The Vampire's Love: You Are My Destiny

Laura died when she was a baby. Out of desperation, her parents agreed on a deal with the mysterious couple to bring her back to life. Her family left their village and hide in a far away place... with no intention of honoring the deal. Twenty years later. Mysterious black hooded cape men descended into their mansion. They hurt her father and abducted her sister, claiming that they're fulfilling the deal that took place a long time ago. Her sister can only be returned to her family ten days later, in one condition, she won't leave their town. To protect Laura, her father entered another deal to marry her to the most notorious womanizing bachelor in the next town. The groom was the son of a powerful family, he has a questionable attitude and lacking in the looks department. Then she met the 'other' brother. He's handsome as hell and mysterious in so many ways, her heart beats crazily for him. And yet... he turns out to be something not human. Her peaceful life descended into chaos, and so the story begins. ***The cover is mine. All the credits and rights belong to me. ~My Other Novels on this site~ * Hot Romance With The Vampire~ Completed * The Beauty And The Wolf~ Completed. * Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife ~ Completed ~ Contemporary Romance * The CEO's Painted Skin: Contemporary Romance~ Completed. * The Last Embrace: Fantasy Romance, Vampires Love~ Completed. * Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife: Contemporary Romance~ Completed. * The Tale Of Three Sisters: Fantasy Romance, Adventure ~ Completed.

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Feeling Salty

"Is Graven, ugly, good looking, or what?" Laura asked again. She can hear the maid giggling. She raised her head, looking at her. "What's funny?" she asked.

Neeza smiled coyly. "Oh, my heart...Sir Graven is devilishly handsome in every inch. Especially his eyes, so hypnotizing, I warned you, Miss Laura, don't look at Sir Graven's eyes, don't maintain eye contact with him!" she said in a serious tone.

Laura's brows knitted together. "Huh? But why-?" she asked in puzzlement.

"B-because you might fall for him, and you will ditch Sir Cooper," Neeza said.

Laura erupted into laughter. "Silly girl, why would I do that-?" she said.

Neeza shrugged. "I dunno...all the women servants in this house were having a crush on Sir Graven..." she confessed.

Laura smiled. "Hmm... I see..."

Neeza continues combing Laura's hair. "Later, after lunch, I'll clean your room, Miss," she offered.

"Okay," Laura responded.

"You can stay in the veranda, or the swing while I'm cleaning your room. Or you can visit the mini-park at the back of the house. You can see trees and benches there and have a relaxing walk while listening to the chirping of birds while strolling. And there's another set of swing there for you to enjoy as well," Neeza said.

"That's cool. Bring me to the back of the house. I wanna see the mini-park," Laura said.

"Right now?"

"Yes," Laura replied.

"Okay, I'll take you there," Neeza said and put the comb down on the table. "Let's go, Miss!"

The women went out of the room and descended the stairs, going to the back of the house.

A few minutes later, they arrived at their destination.

Laura was speechless... in total awe... because she finds the mini-park amazing! There are blooming Acacia trees everywhere and other ornamental plants as well! There are benches scattered all over the mini-park and cemented pathways. She found two sets of swings and a white gazebo with chairs and a round table! Nice!

"Amazing place!" she enthused.

Neeza smiled. She went to the wooden box under the acacia tree and produce two pieces of clean rug clothes. "I will just wipe clean the benches and the swings first, Miss. So that you can use them while I'm cleaning your room upstairs," she said and walked to the first bench nearby and began her task.

Laura roamed her eyes around the area. Then she saw the bungalow concrete house at the end of the mini-park. Her brows furrowed. She went to the maid's side. "Neeza, who lives in that house over there?" she asked, pointing her index finger at the house that looks deserted.

Neeza looked at the house. "Ah, that one is where Sir Graven used to live when he was still living here," she said. "Which reminds me that I need to clean the surrounding area and also the interior of the house because that house was assigned to me for cleaning twice a week before you came here. I need to clean the house quick just in case Sir Graven will arrive today!" she said, panicking.

Laura looked at the maid. "Don't panic! Why don't you assigned the cleaning to another servant, then you can also help her in the cleaning so that you can speed up the process..." she suggested.

"Good suggestion!" Neeza said with a smile. "Ah, I will just clean your room later in the afternoon! Will it be okay with you, Miss?" she asked.

Laura smiled. "Sure! You can clean it even tomorrow, I don't mind. I think you should focus more on Graven's abode first before anything else," she suggested.

"Okay, thank you, Miss!" Neeza said. "I'm going now..."

"Wait, give that rug to me. I'll continue cleaning the benches and the swings," Laura volunteered.

"Ah, no Miss, these kinds of chores are not well suited for you," Neeza said.

Laura smiled. "Just give it to me! Wiping dust and dirt won't kill me," she assured her.

"Okay," Neeza said and handed the rugs to Laura.

"You may go now!" Laura told the maid.

Neeza went back to the house to find another servant to help her in cleaning the house.

Laura proceeds on cleaning the benches and the swings.

A few minutes later, she finished the light task. She put back the rugs in the box and washed her hand with the clean water in the bucket beside the wooden box.

She went to the swing that was facing Graven's house and lowered herself on the metal seat. She began swinging back and forth. The wind blows her hair.

For a moment, she feels good inside and out. There's something about the swing that she and her sister Sofia loves. Speaking of them, how are they doing now on the farm? She hopes they are alright. Then she remembered her nightmare last night. It feels so real!

She can still feel the chill running down her spine as she remembered the sickening feeling when the black tar starts filling her eyes, nose, and mouth. She had a hard time breathing, fighting for life! That was a tragic ending to her dream.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Neeza back in the mini-park together with a boy, about fifteen years old - he was carrying a broom and dustpan made of aluminum.

She saw them went to the house. Neeza opened the house with the key she produced from the pocket of her skirt and disappeared inside, leaving the main door opened, while the boy started sweeping the dry leaves around the house.

Laura continues swinging back and forth in the swing, loving the lovely atmosphere of the morning.

The sun was already shining up in the sky, but since the swing was situated under the shade of the acacia tree, she was safe from the sun's rays. She looked at the yellow blooms of the acacia trees around her, it gives a sunny and lively atmosphere to the entire park. This place becomes her favorite place in the mansion. She can see herself sending more time here, especially during the lazy afternoon or if she will go strolling in the morning.

Two hours later.

Neeza and the servant boy finished cleaning Graven's abode and left the place.

Laura was still enjoying the swing. A minute later, she saw Cooper approaching her location.

"My darling wife! I finally found you here!" he said, smiling broadly. "Mind if I join you in the swing?" he asked.

"Yeah, sure!" Laura smiled. Technically, she's still not his wife yet. But she allowed him to call her wife because they would be entering that door of matrimony sooner or later.

Cooper sat on the metal seat and swings back and forth, making sure he swings in sync with his wife. He stared at her flawless face. "Wife, mind if I kiss your cheek?" he asked coyly and winked at her, with full adoration in his eyes.

Laura rolled her eyes. "Later, after we get married," she replied.

"You're no fun!" Cooper snorted, disappointed, feeling salty.

Laura sighed. "Wow, you're acting like a ten years old kid - ranting why his mother didn't give him cookies," she scolded him in a soft tone.

Cooper grumbled and abandoned the swing, leaving the park without looking at his future wife.

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