The Vampire Prince's Blindfolded Bride

"You are my salvation and an answer to my cursed eyes." ------ In a world of vampires, werewolves, and witches, a girl is born to be the bride of the vicious and bloodthirsty 300-year-old immortal Vampire Prince. The man who could never be enticed by any ethereal beauty till now suddenly has shown interest in a woman with a curse whom everyone abandoned. Alora Wilson, the eldest daughter of a high-noble human family, is born with the curse of an old powerful witch. It is the curse that burns the person into ashes if the person looks directly into her eyes. A curse that forces her to wear the blindfold since the moment she was born in this world. When the kids of her age enjoyed every small moment of their lives, she couldn't. No one loves to befriend her. Even her own father and siblings despise her. One day Magnus Lukeson, the Vampire Prince, enters her life– The man whom the entire kingdom is scared of. A man with only foes and no friends. A man who ventures his territory at night to take the fresh blood out of humans irrespective of the age or gender to quench his thirst. ~~~~~ The blindfold cascaded off Alora's eyes and her enchanted blue eyes met with Magnus' blood-red eyes. "You have enchanting eyes, Alora," Magnus pronounced. No one ever said that to her. But no one could look into her eyes either. Only Magnus was the exception. The reason was still unknown to her. "Shall we begin the night?" Magnus asked for her permission. "Will His Highness give me love?" Alora asked. She was desperate to be loved. The feeling she could never get from her family and only heard in the words. "And how am I supposed to provide love to you?" Magnus queried since he was curious to know her thoughts. "Holding hands, hugging each other, sleeping together, and sharing thoughts. Isn't that how you shower love?" Alora innocently asked. Magnus ended up smiling to hear her explanation of love. He leaned down and kissed her lips, causing her to shiver from that sudden feeling. "This is the way I shower love," Magnus pronounced, gazing into Alora's charming blue eyes. ~~~~~ This story has participated in WSA 2024. Your votes, comments and gifts will mean a lot to me. Follow me on Instagram: rayoflight_pcy

Light_ray · Fantasy
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290 Chs

Act as a wife

Alora cautiously peered into the bedroom, puzzled not to find Magnus inside. "Is His Highness not here?" she whispered to herself in confusion.

Unbeknownst to her, Magnus stood behind her, his head slightly above hers, and he curiously joined in, asking, "What are you searching for?"

Startled, Alora swiftly turned around, her face beaming with excitement. "Your Highness!" she exclaimed, her demeanor suggesting she held joyful news to share with him. 

"Yes?" Magnus asked. 

"I found a pond with many swans in it," Alora replied. 

"So? What's there to be happy about it?" Magnus asked and he walked past her to go inside his bedroom. "Also, how long were you in the garden? I think the pond is quite far," he muttered, recalling the last time he visited it. 

"I never saw swans," Alora said and started explaining everything to Magnus. 

Magnus was not truly interested in that kind of conversation, but he understood Alora's enthusiasm to talk to him. He removed the long coat and it landed somewhere on the floor. 

Alora quickly picked it up and told him not to throw his clothes like that. 

"You act like a wife," Magnus remarked and slightly turned to face her to see her reaction. She was definitely bewildered hearing him and knitted her brows close. 

"I don't think I can ever be someone's wife," Alora pronounced and folded the coat. 

'Why is she naive? Can't she see I'm interested in her?' Magnus thought. 

"Soon, you will marry someone," Magnus replied and settled on the mattress. His head rested on the hoverboard as he saw her quietly setting the coat on the surface of the table. 

"No one is going to marry me," Alora replied in a low voice. "I have to live alone all my life and then die alone," she murmured. 

"Come here," Magnus asked her to join him on the bed. 

"I am good here, Your Highness," Alora said. 

"Do you wish me to carry you here?" Magnus quipped.

Alora was quick to reach bed and sat near Magnus' feet.

"I can turn you if you wish to live for eternity," Magnus stated, "but the process is going to be painful," he warned her. 

"I don't wish to live a long life," Alora answered. "I just pray that in my next life, I get to feel the love of a family, a man, and have kids with him," she asserted while giving out a tiny smile. 

"Are you sure you'll find none in this life?" Magnus inquired. 

"Yes. I cannot live a life wearing a blindfold with my husband, Your Highness," Alora stated. 

'You don't even see that I can be your husband. Strange!' Magnus thought and his face tightened as he felt annoyed. 'She called me a sweet gentleman, but she cannot see me as her husband.' 

"Your Highness, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to live with you in the Palace of Velaris. I think I'll not be able to roam as freely as I did here," Alora said. She wished to live in Elmswood, far from the place, where nobody knew her well. 

"You should go to your room and have dinner before going to bed. We will leave in the early morning," Magnus suggested to her. 

"Does His Highness want to sleep early?" Alora asked. 

"No. I wish you to rest well," Magnus answered. "Tomorrow, you've to see a lot of things," he asserted.

"Sure. Your Highness, what about your food? Have you drunk the blood lately?" Alora asked. 

"After drinking yours, I didn't. I'll drink after reaching Velaris," Magnus answered.

"Since His Highness has done a lot for me, he can drink from me. His Highness also needs strength," Alora said while being serious. 

"I don't wish to drink yours," Magnus stated. "I will surely drink from you when you'll be healthy enough in my eyes," he added. "Now you shall go or do you wish to sleep with me?" He grinned with a teasing glance. 

"No!" Alora refused promptly. She bowed to him and ran out of his bedroom. 

Magnus chuckled and lay down on the bed.

Alora only stopped upon reaching her bedroom. "The Prince doesn't even think before speaking such things," she mumbled and poured a glass of water for herself. 

"Miss Alora, have you put on your blindfold?" Cecilia asked from outside. 

"Not yet," Alora said and quickly donned the blindfold. She informed about the same to Cecilia, who finally entered the room. 

"Miss Alora, I have an important matter to discuss with you," Cecilia said. 

"Yes, sure. Please take a seat," Alora humbly offered. 

Cecilia settled on the chair next to the bed and thanked her. "Miss Alora, since we are returning to Velaris, I suggest you convince the prince to drop you at your home instead of taking you to the palace," she asserted.

Alora was puzzled to hear Cecilia. "Why?"

"The palace isn't for the humans. Here, things were different, Miss Alora. However, in the kingdom's chief palace, you'll encounter the whole royal family. Do you think the King and the Queen will let you stay beside their beloved son?" Cecilia made Alora contemplate. 

"I understand," Alora answered. 

"Miss Alora should also know that she would be a constant attention to many because she's not a normal human. The Prince is merely attracted to you because of your eyes. If you didn't have such destructive eyes, Prince Magnus wouldn't even have looked at you," Cecilia proclaimed. 

Whatever Cecilia said was somewhat true. Because Magnus found out about her eyes, he kept Alora before her. 'But my father doesn't want me to be at home? What shall I do?' Alora thought. 

"Can you please arrange a carriage for me and send me to the old residence of Elmswood with the servant, who came from my home?" Alora requested. 

"I will. After dinner, I'll send Miss Alora to her father's old home with the servant," Cecilia stated. 

Alora thanked her and passed a tiny smile. 'I think my disappearance is the best for the others. I am happy I could spend these two days with Prince Magnus,' she thought in her mind.