The Unwanted Prince

Author: Nicole_99
Fantasy Romance
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What is The Unwanted Prince

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A woman runs, holding onto her torso as she keeps glancing behind her. Tears spilling from her already wet cheeks. She catches her breath and screams as the hurt in her chest tore her up internally. "Why... why?!" She cries as her clenched fist hits her broken heart. Her lover tried to drug her, thinking of ridding her of their unborn baby. She was hurt. She felt betrayed. She grew to hate him with all of her being. Still, memories of the love they shared still plagued her. How could she possibly still trust him? And yet, despite her anxiousness, she still held onto a small scale sliver of hope. All she could do now, was to leave him and keep their child safe. *** 16 years passed and there stood a young boy with silver hair and bright amethyst coloured eyes. He smiles at the horizon, staring at the capital city of the country of Enoch. Finally, he was old enough to venture out into the great city. Said to be the largest and most prosperous of the kingdom. He holds firmly onto the hope of an exciting journey as he kissed his mother goodbye. Thinking of all the warning she gave him before his journey could begin. Once in the city, his life changed forever and his perilous struggles began. *** Contains sexual implications and fantasy violence which may be disturbing for some readers. Do take note. Follow me on IG for story updates and sneak peeks! IG: random_stories_by_a_bored_girl Image of boy extracted from:

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Harinder had a dream on his first night at the shack. It was a dream about a nightingale and a flautist. The flautist on a walk in the wilderness saw a nightingale perched atop a branch. He called out to the bird, “O’ nightingale, why do you not sing tonight, the night is young, and the moon doth sprinkle upon the grounds its sacred light? The nightingale looked this way and that, and said in return, “Though the moon doth sprinkle its light upon the ground, there seem to be no streams of rhythm nor a lyrical tune that comes to mind matching the moon and its splendorous revealing. The moon beguiles me as it does you, my friend.” The flautist thought for a while. He sat himself down under the tree and saw the moonlight fall a little on his form. The rays warmed him. The nightingale watched him like a hawk. The flautist took out his flute, and looking up at the nightingale, he said, “I shall play a tune to match the moonshine for you. You can sing along if you want.” The soothing sounds of the flute reached the far corners of the land. The nightingale became a shadow for it couldn’t match the melodious composition of the song on the flute, a love song that awoke the night from its slumber. “To whom does he perform the beauteous rendition of a love song. I have never heard sounds of such flamboyance?” the nightingale questioned in its tiny heart. “For his performance is known or seen by none, but me. Does he not know that he has the flair of a songbird and the gift of a pied piper? He has woken the night from its slumber.” When the flautist stopped, the nightingale flew down to where he sat. “Surely a magician with a flute, are you! Your song has been heard far and wide, for all who kept the night for sleeping have now been woken to a soulful remedy. For tonight the Goddess of the Himavan has been woken from sleep, and she waits impatiently to hear you play once again. Would you come by again when the moon doth sprinkle dust on these grounds to play as you did tonight?” The flautist smiled, knowing that he passed this way but once, and never did he retrace his steps upon the grounds that he had walked before. He got up, and without an answer to the nightingale, sprinkled some stardust upon the barren land, and wished upon it much life and vigor. The Goddess of the Himavan and he had made a pact. For upon the land that he blesses, creation would multiply and thrive.

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Harsimran1996 · General
397 Chs
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I started reading with the intention of testing the waters and getting to know the book but I soon found myself reading chapter after chapter. It really is beautifully written and the author paints clear pictures of scenes and characters for the readers. I wish the author all the best as they continue to write this amazing novel!


The novel is very much beautifully written, cannot argue with any element of the work. The author gorgeously organized the characters and the ongoing work. keep up the good work, author!


"The Unwanted Prince" is immensely a great story to read. I liked how the story started at the beginning of the chapter. The writing style is well written. The story developed really well in each chapter. Very promising characters. Keep up the good work, Author!


Very well written. We all love a good dramatic romance story. I love how descriptive the text is. I felt like I was in there with the characters because you use a very descriptive writing technique. Keep on going, very good work!


Creative writing skill from the Author. The plot develops well throughout the chapters and the picture created is undeniably beautiful. Good use of words that complement the subject of the story as a whole.


A story that shows great potential in terms of the outcome of the story. The current chapter leaves much room for thought as the author always writes an answer without actually giving one. I enjoy those a lot but it can be pretty confusing for others but turn into an unexpected twist later on. I'm looking forward to future chapters! Keep up the good work! **: Please give William more roles!


An interesting action packed tragedy romance story if I were to say so. The story begins with the story of the main character's parents being the centerfold before we delve into the life of the main character. I find the main character's growth to be intriguing and look forward to how he can make use of that growth in the chapters to come. As for the parents, I enjoy their backstop on how they met and look forward to Mikhail's love story.😏


An exciting story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The first few chapters start off on a somber tone but builds into a soft memory where everything was right. The way the author depicts a scene also leaves much to the thought as I noticed they like to make links with minor implications in their writing. Overall, a wonderful read. You should give it a shot. Ps: Keep up the hood work author-san.[img=recommend]


A true page turner, if you can say that of an online story.😂 The dialogue and style of writing makes it easy to envision the scene playing out right before your very eyes. It feels as if I had been sent back through time to the old days and witness everything that had been played out. I also love the chapter comments at the end of each chapter as it does spark some interaction with readers. A must read for sure!


Every aspect of a great story is done nicely. Though the story is in initial chapters still it is worth adding in library and slowly cherish the updates.


Your character's dialogue is amazing. I love how you pace your story, I'm amazed. It's like I'm reading an expensive book, bought from a bookstore, that I don't mind paying the price because it's so good! It's good to know that you are continuing this story. I'm looking forward to reading them again.


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