54 The real me

Alora braided her hair from the side and tucked it with the hairpin. She hummed a song as she somehow felt quite refreshed and happy. Keeping the rest of her hair open, she stood up and looked at herself once more in the mirror. 

She touched her lips and applied a red lip color on them. "Does it look too attention-grabbing?" Alora mumbled and thought to wipe it off. However, the color wasn't removed. 

"How long will you take to get ready, Dear?" Magnus's voice echoed in the room as he stopped at the door. 

"I am done," Alora said. "Forgive me for making His Highness wait." She pivoted on her heels and looked at him. 

"Your lips," Magnus amusedly smiled and noticed how she brought her fingers to cover them. 

"Ahh, I didn't wish to put this color. I think I have to wash it off," Alora stated and asked him to wait for a minute. She quickly walked up to him and was ready to step out of the door when Magnus stopped her by grasping her hand. 


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