1 Chapter 1: Transmigrated to Become an Ugly Toad

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It was almost noon at the Song family's house in Brook Falls Village.

In the run-down thatched house, the woman who was lying on the ground looking like a small mountain suddenly moved.

Qin Xiaoyao frowned and struggled for a while before her sharp eyes suddenly opened.

Then, she found herself in a dilapidated thatched house.

She could even hear the lively chirping of birds.

She was surprised that there would be birds chirping in the desolate and noiseless post-apocalyptic world. Suddenly, she felt dizzy.

Then, a memory that didn't belong to her rushed into her mind.

She had actually transmigrated… 

That was right. Although it was unbelievable, she had really transmigrated! She had escaped from the damned apocalypse and arrived at some unknown dynasty.

She, Qin Xiaoyao, used to be the captain of a six-man mercenary team in City A's security base after the apocalypse.

Unwittingly, they encountered a zombie tide while carrying out their mission.

In the end, all her team members perished. She then pulled out a grenade and chose to die together with the zombies that surrounded her.

The next thing she knew, she had escaped from the post-apocalyptic world when she opened her eyes again!

At this moment, Qin Xiaoyao wanted to laugh out loud.

Then, she lowered her head and saw an extremely fat body.

The smile on her face froze instantly.

Right now, she had actually… turned into an ugly toad!

Yes, although she felt somewhat helpless, she was indeed the proverbial Ugly Toad.

Her current body was called Qin Sanya, the youngest daughter of Qin Dazhuang, the butcher in town.

She had gained all this fat from bingeing while living with the Qin family.

As for why she said she was an Ugly Toad, let's put it aside for a while and talk about it later.

Suppressing the disgust in her heart, Qin Xiaoyao adjusted her mindset and decided to get up from the ground first.

The moment she moved, she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head.

She reached out to rub it and found that it was only a bump and no bleeding.

Qin Xiaoyao heaved a sigh of relief and got up from the ground.

"Damn it. My body is too bloated! I can't control it in an agile manner!" she thought.

Just as Qin Xiaoyao was struggling to get up from the ground, the person on the bed nearby looked over.

A look of surprise flashed in his eyes, which quickly turned into disgust.

Qin Xiaoyao followed her line of sight and looked in the same direction as well.

Then, she couldn't take her eyes off him.

This was really… Even when he was angry, he looked so handsome… 

That's right, the man lying on the bed opposite her was her current husband, the proverbial White Swan.

Why was he called a White Swan? That was because he was really good-looking! He was even more attractive than those movie stars she had seen on TV before the apocalypse!

Putting aside other things, she had to verify her predecessor's judgment.

Alright, since the White Swan had appeared too, she would tell the story of the Ugly Toad and the White Swan.

Half a year ago, the previous owner of this body had caught a glimpse of the graceful scholar of the Song family, Song Que, by chance.

After that, she couldn't forget him and swore that she must marry Song Que.

In the end, her predecessor found out that Song Que's father was seriously ill.

She then worked with a traveling doctor to trick the Song family into giving Father Song some ginseng to save him.

The Song family naturally had no money, so her predecessor decided to be a Good Samaritan and loaned 80 taels of silver to Song Que's mother, Madam Liu.

In the end, of course, the patient didn't get better. He eventually passed away after dragging on for more than a month.

Then, less than ten days after Father Song's burial, Qin Sanya brought her father and two brothers to the Song family, forcing the Song family to pay back the money.

In order to cure Father Song's illness, the Song family had already emptied their savings. Song Que had even given up attending the academy, so how could they have the money?

As a result, the Ugly Toad that was three years older than the White Swan got to taste swan meat by marrying into the Song family.

Tsk tsk… What a pity then! The two of them had been married for more than a month, yet the toad still had no chance to savor the delicacy.

Hey, that wasn't right! It was good that the predecessor didn't succeed!

Now that it was her turn, she could take advantage of the situation!

At the thought of this, Qin Xiaoyao's heart burned with passion.

Her heart was beating wildly.

Not only did she escape from the apocalypse, but she also ended up with such an attractive husband, ending her 23 years of singlehood.

Her luck was way too good!


"Who's that..." Qin Xiaoyao suddenly stared at the door.

Years of post-apocalyptic vigilance told her that someone was coming and was now hiding right outside the door.

"Come out!" Seeing that there was no movement at the door, Qin Xiaoyao shouted in a deep voice.

It sounded so imposing that Song Que, who was on the bed, could not help but tremble.

"Sis… sister-in-law."

A skinny girl walked out.

She looked at Qin Xiaoyao with trembling eyes, then quickly lowered her head.

Qin Xiaoyao was surprised.

"Yun'er," she said.

That's right. This girl was her husband, Song Que's younger sister. She was her sister-in-law, Song Yun.

She was ten years old this year, but due to malnutrition, she looked like she was only seven or eight years old.

"Sis… sister-in-law," Song Yun stammered again, her body shaking even more violently.

Qin Xiaoyao's heart ached a little.

As one loved the house, one loved the crow that came with it, so how could she not feel heartache?

Ever since her predecessor married into the Song family, her life was not smooth because the Song family was poor.

In addition, the eighty taels of silver she had used to scheme against the Song family were eventually stolen by the cheating traveling doctor, which made her even angrier with the Song family.

She even pinned the blame on the Song family, thinking that it was all because of them that she was in such a miserable state.

Therefore, regardless of whether it was her mother-in-law, Madam Liu, her sister-in-law, Song Yun, or her brother-in-law, Song Ye, she was at odds with all of them.

Yesterday, she had even threatened to sell the two children off for money.

This was why the two children were so afraid of her.

It was also because of this that her attractive husband fell out with her predecessor and ran to the mountains to look for food.

In the end, he ran into a wild beast and injured his leg.

If it weren't for the village's Hunter Huang, who saved his life, he would have died by now.

Of course, his situation was not good.

The Song family didn't even have the money to buy medicine, so how could they have the money to get a doctor to heal Song Que's legs?

They could only ask Hunter Huang to get some herbs and help him deal with it.

Of course, this was not a long-term solution.

Thus, another matter erupted.

That was when her predecessor had died, and her soul had transmigrated.

Although the previous owner of this body didn't treat the Song family well, she was still very concerned about her attractive husband.

After her attractive husband injured his leg, her predecessor went back to her parents' house, wanting to borrow money to treat her handsome husband's leg.

However, this predecessor had asked the Qin family for favors too many times. Furthermore, the matter of being cheated out of their money by the traveling doctor had not been resolved. When the Qin family saw her coming again, they did not even let her in.

Qin Dazhuang, under the urging of his second wife, even said that he would no longer treat her as his daughter and that she should never come to the Qin family again.

After that, her predecessor returned to the Song family with a face full of sorrow after getting rejected outright.

She wanted to ask her attractive husband to comfort her, but her attractive husband was already angry with her to begin with, and on top of that, he was injured now. How could he possibly feel any concern for her?

After that, the two got into a quarrel, and her predecessor threatened to kill herself...

Of course, she didn't really want to commit suicide. She only wanted to provoke her attractive husband and make him feel some compassion for her.

However, he didn't even take her threat seriously.

In the end, not surprisingly, she didn't manage to hang herself.

She even broke the weak beam of the house and almost destroyed the already unstable thatched house.

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