1 Yang Dao.

In the city of Jade, a young boy, with a handsome face, crewcut black hair, stood at the train station entrance. The boy was wearing a casual t-shirt, jeans, and white sneakers. His dark black eyes were sparkling. A lot of women gave him a second glance. The boy only smiled and walked towards where a banner addressing the new students hung. He came to stand below the banner and saw a lean boy standing there. The other boy was wearing a formal shirt and trousers. His hair was brownish.

The boy spoke, "Excuse me, are you here to meet with new students of THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY?"

The boy holding the banner smiled and said, "Hello, junior brother, my name is Steven. I am a second-year student responsible for escorting new students to the college to complete registration. May I know what is your name?"

The black-haired boy replied, "Good morning, senior brother, my name is Yang Dao."

Steven smiled and was about to look through the list when his hands shook. He looked at the boy in front of him as if this guy was a monster with six arms and three heads. Steven asked, "Are you THE YANG DAO, who scored perfect marks in the national exams?"

Yang Dao smiled and said, "Senior, I am not THE YANG DAO. I am just, Yang Dao. And yes, I did score full marks in the exams."

Steven was shivering with excitement. He yelled to a boy standing at a distance, "MARIO, GET YOUR ASS OVER. I HAVE TO GET THIS BROTHER TO COLLEGE. YOU HOLD THE FORT."

The boy called Mario was someone with curly golden-brown hair. He wore round glasses. An oval shape with a sharp nose. He did not even have the time to react before Steven grabbed Yang Dao by his arm and pulled him to a car parked on the side. He helped Yang Dao with his luggage and even pulled the door open for him. The car ignited and ran through the traffic. All this happened in a moment.


Inside the car, Yang Dao said, "Senior, your reaction is it not a bit too much?" he was actually very bewildered by this reaction from his senior.

Steven replied, "You have no idea. I was instructed by our principal to bring you straight to college as soon as you come to report. Not only me, but even the student envoys at the airport and bus stations all around the city. You might not know, but you are a superstar." he laughed when he finished speaking.

Yang Dao spoke again, "Why? I understand that I did well in the exam, but there is no need for such a big hub-hub." he frowned as he wanted to stay low profile. The principal of the college was over-excited. Steven saw Yang Dao's frown and said, "I understand your way of thinking, Junior Yang. I am also 'poor' in the eyes of some people, but my grades and hard work speak for me. I know that you do not want any trouble, but these 'rich people' do not bother with people like us until we offend them." he tried to console Yang Dao.

The boy next to him looked out of the window and said, "Senior, if someone values their silk-pant face, and an orphan with no background is treated specially in front of them. What do you think they would do? They will not create trouble from the shadows?"

Steven was surprised when he realized that what he said was true. These second-generation rich guys were really arrogant. Even if the national college was the top institute, and it advocated equality, outside the campus gates it was an urban jungle.

Liro was the earth of another dimension. The people here were cunning. They feared the strong but bullied the weak. Laws and rules were always the tools of the rich. Steven sighed, knowing all this. He was also helpless. The one who was responsible for all this was the principal. That undying fart was a person who wouldn't change his decision once he made it, even if the world is collapsing. Yang Dao was correct to be worried about this. Jade City was the capital of the Jewel Nation. This place was the hub of many evil capitalists. These people were scum gilded in gold and jewel stones.

The car reached the campus gate, but it did not stop there and rushed straight to the core administration office. The campus building was a castle. The highest tower in the castle was the principal office. This office had 8 windows overlooking the whole campus. Yang Dao did not even glance around on the campus. He was in a bad mood. The reason behind his bad mood was the principal of this college.

Steven took out Yang Dao's luggage from the trunk and led him to visit the principal's office. Yang Dao unwillingly followed Steven. They both came to an automated staircase and stepped on. The staircase led them to the only operating place in the tower. They both came to the top floor. A wooden door greeted them. Steven knocked twice on the door. He spoke, "Dean, Yang Dao is here."

A loud voice came from the other side, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ON THE OUTSIDE? COME IN HERE."

Steven pushed the door and entered with Yang Dao following him. The office was very simple. There was a mahogany table in the center of the office covered with some files and a computer screen. An old man stood in the shoulder-long gray hair. He wore a steel gray three-piece suit. The man had some wrinkle on his face. His face was a normal everyday face that can easily be forgotten in the crowd.

The man walked forward in big strides as soon as he saw Yang Dao. He checked him out from head to toe and grabbed his shoulders. He spoke, "Good boy, I am Brad Mcqueen. I finally see what a genius looks like. I have arranged a ceremony for you. You will address the new students at the noon."

Yang Dao's eyes were saying, 'I will address shit, you old fart.'

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