The Vampire Prince's Blindfolded Bride

"You are my salvation and an answer to my cursed eyes." ------ In a world of vampires, werewolves, and witches, a girl is born to be the bride of the vicious and bloodthirsty 300-year-old immortal Vampire Prince. The man who could never be enticed by any ethereal beauty till now suddenly has shown interest in a woman with a curse whom everyone abandoned. Alora Wilson, the eldest daughter of a high-noble human family, is born with the curse of an old powerful witch. It is the curse that burns the person into ashes if the person looks directly into her eyes. A curse that forces her to wear the blindfold since the moment she was born in this world. When the kids of her age enjoyed every small moment of their lives, she couldn't. No one loves to befriend her. Even her own father and siblings despise her. One day Magnus Lukeson, the Vampire Prince, enters her life– The man whom the entire kingdom is scared of. A man with only foes and no friends. A man who ventures his territory at night to take the fresh blood out of humans irrespective of the age or gender to quench his thirst. ~~~~~ The blindfold cascaded off Alora's eyes and her enchanted blue eyes met with Magnus' blood-red eyes. "You have enchanting eyes, Alora," Magnus pronounced. No one ever said that to her. But no one could look into her eyes either. Only Magnus was the exception. The reason was still unknown to her. "Shall we begin the night?" Magnus asked for her permission. "Will His Highness give me love?" Alora asked. She was desperate to be loved. The feeling she could never get from her family and only heard in the words. "And how am I supposed to provide love to you?" Magnus queried since he was curious to know her thoughts. "Holding hands, hugging each other, sleeping together, and sharing thoughts. Isn't that how you shower love?" Alora innocently asked. Magnus ended up smiling to hear her explanation of love. He leaned down and kissed her lips, causing her to shiver from that sudden feeling. "This is the way I shower love," Magnus pronounced, gazing into Alora's charming blue eyes. ~~~~~ This story has participated in WSA 2024. Your votes, comments and gifts will mean a lot to me. Follow me on Instagram: rayoflight_pcy

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Magnus Lukeson, the Vampire Prince

"Water," Alora mumbled in her sleep. She could feel the pain in her entire body as she tried to open her eyes. For a while, no one gave her the water when suddenly a large hand rested under her head and lifted it. 

The touch of the cold silver glass lingered on her lips as the person helped Alora drink the water. She finally felt her insides reviving as her thirst quenched. 

Alora gradually opened her eyes, forgetting she was not meant to look at anyone. As soon as her eyes met a pair of raven orbs, Alora finally recalled she wasn't supposed to look at anyone. 

"No!" She tightly squeezed her eyes shut in the fear that the man would burn because of her gaze now. 

"Open your eyes, Alora," said Magnus in his deep voice. 

She was puzzled how he knew her name. Most importantly, why the man didn't disintegrate into ashes. Quickly Alora opened her eyes and stared at him. "How can you look at me?" Alora was totally surprised. 

"Because I've eyes," Magnus promptly answered. 

"No. You should have burned by now," Alora stated. 

"Tsk." Magnus chuckled and let go of her head. It fell against the soft pillow and he placed the glass back on the bedside table. "Strange! A human is cursing an immortal vampire to die," he remarked. 

"A vampire?" Alora's eyes slightly grew big, but she didn't trust his words. Why would she be saved by a supernatural creature like a vampire? "One should not lie," she stated. 

Magnus couldn't believe his ears. The woman lying in front of him on the bed thought that he lied. "And why do you think I'm lying to you?" he was inquisitive to know the response. By now, Alora seemed an interesting woman to him. 

"They kill," Alora replied. 

Magnus arched his eyebrow at her in astonishment. 

"Vampires kill the humans. They don't save humans. That's why you should not lie to me," Alora affirmed. This was the first time she had been talking with someone so much that too with an unknown man. "I think I'm still in a dream. It's impossible for me to look at anyone's eyes," she suddenly murmured. 

Magnus furrowed his brows together, pondering what Alora was babbling. "Shall I prove to you that it's not a dream and I'm not a human?" He queried. 

"How?" Alora asked. 

"Like this," Magnus opened his mouth, showing his fangs to her. He was so rapid in his action that faster than the blink of an eye, his face was buried in the crook of her neck. His sharp fangs touched her smooth skin, but he didn't push them inside. 

Alora's heart had stopped for a second. She finally realized a vampire had saved her. She took heavy breaths, holding for dear life. Would he drink blood from her? That would be a slow, torturous death for her. 

Magnus slowly withdrew and sat straight in front of him. "So, are you completely out of your dream?" he quipped. 

Alora nodded at him and curled her fingers. The moment he showed his shimmery red pupils to her, Alora confirmed for the second time she had fallen into the trap of a vampire. 

"Why did you save me?" Alora asked. 

"So that you can serve me," Magnus answered. 

"Serve you?" Alora drew her brows close. "I'm a daughter of a high-ranked noble family of Velaris. I cannot serve you," she pronounced. Finding no way to escape from a vampire's clutches, Alora could come up with the truth about her real identity only. 

According to the peace treaty between vampires and humans, the vampires could never target some top-ranked noble families in the kingdom. She knew Magnus would not dare to go against the treaty because that would mean he was against the King. 

Magnus chuckled to hear her words. "I don't care about your father's rank. What I want is your blood whenever I feel its need and the other services you can provide to me," he clarified to her with a stern tone. 

"But the treaty forbids the vampires from doing so. You cannot keep me captive," Alora said with a troubled expression. 

"You are in Elmswood, Alora, where my rules work. I am Magnus Lukeson, the Vampire Prince," he introduced him to her while boring his gaze at her. 

Alora was shocked to learn his name. She had heard about him. The most vicious immortal vampire prince, who didn't think twice before taking someone's life. He also loved to defy the rules of the King and worked in a way, he desired. Those who raised their voice against him were beheaded. He drank fresh blood out of humans and did not wait for the blood supplies. 

Despite all those qualities that Magnus possessed, Alora didn't protest to live in the same place as him because he was the only one with whom she could talk without her blindfold on. Alora had no problem giving him her blood either since he didn't kill her. 

"I apologize to Your Highness for speaking informally with him," Alora said as she lowered her eyes. "I will willingly give His Highness my blood, but he should never abandon me," she expressed her small desire. 

"I have no intention to abandon you, Alora," Magnus stated and licked his lips. "I'm eager to drink from you. A servant will help you take the bath and then you need to come to my chamber to serve me. Do you understand?" he asked. 

Alora nodded in agreement. "I understand, Your Highness," she said and searched for her blindfold. When she didn't find it she asked Magnus about it. 

"Your eyes are absolutely fine, then why do you need a blindfold?" Magnus inquired with a quizzical glance. 

"My gaze can burn anyone into ashes," Alora stated while looking at his eyes once again, "His Highness is the only exception, who is unaffected by my gaze," she explained with a smile. 

Magnus was amused to hear such a woman existed in the kingdom. However, as long as he was fine, he didn't care about anything related to Alora. He took out the blindfold from his pocket and gave it to her. "See you later, Alora," Magnus said and within a blink of an eye, he disappeared from the chamber.

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