irene, "You are hired, congratulations!!!"

Irene Gallagher beamed with a smile. She rose to her feet and bowed to Mr. Collins excessively a few times.

"Thank you, Mr. Collins! I will work hard, you will not be disappointed!"

"Yes, yes... go out through the backdoor, will you? I don't want to cause a ruckus outside."

Mr. Collins shoved the rims of his glasses up his nose as he watched Irene Gallagher walk out of the meeting room.

Good grief! The woman was wearing old flat shoes for an interview!

The HR Manager shuddered from the mere horror. Hopefully, she had a good sense to dress decently for work the next day.

As soon as Irene Gallagher was out of the meeting room, she straightened her back and took off the pesky glasses. They were so heavy that they might have caused two dents on her nose.

Rubbing the spot where the glasses rested on her nose, Irene stepped out of the building. A black car arrived in the nick of time to sweep her away to her next destination.

"Hey, Angela," Irene greeted the woman on the driver's seat as soon as she stepped into the car.

"Leah, right in time!" Angela chirped cheerfully. "How did the job interview go?"

"Amazing," Irene answered, smiling to herself as she took off her blonde wig and stuffed it together with the thick glasses into her dull old woman bag. "What is the target doing right now?"

"Hang on..."

Angela switched the view on one of her glasses to transmit the images from the hostel. "He just got into the shower. I would say you have around thirty minutes?"

"Perfect," Irene said while taking off her clothes and slipping into a maid's uniform.

The car pulled up at a dirty back alley behind the hostel twenty minutes later to drop Irene off. Sporting a long, curly, brown wig and a layer of cheap cosmetics, a disguised Irene swiftly stepped out.

"Good luck, babe," Angela winked at Irene before leaving.

Irene did not bother to waste time. In her line of job, speed was the most important thing. She started to scale the red brick wall with a pair of grappling hooks.

Thankfully, her target was not staying on the topmost floor.

As soon as she reached the window of said target, she pushed the unlocked window open and crept into the bathroom. Inside, the fat, old, and corrupt congressman had been waiting for her. Naked and drenched, he stepped out of the shower without bothering to cover himself.

"Ooh," he crooned, licking his lips lasciviously. "You look delicious. Not bad for a third-rate hostel maid."

Irene pulled out her Smith & Wesson wordlessly and pumped three silenced bullets into the naked man's belly one after another.

It happened so fast that the man did not even have the time to scream. He subconsciously pressed a hand against his stomach. When he took a look at his bloody hand, he trembled violently.

"You are fired," he spat at his killer before he dropped to the ground.

Irene shrugged, wiping the muzzle of her gun casually.

"It's fine, I already have a new job."

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