1 1.Alarming breeze

The breeze in my village is something alarming for girls.Because our villagers hate girl child due to unknown reasons. They killed girl child after her birth. Do you know why? She asked Kalyani. Yes I heard about something like that from your village. Kalyani is a 25 year old girl with attractive and sexy look. Her lips burns the heart of men. Sometimes male workers in the company, especially super viser Narayanan, haunted in her boobe like a failed wolf. Kalyani, smile and deliberately touch his arms. What are you doing Kalyani, Bhadra said.He gave her some concession due to this sexy touch. Bhadra is a very simple beautiful girl. More than hundred girls working in this garment unit. OK tell me the story Kalyani request her. Yes my village, Bhadra continue the story along with her cutting jobs. Yes our village is an abandoned destination due to its evil practices and superstetions. Our villagers hate women but men are women hunters. They seduce with women with out decency. Our village head has more than five wife. Yet our villagers hate girls and butterflies. Yes my village Chathampetty a remote village under the valley of Western Ghats ,more than 50 km away from Coimbatore. A drought affected areas with secrets and mysteries. A great wild memory lights on her brain. It filled fear and hatred. Her first experience with man in her village.A terrible experience in her life. After that brutal incidence she herself hate her village, Chathapetty due to lack of kindness and respect on women. What are you doing there ,? This is not story time. Ramesh asked them loudly. His voice dissolved in the sound of machines. The cutting unit is a large hall in an old building with out proper facilities. Some fans and lights stops the work more than a year. Bhadra said. I asked the Manager about this issue? Then he told me that come to office after closing of working hours. Kalyani,laughed and look Bhadra by enjoy her innocence. Then what happened.? Yes I got something wrong that's why I put my compliments in the dust bin.Bhadra said. I think the dirty breeze in my native village revolving around this company. The same alarming breeze.Some times it was the fate of cities across the world. The educated urban wandering for flesh and blood of innocent girls in the evenings doors of red streets. May be it was Mumbai, Kolkotta, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi or New York, no city is virgin.

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