1 At First Sight

Wei Wuxian

"Do you have the invitation, Wuxian?" Wen Qing, proud daughter of the Wen Clan Master Siyu, asked at his childhood friend, knowing he had the tendency to do things in his mischievous way. They were about to embark in a new journey to the Cloud Recesses, located in the floating islands in the north of the continent, to study under the guidance of the immortals to better safe keep their people from the attacks of the never ending wave of the undead.

"Of course I have it. Father make me take it out in front of him to make sure I got it. You know he will kill me if I got expelled before I even have the chance to enter the Cloud Recesses." Wei Ying said as he moved closer to the border of the very high cliff that had an open and magnificent view of the few east Clans. Even thought there was a dark mountain that could be seen in the far distance, the rest of the view was breathtaking inside the barriers that protected their homes. It had take a lot of effort and handwork to make their lands, with less white energy, their own paradise, but they were like a big family in the east and the effort was by all mean worthy.

And about that, he was Wei Ying, better known as Wei Wuxian and the only the son of the Wei Clan Master Lao, who was as kind as he was fearsome. His father was also the leader of the east Clans in general and the representative of their people to those overconfident people of the north, who had the best resources of everything with no real effort to get them and were called the main big Clans.

"Good. I don't want for those fools coming from the main Clans to make fun of us right at the Lan Clan's front door." Wen Qing said, giving Wei Wuxian a penetrating gaze that make him smile. Wen Qing was by all means the stronger woman in the east and also the best healer in the entire continent to his opinion. Those few outsiders that came to their towns were always looking for her skills to cure a disease or condition no one else in the north could and giving her unmistakable air of nobility around her, make others respect her for more than her healing skills. However, she was always fun to tease when the rare opportunity arises.

"Ah, Wen Qing... you talk big now, but I bet that as soon as you see those handsome 'fools' you will melt away in the act. I even hear said that the Gusu Lan Clan had a pair of striking handsome brothers called the Twin Jades, one look at them and you will fall in love at first sight. Want to bet on that? I'm sure you will get all girly then." Wen Qing unexpectedly blushed, taking out a few sharp needles from one of her many secret pockets in one of her sleeves.

"I dare you to say that again, Wuxian." She coldly said, making Wei laugh and her brother, Wen Ning, to put a hand on her shoulders. Wen Ning was always the kind mediator between them, a gentle soul that almost everyone in the east was found off.

"Sister, please... Wei Ying is just joking." Wen Ning said, calming her down. He was definitely the gentler soul of the Wen's, loved by his people for his undying kindness and soft heart. Although some unscrupulous kids often try to bull him when alone, which was the main reason why his sister was so damn right fierce. She had taken upon herself the hard task to protect his younger brother from anyone who try to abuse his kindness.

The Wei Clan and the Wen Clan, where the main ones in the east part of the country, so the two have a friendly relationship with each other and often go night hunting's all over their lands to keep their people safe. Wei Ying could see from where he stood, the huge doomed seals of both of their Clans shining just slightly reddish, barely noticeable from below.

Although he color was faint, the energy from which they had been make was strong enough to keep the walking corpses away from their towns for centuries and they were proud to be known for making the best barriers around, with none of them been breached so far, even when the most dangerous place on that continent was visible from where they stood.

There were also other Clans in the east, but they were under the protection of the Wen and Wei's, who's cultivation talents were the strongest and willing to help the entire east lands. Still, their Clans were consider countryside ones in the eyes of those from the big cities, thus were often seen as lowly cultivators to the so called nobles Clans from the north.

"It's so beautiful... I will miss home, pretty much every day." Wei Ying said, seen their healthy green lands bathed by the early sun rays. Wen Qing also looked at the horizon, praying that their homes stayed safe during their long absence of their coming internship.

"Our Clans are strong, they will be fine. Lord Wei Lao will make sure they stay that way." Wen Ning whisper as he too had a last look to their home.

"Okay, enough sightseeing, let's go!" Wei Ying yelled as he took quite a few step back then run forward, jumping off the cliff, in a free fall that would terrorize anyone who sight it, meaning anyone other than those who already knew Wei Ying and his extreme way of doing things. He felt the wind resisting his fall, yet he didn't fear it, he had done that several times since childhood, much to his father's anger and annoyance when either witnessing or been told of this particular stunt.

As he fell, he whistle a few times, while pulled down by gravity, but soon enough, a huge black eagle that triple Wei Ying's size came flying to 'rescue' him, falling over it feathery back.

"Woho! Idiots of the north, here we come!!" Wei Ying yelled, as he properly sat over his eagle back, looking up to were Wen Qing and Wen Ning stood, calling their own eagles to land over the cliff. Wei Ying smiled quite satisfy, looking forward, he could even imagine Wen Qing saying, 'you are so show off', but that was he, Wei Ying, better known as Wei Wuxian the eternal mischievous, yet self-proclaimed prodigy of the Wei Clan. They would never expect any less.

Lan Wangji

The young members of the different Clans from all over the continent begin to gather, as they came from their different cities or towns, so the usual peace he was accustom was now completely gone. Lan Wangji had spent most of the day escorting their guests to their respective rooms, to help his brother and uncle with the noisy multitude. He had never attended a gathering of the Clans before, as the last one was more than thirteen years ago and he was only sixteen now.

Even so, there was a kind of excitement hidden deep inside of him, because despite the noise, he could find someone who perhaps be his match. His training had been rigorous since childhood, so he was more advance that others young members of his Clan, thus not many dared to train with him in swordsmanship or spiritual fight. Most of his people feared his perfectly white Bichen, unwilling to even be close to it and his brother, who was the only one he trained with, was busier these days, taking the leadership from the hands of his retiring uncle.

"Second Master Lan, the coming gathering will change your life, the one who's soul you will desire will come to you at last." Those were the word an old lady had said to him, when he had go to the town bellow their floating island a week ago.

He had told his about the encounter to his brother and he had said that the old lady was a seer that wonder around towns warning and fortune telling the people she thought were worthy of her time and warnings. Xichen had also once been warned that someone close to him will do great evil, but so far, the warning had proved to be wrong.

He actually wasn't looking for a soulmate, just someone who could help him improve, because the fierce corpses these days were getting stronger than usual and harder to deal with, when encountering one. So, he resigned to his duty, greeting the new comers and showing them their resting rooms. However, for some reason, every time he got close to the rooms assigned to the Wen and Wei Clans, he wonder just who were they.

He knew most of the young masters of the main Clans, but those from the east, were mostly unknown, the same from the south, although Nie Mingjue was a legend of his own. Nie Huaisang, however was unknown to him, the same way as Meng Yao who was also coming from the Nie Clan, despite Meng Yao's friendship with his brother. For some reason, he never wanted to be close to that man, only greeting him when seen him, then moving away to do his own business.

Those from the Wen and Wei Clan were rumored to be extreme rough cultivators, unworthy of been teach by the immortals who came down from their retirement once every generation. Nevertheless, the Lan Clan was a fair one and no matter the displease of the main Clans to invite them, they deserved the same chance to learn how to better protect their people. After all, they all shared the same threat and the lands farther from the north had the harsher life with more corpses coming from the Burial Mounds.

Perhaps... just perhaps, among those of the unknown Clans of the east, he will finally find, that he was looking for or so he hoped.

Later, when nightfall was almost upon them, Wangji's attention was caught by something moving in the horizon. The floating islands were reached in a few ways, most will use teleporting talismans, others more skilled will fly over their spiritual swords, yet, that was the first time he had seen members of a Clan coming to their islands on the back of great majestic eagles.

Lan Wangji, hurry up his pace out of the pagoda he had been sat while drinking his tea, waiting for the initiation ceremony to start in a few hours, to meet the new comers from the east. It was uncommon for him to have haste, as his Clan was the home of thousands of rules, one mentioning never to hurry, but apparently, he was not the only Lan that was actually breaking that rule in a graceful way, because he found his brother halfway, also hasting his pace to go out of their magnificent entrance, with a beautiful huge pagoda engraved with white clouds, over the rich teal and red pillars.

"You saw them too?" Lan Xichen asked his brother.

"Yes." He reply, going down the dozens of stairs that leaded to the wide open area at the end of their island.

"I have the feeling this year gathering will be quite interesting. It haven't start yet and it had you this exited." Xichen continue, looking at his usually stoic brother stood in the very last step, waiting for the huge, yet beautiful eagles to land. Wangji looked back at his brother, but said nothing in return.

"The three of them, just in time for the initiation ceremony. Wen Qing and Wen Ning, daughter and son of Wen Siyu, the best healer of the east and Wei Ying, son of Wei Lao, master of spiritual talismans. Despite the rumors, these three are not reckless weaklings. The dark energy is stronger in the east lands, so these young masters had deal with more fierce corpses than any of us combined." Xichen said, remembering what the report for the east lands had said.

Wangji simply assented, focusing his gaze in one particular eagle. The deep black feathers merged with that of black robes, along with long black hair and a deep red ribbon flowing along the waterfall of fine hair. He didn't knew if he was a Wen or a Wei, but he could tell at first sight, that he was the one he was looking for and he unconsciously smiled.

Lan Xichen was surprised for a second, when seen his younger brother smile, so unlike him, yet it make him glad. Ah, yes, that year gathering was going to be extraordinary indeed.

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