The Vampire Prince's Blindfolded Bride

"You are my salvation and an answer to my cursed eyes." ------ In a world of vampires, werewolves, and witches, a girl is born to be the bride of the vicious and bloodthirsty 300-year-old immortal Vampire Prince. The man who could never be enticed by any ethereal beauty till now suddenly has shown interest in a woman with a curse whom everyone abandoned. Alora Wilson, the eldest daughter of a high-noble human family, is born with the curse of an old powerful witch. It is the curse that burns the person into ashes if the person looks directly into her eyes. A curse that forces her to wear the blindfold since the moment she was born in this world. When the kids of her age enjoyed every small moment of their lives, she couldn't. No one loves to befriend her. Even her own father and siblings despise her. One day Magnus Lukeson, the Vampire Prince, enters her life– The man whom the entire kingdom is scared of. A man with only foes and no friends. A man who ventures his territory at night to take the fresh blood out of humans irrespective of the age or gender to quench his thirst. ~~~~~ The blindfold cascaded off Alora's eyes and her enchanted blue eyes met with Magnus' blood-red eyes. "You have enchanting eyes, Alora," Magnus pronounced. No one ever said that to her. But no one could look into her eyes either. Only Magnus was the exception. The reason was still unknown to her. "Shall we begin the night?" Magnus asked for her permission. "Will His Highness give me love?" Alora asked. She was desperate to be loved. The feeling she could never get from her family and only heard in the words. "And how am I supposed to provide love to you?" Magnus queried since he was curious to know her thoughts. "Holding hands, hugging each other, sleeping together, and sharing thoughts. Isn't that how you shower love?" Alora innocently asked. Magnus ended up smiling to hear her explanation of love. He leaned down and kissed her lips, causing her to shiver from that sudden feeling. "This is the way I shower love," Magnus pronounced, gazing into Alora's charming blue eyes. ~~~~~ This story has participated in WSA 2024. Your votes, comments and gifts will mean a lot to me. Follow me on Instagram: rayoflight_pcy

Light_ray · Fantasy
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290 Chs

Ripping his heart

Alora opened her eyes as she had a weird dream. A dream, where she saw a graveyard. She rubbed her eyes, ignoring the dream and recalled her family was supposed to be present in Elmswood today. 

Getting off her bed, Alora used the washroom first, freshened up, took a bath, and then changed into a dress, which already was placed in her bedroom. 

Last night, Alora told Cecilia that she didn't have to be in her service. She felt happy that Cecilia was not around her, or else, Alora could not roam around her bedroom with her blindfold off. 

As she looked at herself in the mirror, the memory from the last day reflected in her mind. How the Vampire Prince suddenly entered and helped her in hooking the dress from behind.

Alora shook her head and sat down to brush her hair. "I wonder how my family will react to seeing me. I just hope His Highness doesn't be harsh on them," she mumbled. As she placed the brush on the dressing table after brushing her hair, she heard a knock on the door. 

"Miss Alora, the Prince requests your presence in his chamber," Cecilia announced from outside.

Alora's eyes lit up with excitement. "Have my family arrived?" she mumbled eagerly and a bright smile graced her lips. 

Spotting a new blindfold on the dressing table, she swiftly approached, donned it, and made her way to the door. With a graceful motion, she opened it and greeted Cecilia with a cheery "Good morning." 

"Good morning," Cecilia returned the greeting and held Alora's arm. They were soon in the chamber, where Magnus waited for her. 

Cecilia ushered Alora to sit on the ornated plush sofa in front of Magnus and stepped back. She stood near Tobias when Magnus instructed them to keep their eyes away from Alora if they wanted to live for long. 

"You may take off the blindfold," Magnus told Alora. She complied with him and removed it.

Placing it beside her, she peered at Magnus and greeted him. "Good morning, Your Highness," she said with a vibrant smile, adorning her lips. 

"You look quite happy in the morning," Magnus said as he picked up the scroll from beside him. 

"My family is here. That's why I am happy," Alora said. 

"They aren't here," Magnus affirmed and threw the scroll at her. Alora was quick to catch it and frowned her brows. "Your father is a High Chancellor and I'm going to kill him for sending this to me," he proclaimed with a murderous gaze. 

Alora glanced at him in a worry and requested him not to say that. She didn't know what her father did to anger Magnus. "I cannot read. I wasn't taught how to read," she said, wondering what's in the scroll. 

"Norman Wilson went to the King last night and sent a message not to trouble humans, especially a man as esteemed as him," Magnus narrated to her the message that he received in the morning through Odin. 

"I feel like ripping his heart off his body," Magnus gritted his teeth, sending shivers down Alora's entire body. Till now, she had only seen how good Magnus was. But suddenly, she saw his worst side too. 

"I apologize on my father's behalf," Alora said, lowering her eyes and gulping in fear. 

Magnus clenched his fists to see her face. Such an audacity of a human to ignore his command. But he was Magnus Lukeson. He knew how to make such petty humans beg forgiveness. 

"I think I'm going to live in the capital from now onwards, in the palace," Magnus stated. 

Tobias and Cecilia were shocked to hear him. For the past two hundred years, Magnus never once thought of returning to the palace, where his family lived. 

"Did I hear right? Are we heading to the Palace of Velaris?" Tobias asked to confirm. 

"Yes, you heard right," Magnus stated. "Alora, your father should not have awakened the angry me. When I asked your family to come here, then they should have," he muttered, his insides were burning with the rage. 

Now, until he would see Norman on his knees, begging for his life, Magnus would not stay quiet. 

"Prepare my return to the palace," Magnus ordered Tobias, who bowed and left with Cecilia. 

Alora stood up from her place and got on her knees. Lowering her head, she pleaded with the Vampire Prince. "I beg for His Highness's mercy. Please don't do anything to him. It's my sister's marriage in a week." Tears welled up in her eyes as she feared that because of her, Venus's life might get destroyed. 

"Why shall I care about that?" Magnus asked her. 

"Because I am the cause of all this. Had I died that day, it would not have happened," Alora remarked. A tear drop fell on the back of her palm, which was on her knee. 

Magnus's jaw tightened to hear that. "Perhaps our meet was destined," he muttered. "What Norman did was something a human shouldn't, especially when a vampire prince has sent a summon to him. Moreover, your family doesn't care if you live or die. So, you shall also not care whether they live or die," he pronounced with a stern tone. 

"Your Highness, I cannot be an emotionless person. As I said earlier too I'm a human with emotions. I'll do anything for the Vampire Prince, but please don't touch my family. I cannot see them suffer," Alora requested while controlling her ears. 

Like a gush of cold wind, Magnus appeared before her and pulled her up. He held Alora's chin and said, "Stop crying for your father. He doesn't even deserve your tears. You taunt me and call me emotionless, but I'm sane enough to know the right and wrong."

Alora swallowed the lump formed in her throat and sniffled. "I understand," she said. "Can Your Highness promise me not to harm my family? Please," she begged with her eyes this time. 

Magnus chuckled and let go of her chin. "What will you give me if I promise you that?" he arched his eyebrow.

"I've nothing precious with me," Alora said as she lowered her gaze. 

"Well, you are precious," Magnus said.

Alora met his gaze again, feeling better to hear that. 

"Don't beg me to forgive others. It makes me madder," Magnus pronounced as his eyes shone red for a moment. 

"It is my father, Your Highness. I cannot let him be punished. He must have acted out of frustration since my sister's marriage is near," Alora explained. 

"That's why his mouth needs to be shut. The privilege I've given you is different. You can ask anything for yourself but not for the others," Magnus clarified to her and he placed his index finger above her lips. "I don't wish to hear another word from your mouth," he warned her. 

Alora turned silent. She didn't wish to infuriate Magnus. She had no idea why her father had to anger Magnus like this. "Can I talk to Odin once, Your Highness?" she requested. 

"Why?" Magnus knitted his brows. 

"I wish to hear from him what exactly happened at my house. If His Highness allows," Alora politely said. She kept her gaze low, waiting patiently for Magnus's response. 

"Odin is outside. You can talk to him later," Magnus replied and returned to his seat. He was frustrated, but taking out that anger on Alora was of no use. 

"Go back to your chamber," Magnus said. 

"It is difficult to walk with my blindfold on, Your Highness," Alora reminded him in a low voice. 

"You make me work unnecessarily," Magnus sighed and held her hand. "Let's go," he said, and began walking while dragging Alora along with him. "Also, you'll learn how to read and write soon. It will help me in the future," he added.