The Vampire King's Possession Book

novel - Fantasy

The Vampire King's Possession


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  • 588 Chs

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Mauve Grey is finally getting the treatment she has always wished for, her father even openly calls her his daughter. Could life get any better? However, she knows it is for all the wrong reasons. She is finally useful, no longer just seen as the sin of the king, a lustful night with her as a constant reminder, especially to the queen who can't stand her. As if getting married off isn't bad enough, she is getting married to the evil vampire king. The species that have put them in jeopardy many times over. However, she has no say in the matter as this forced union is a sign that humans and vampires were truly at peace. However, Jael is ruthless and proved to be more than she ever imagined. Will she survive the vampire world considering vampires think humans to be no better than animals? Will she hold out being the Vampire King's new play toy? The cover is not mine, all credits to the owner.


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