51 Be selfish, not selfless

When Magnus mentioned how Alora should not take his mother's advice for leaving his life, she left astonished and the same time, scared. 

"I cannot even get angry at you. You don't know how terrible my anger is. I guess, it is your charm that doesn't give me any right to even scold you for thinking about disappearing from my life," Magnus stated, staring deep into her eyes as if he would bore holes into her soul. 

Alora's lips quivered as she was unable to find the right words to explain to him. She curled her fingers in fear, thinking Queen Margaret would begin to hate her. She failed in the Queen's eyes. 

"What is love for you, Alora?" Magnus asked. His facial expressions were unreadable because they appeared neutral. "This time I'm serious. Is it about pleasing those who will never love you or pleasing the person who cares for you?" 

"It is about making the person happy who cares for you," Alora replied in a low voice. 


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