The Vampires and The Nerd Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Vampires and The Nerd


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Lisa Mcklein is a simple 19 years old college student, At the age of 7, she accidentally encountered a Vampire but she never said any word about it to anyone even with her best friend, Sydney Kang. The Vampire heiress flew to Korea along with her three subordinates; to find the person that the King was talking about and to bring that person along with the heiress, so the marriage can be happen to the both of them, but one of her subordinate; who can see the future as her power, saw a woman instead of a man, and that woman is Lisa Mcklein. What will happen when the person asked by the King for you to marry is a nerd student? And it happens to be a woman? Will the heiress still oblige or disobey the King's order?


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