The Vampire King's Possession

Author: GinaStanley
Fantasy Romance
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What is The Vampire King's Possession

Read The Vampire King's Possession novel written by the author GinaStanley on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, dark, villain, vampire, historical. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Mauve Grey is finally getting the treatment she has always wished for, her father even openly calls her his daughter. Could life get any better? However, she knows it is for all the wrong reasons. She is finally useful, no longer just seen as the sin of the king, a lustful night with her as a constant reminder, especially to the queen who can't stand her. As if getting married off isn't bad enough, she is getting married to the evil vampire king. The species that have put them in jeopardy many times over. However, she has no say in the matter as this forced union is a sign that humans and vampires were truly at peace. However, Jael is ruthless and proved to be more than she ever imagined. Will she survive the vampire world considering vampires think humans to be no better than animals? Will she hold out being the Vampire King's new play toy? The cover is not mine, all credits to the owner.

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This story is a gem💎 A marriage between a human and a creature of the night is the sexiest love story there can ever be😊💖 The beginning starts so beautiful and enticing that definitely grabs one's attention into reading more. A human princess despised by her own family, only to become forced into a marriage with a ruthless vampire king. A dangerous creature of the night that should be avoided and feared by every human finds a defenceless human firl at his mercy. The kind that is despised by the vampires. How complicated do their lives become, or do they eventually fall in love? The This is definitely a good and addictive read for those who are into Historical Fantasy Romance❤


So far so good. I have a few question but I know these questions will be answered as the story progresses and I don't want to spoil it for myself so I will just wait.


This book is an amazing book! The start captures you, and the writer develops everything (characters, scenery, the main story, etc) so well. I highly recommend for those the enjoy a historical fantasy romance book.


The story is just amazing! This is incredible, being a vampire and werewolf fan, I’ve read a lot of novels of that genre and I can honestly say that the plot of this story is unique and fresh! ❤️❤️


Quite a nice story, liking it so far. The FML is very scared but open, and the male lead is respectful of his duties as a husband and king. Even if he doesn't know her, he doesn't hurt nor scare nor take advantage. And instead tries to build a good relationship with her. I like that very much.


I love this story so much, it's exactly what I was looking for and I can't believe I found a book that fits perfectly. I'm looking forward to more books by the author.


Over 100 chapters in, im obsessed and read as much as I can!💙💙💙 Great work background, great writting style! If you enjoy historical romance/fantasy you will be addicted after the first chapter and will buying coins 😆😁😁 Add this book to your library, you will not regret it because you will be rooting for the ML🔥🔥🔥FL🌸🌸


A night creature and a human princess🥰🥰🦇🦇 is a great combination for this fun story! I highly recommend reading this historical romance! A little funny with some developing romance, 💙💙💙💙💙 Cannot wait to see we’r wego from here. Just need more chapters😅😅😅


how many chapters is this book supposed to have?


Hey Gina your novel the vampires possession has stopped letting us view the updated chapters. many of us have commented on the last page. it shows there are more chapters but when we click for the next page it shows the privilege we have all already paid and then says along the lines of waiting the authors stockpile so forth. its been a few days and the chapter numbers are increasing but no one can get the new chapters as of yet.


Mauve is a little frustrating as a character but you end up getting drawn in to the whole story, even if the FL makes your want to rip your hair out. 😂 Story is a great find and do recommend reading. ♥️


What a great book so far, I can't seem to put it down. It's been very addicting book, a must read...


Must read , love story n development can’t wait til the end!


I really enjoy reading this book. I love the characters. It has some mistakes. I also wish that the author would be consistent with the updates.


This story is interesting. I am interested to where it is going. it has a few misspellings and grammatical errors but it doesn't take away from the story. I hope the author continues to write this story but understand that sometimes life gets in the way and they like us are human and writing takes time.


This book has had me hooked since chapter one. The ML slow growing infactuation with the FL is amazing.


I really love this book and can't stop reading it thank you writer it kills time at work


Addicted. Very interesting and detailed. Some graphic kinda scary parts, but also romantic parts


I love historical-fantasy books/novels. With the title and cover, I bacame intrugued and started reading it. First few pages were okay, it was catchy. the author lost me with the very slow phasing of the storyline with repetitive explanation of each characters background with less conversation, confusion with name, the grammars of his & her and the characters cant be determined to be strong nor weak and sometimes ignorant. With a proper guidance and someone to proof-read this... it will potentially be on par with other novels. to the author- keep it up!


This story gets better as it goes further. The leads scenes eventually becomes fluffy even thought the setting is dark love it!


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