The Vampire's Beloved

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What is The Vampire's Beloved

Read ‘The Vampire's Beloved’ Online for Free, written by the author weitmarcel1630, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, TRAGEDY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Hunter Eldridge had a very happy life. A wife he adored, until, one night, a lurking shadow attacks them. His wife is lo...


Hunter Eldridge had a very happy life. A wife he adored, until, one night, a lurking shadow attacks them. His wife is lost to him, and his life transformed, in a way he'd never expect. One day, he is shaken to his core by a female scent that smells exactly like his wife. Believing that it's a sign from Eliza, he searches for her, hoping to find long-lost love, and the peace within he craves. Little did he know, what untold truths would be revealed, and would lead to circumstances beyond his wildest dreams. Will he be able to protect his soulmate? or will history repeat itself as powers lurking in the shadows attempt to prevent his happiness?

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