16 I Love The Way You Lie

Laura was speechless. How did he know everything about her?

"I am your first in everything and no other guy can make you feel this way. No one!" he declared boldly.

Laura breathed deeply. "M-May I know your name?"

"Eager to know my name, eh?" he smiled sexily.

Laura blinked. Every time he smiles this way, her heart was melting in her rib cage.

Luke met her gaze. The way she looked at him, makes his heart beat faster. He lowered his mouth again, then he whispered something in her ear that took her breath away. "I love you. Will you marry me and spend the rest of your life with me?" he asked her with a serious face. He looked into her eyes to read her reactions.

She just stared at him, she had that blank expression on her face. Inside her mind... she was thinking about how to go home? While he was whispering sweet nothing in her ears. How can she think of love right now when her family was in danger?

She needs to talk to him about her condition, maybe he will listen this time. "Can we talk, please?" she pleaded. "There is something you need to know about me. My life is complicated and you are adding to my problems," she told him.

He looked at her thoughtfully for a minute. "Okay...go on...tell me...let me hear your problems," he encouraged her to talk for the first time. He twirled a few strands of her hair in his fingers.

Laura took a deep breath. It's a good thing that he was no longer kissing her and touching her body. She can finally think straight. "I died when I was a baby, then my father entered into a deal with vampires just to resurrect me, the deal was to marry me to their son. My parents fled our village to hide me. Then after so many years, the vampire couple that resurrected me found me and wanted to take me away. I asked for ten days to spend time with my family before I'll go with them. To make sure that I won't flee again, they took my sister with them, threatening me that they will kill her if they discover that I escape..."

She paused for a moment.

"Continue..." he said.

"My father doesn't want me to marry a bloodsucker. He doesn't want a vampire son-in-law. So he enters me into another arranged marriage with the son of his friend in another town. I was supposed to go there in that chest!" she pointed at the chest in the corner of the room. "But I was greatly surprised finding myself here inside your room," she explained. "I wonder why I arrived here?" She looked at him wanting to get to the bottom of everything.

A few minutes of silence enveloped them.

"You were taken by my men," he finally said. "Upon my order of course!" he confessed.

Laura closed her eyes for a moment. So, everything was intentional on his part. "Can't you see... if you don't return me to my family the next day, they will die. The vampires will kill them all if they can't find me inside our house. I hope you understand my difficult situation now..." she said pleading for his understanding.

"Why you don't want to marry a vampire? Have you seen the son of that vampire couple yet?" he asked.

Laura shook her head. "I'm not interested in marrying a bloodsucker. I want to marry my kind!" she said.

"And how about that son of your father's friend? Are you willing to marry him?" he asked.

"Cooper is better than that bloodsucker, at least he is human like me. I have no choice but to marry him," she said.

"And how about me, between that vampire and that Cooper? Between the three of us. Who do you think is deserving to be your husband? Who would you want to marry?" he asked.

Laura sighed. Now he wants her to choose. She's contemplating on what to do. If she will choose the vampire or Cooper, he will get angry and she might not release her anymore. "I'll marry you," she said without hesitation, without batting an eyelash.

A broad grin appeared in his mouth, he felt triumphant. "I know right?" He began raining kisses on her face, his happiness was radiating on his countenance.

"Just say the words and I'll take you home, back to your family..." he whispered in her ears.

Laura was confused about what exactly the words he wanted to hear from her. "W-what words?" she asked him. She's willing to say anything to him as long he will take her home.

"Say that you love me sincerely into my eyes..." he ordered her.

Laura looked at him for a few seconds and breathed deeply. "I love you..." she said.

"My name is Luke..." he whispered his name into her ears. "Say it again..." he urged her.

She looked into his eyes. "I love you, Luke," she said. The words came out of her mouth naturally and it sounds nice to hear.

"I love you too, Laura. I love you so much!" he said. "I wanna make love to you right now," he said and claimed her mouth for a passionate kiss. His hands wandered up and down on her body, fondling her sensitive parts, arousing desire in her body. He discarded his clothes and hers and after done exploring her whole body, he buries his hardness in her softness.

Their bodies were locked in a passionate embrace filled with pulsating lust and heightened desire.

A moan of pleasure escapes Laura's lips as she lay naked, writhing beneath him in pleasure. They both reached nirvana after a few minutes... then Laura went limp in his arms. He can't stop showering kisses all over her cheeks and on her lips, he was elated that she gives herself to him wholeheartedly.

Laura finally surrendered her body to Luke so that she can go home. She let him have his way with her body, hoping that he will send her home. She was that desperate.

When they were done with their steamy lovemaking, Laura falls asleep soundly in his arms.

"I love the way you lie, Laura," he murmured into her ears and covered their naked bodies with the blanket. He knows that she was only lying when she told him that she loves him because she's desperate to go home. But even though it's just a lie, it made him happy. He closed his eyes ready to sleep while holding her possessively in his arms. He smiled, fully sated. Tonight he finally claimed her. He was driven by the blinding power of lust and love for her. He planted a gentle kiss on her forehead. "I love you, sweetheart!" he said.

He lies in the bed together with his beloved. His lifelong dream has been granted. Now time to face reality...

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