The Vampire's Love: You Are My Destiny

Laura died when she was a baby. Out of desperation, her parents agreed on a deal with the mysterious couple to bring her back to life. Her family left their village and hide in a far away place... with no intention of honoring the deal. Twenty years later. Mysterious black hooded cape men descended into their mansion. They hurt her father and abducted her sister, claiming that they're fulfilling the deal that took place a long time ago. Her sister can only be returned to her family ten days later, in one condition, she won't leave their town. To protect Laura, her father entered another deal to marry her to the most notorious womanizing bachelor in the next town. The groom was the son of a powerful family, he has a questionable attitude and lacking in the looks department. Then she met the 'other' brother. He's handsome as hell and mysterious in so many ways, her heart beats crazily for him. And yet... he turns out to be something not human. Her peaceful life descended into chaos, and so the story begins. ***The cover is mine. All the credits and rights belong to me. ~My Other Novels on this site~ * Hot Romance With The Vampire~ Completed * The Beauty And The Wolf~ Completed. * Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife ~ Completed ~ Contemporary Romance * The CEO's Painted Skin: Contemporary Romance~ Completed. * The Last Embrace: Fantasy Romance, Vampires Love~ Completed. * Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife: Contemporary Romance~ Completed. * The Tale Of Three Sisters: Fantasy Romance, Adventure ~ Completed.

Lizabelle88 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
429 Chs


Laura exited her room and walked in the hallway going to the stairway. Her knees seemed to wobble a bit. She's getting nervous seeing Graven again. What if he will ignore her again?

She must find a way to talk to him, maybe corner him somewhere?

Of course, she will do that!

Tonight, she will get her answer from Graven!

She must know the mystery of Graven and Luke! So that her troubled mind can finally rest in peace.

She descended on the stairway and walked slowly towards the dining room, taking her time, trying to calm the erratic beating of her heart.

When she entered the dining room, the men were already eating and actively chatting. Her heart palpitates after seeing Graven's devilishly handsome face, her heart screamed that he is Luke! She lowered her head down, not wanting everyone to catch her staring at Graven with a deep longing in her eyes. She settled herself on the chair beside her future husband.