The Vampire Prince's Blindfolded Bride

"You are my salvation and an answer to my cursed eyes." ------ In a world of vampires, werewolves, and witches, a girl is born to be the bride of the vicious and bloodthirsty 300-year-old immortal Vampire Prince. The man who could never be enticed by any ethereal beauty till now suddenly has shown interest in a woman with a curse whom everyone abandoned. Alora Wilson, the eldest daughter of a high-noble human family, is born with the curse of an old powerful witch. It is the curse that burns the person into ashes if the person looks directly into her eyes. A curse that forces her to wear the blindfold since the moment she was born in this world. When the kids of her age enjoyed every small moment of their lives, she couldn't. No one loves to befriend her. Even her own father and siblings despise her. One day Magnus Lukeson, the Vampire Prince, enters her life– The man whom the entire kingdom is scared of. A man with only foes and no friends. A man who ventures his territory at night to take the fresh blood out of humans irrespective of the age or gender to quench his thirst. ~~~~~ The blindfold cascaded off Alora's eyes and her enchanted blue eyes met with Magnus' blood-red eyes. "You have enchanting eyes, Alora," Magnus pronounced. No one ever said that to her. But no one could look into her eyes either. Only Magnus was the exception. The reason was still unknown to her. "Shall we begin the night?" Magnus asked for her permission. "Will His Highness give me love?" Alora asked. She was desperate to be loved. The feeling she could never get from her family and only heard in the words. "And how am I supposed to provide love to you?" Magnus queried since he was curious to know her thoughts. "Holding hands, hugging each other, sleeping together, and sharing thoughts. Isn't that how you shower love?" Alora innocently asked. Magnus ended up smiling to hear her explanation of love. He leaned down and kissed her lips, causing her to shiver from that sudden feeling. "This is the way I shower love," Magnus pronounced, gazing into Alora's charming blue eyes. ~~~~~ This story has participated in WSA 2024. Your votes, comments and gifts will mean a lot to me. Follow me on Instagram: rayoflight_pcy

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Lower your eyes

Alora looked outside the window as they were finally in the capital, the City of Velaris. She fidgeted with her fingers as she was worried thinking what would happen next. 

Magnus, on the other hand, had his eyes on her. He would notice her every reaction and smile within himself. Today, he was going to give Alora the biggest surprise of her life: A surprise that would change her life forever. 

Suddenly, the carriage halted, causing Alora to jolt forward. Her hands found Magnus's thighs for support as their eyes locked with each other. 

"I'm sorry," Alora quickly shifted back to her seat after apologizing. 

That warm touch of Alora's hands on his thighs left Magnus enchanted for a moment. He couldn't believe how her single touch affected his entire body, dissipating its coldness in a moment. 

"Are we in the palace?" Alora asked as she peered into his eyes. 

Magnus pushed away the curtain on the window and looked outside. "No. We are at your home," Magnus answered and got out of the carriage in a swift moment. 

Alora was puzzled thinking if she heard right. What were they doing outside her home? She gulped in fear, pondering what was in Magnus's mind. 

Outside, Magnus looked at the front gate of the residence, which was decorated well with flowers. The Wilson Family had been preparing well for their second daughter's marriage. 

Tobias stepped up and asked, "Your Highness, did Miss Alora don her blindfold?" 

"No," Magnus replied. "Everyone shall lower their eyes. Alora won't wear the blindfold today," Magnus announced.

The guards at the gate trembled to find that Alora returned with the vicious Vampire Prince. One of them ran inside to inform Norman, the lord of the Wilson family. 

Magnus extended his hand out for Alora, but he was surprised to see her in the blindfold. He chuckled and brought her outside. The first thing he did was remove her blindfold. 

"Your Highness, please," Alora said. 

"Let them feel the sufferings you underwent all these years," Magnus affirmed. "Your father challenged me and forced me to be here. You don't have to feel low about your eyes. They are special as I said before," he proclaimed and took a step away from her. 

Holding her hand, he walked into the Wilson Residence. Alora kept her eyes down and kept them on their joined hands. 'What does His Highness want?' she thought. 


Inside the house, Norman agreed to the list of guests who would be present on the day of Venus's marriage. The butler of the house walked away after taking the list while Norman gazed at his mother. 

"Everything has turned well," Norman said with a smile. 

"I told you once Alora would leave this house, the happiness will return in this house," Madam Aubrey replied. "Now, don't ever let her enter this house. She should not have stayed alive in the first place if you had listened to me that day," she pronounced. 

"Mother, I'm sorry for not listening to you all this time," Norman stated. 

"Father! Grandma! Look at my dress," Venus excitedly entered the living room of the house. Behind her, her mother Rhea walked in. "How do I look?" she asked, flaunting her wedding gown. 

"Oh my goodness! Venus, you look so pretty. May you don't get the evil eyes?" Madam Aubrey complimented her granddaughter's looks. She stood up and walked to Venus, holding her arms gently. "Norman, look at your daughter. She looks no lesser than a princess in this dress." Madam Aubrey didn't have enough words to describe her granddaughter's beauty. 

"Indeed, Mother," Norman said with a bright smile. 

At that moment, the guard ran into the living room. "Lord Norman! The Vampire Prince is here with Miss Alora," he informed all of them while gasping for air. 

Instantly, the smiles vanished from everyone's faces, except Rhea. She was delighted to learn that Alora was back, but why she was with Magnus? That was indeed a matter of concern. 

"Magnus Lukeson is here!?" Madam Aubrey remarked with a shocked face. 

"Yes, Madam. Also, Miss Alora hasn't worn the blindfold. Prince Magnus has instructed everyone to keep their eyes down. If anyone fails, he will punish us," the guard added the last statement on his own. 

"How is it possible for us to keep our eyes low? The Prince must be joking!" Madam Aubrey didn't believe the guard's words. 

"Do you wish me to put your eyes down then?" Magnus's deep voice echoed in the living room as he finally entered with Alora. 

They all were terrified to hear Magnus's voice and most importantly, to see Alora without the blindfold. 

Rhea was so relieved to see her daughter, her eyes welling up with tears. 

"Oldie, I may punish you pretty badly if you ever take my name. I hate humans like you. Be happy that I've had to spare your life because of Alora," Magnus warned her. 

For the first time in her life, Madam Aubrey felt scared. She apologized to the prince for making him feel disrespected and glanced at Alora, who had her eyes down. 

Alora had tightened her hold on Magnus's hand, who turned his head at her. "Let's have a seat and take some rest. The journey was quite long," he stated.

Rhea was surprised to find that her daughter could look into Magnus's eyes. How was that possible? 

"Now, everyone shall lower their eyes if they don't wish to die. Don't blame it on Alora then because it will be considered your fault," Magnus pronounced with a stern tone. 

"How is that possible, Your Highness?" Norman spoke up. "Alora, cover your eyes," he said while clenching his fists.

In a blink of an eye, Magnus was in front of Norman. His hand was around his neck, the grip wasn't tight though. "Go against my order and I'll kill you. You've already ruined my mood by sending the order from the King," Magnus stated, his eyes turning into a deep shade of red. 

"Your Highness, please let my father go," Alora requested in her soft voice.

Instantly, Magnus let Norman go, who faltered a little. "Now, lower your eyes because Alora will have a good look at all of you," Magnus stated. 

Norman immediately asked everyone in his family to do so. 

Magnus turned to gaze at Alora. "Come here," he asked her. 

Alora approached him soon and he made her stand in front of him. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he said, "Take a look at them." 

"Can I really do that?" Alora asked. 

"Trust me," Magnus said. 

Alora lifted her eyes and saw her mother first. Tears formed in her eyes to look at Rhea.