The Vampire Prince's Pretend Bride Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Vampire Prince's Pretend Bride


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“Our fangs are meant to bite against each other. Our love is a threat to start a war. We are ill-fitted but we are fate bonded.” *** Blair Whitfield’s life should have been easy if she had only done what had been expected of her. Do her responsibility as an Alpha's daughter. Marry a strong wolf arranged for her. That was what was planned for her since young. However, for the first time in her life, she went against her kind. She refused to be a pawn in their power struggle. Escaping the grasp of her family, Blair realized that while she didn’t feel an attraction to her betrothed, she could feel the spark with someone that was not one of her kind. Instead, it was with the Vampire prince, Lucien Bardot, the wild card of vampire royalty. To say it was bizarre would be an understatement. It was downright chaos. Would their love survive with all the odds they have to face? Would it be their strength or their weakness? *** "Please don't stop," she said in a shallow, begging voice. "I won't," Lucien replied with his half-closed eyes. She could feel that he, too, was feeling the same euphoria and desire she felt.