The Vampire's Chosen Mate Book

novel - Fantasy

The Vampire's Chosen Mate


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"I found my mate and I think she just rejected me so... yeah happy me," I responded. I tried to keep my voice neutral so that I could hide my pain but it was such a fail. "Well if it makes you feel any better, I don't have a mate either brother," Damien responded. For someone who was human, that is before I turned him, he sure did lack empathy. "Does she not like your form?" He asked after realizing that he wasn't making me feel any better. I looked different. Yes that was true. But not that much different. I know that that wasn't the reason why she rejected me if I can call it a rejection. My mate rejected me because I was of low status and income. Damn it, I was mated to a gold digger. XXXXXX Dimitri is an original vampire. He is also soon to be king. As part of his pre-coronation duties he is to disguise himself and live among his soon-to-be subjects such as to understand them better. However he cannot get caught. If anyone recognizes that it is him then he has failed. So what happens when he bumps into his mate and she doesn't approve of him being of working class? Throw in a black, bold and beautiful African woman, a ton of family secrets and a supernatural war, then your recipe for disaster is good to go.