1 Heartbeats

Lan Wangji

"Your golden core was never restored! The only reason you believe your golden core was restored was because my sister, Wen Qing, pulled out Young Master Wei's core and give it to you!" Wen Ning shouted to the Clan Leader Jiang Cheng, however, the words echoes inside Lan Wangji as it were ferocious thunders in a storm raging night.

Give it to you, give it to you... Lan Wangji looked down to the handsome young man he was holding like his life depend of it, as tears go down his cheeks. The words had deeply shock him all the way down to the very center of his being, because it was almost unthinkable for anyone who follow the path of cultivation to actually transfer the source of their spiritual power to someone else and even more so in such a selfless way.

Wei Ying... Wei Wuxian... you... what you did... I... To be honest with himself, he could not even master the words inside his mind out of astonishment for finding out, the one he had once told his brother to be his soul mate, did what no one else had dare. Pain clinched his heart like if pierced with hundreds of needless, even more so when he saw the man he had undoubtedly fell in love with, fall to his death.

Back then, he had silently cry and mourn his death, minding not about his physical pain after his punishment, nor his confinement for three years. He had reflected about his actions, but it had been more so in what he could had done to prevent Wei Ying form ending in the way he did. Now, knowing about Wei losing his golden core, both guilt and love assaulted his heart.

Guilt, because he had been one of those who had been against him learning to cultivate with an orthodox method, when in reality, the Yiliang Patriarch had no other choice to defend himself and those he loved. Guilt, because he had try for Wei to use his sword, to keep up the path of swordmanship, when he didn't have the spiritual power to wield Whatever for more than a fraction of time. Guilt because the man in his arms loved in such a way, that he would throw away without a second thought what was most precious to him.

He had seen him sacrifice himself over and over again every time there was the need for someone to be save. The cave of the ancient tortoise, in which he save Mian Mian and the rest, Jiang Cheng when he was capture and ripped from his golden core, the few Wen Clan family members that remained imprison, Wen Ning, Jin Ling, the young members of his Sect back in the Mo family home, the young Sect members in Yi City, the Sect Leaders in the Burial Mounds just a few hours ago, even when they were set to kill him and so many others that it was actually hard to keep him out of troubles and protect him against the cultivator world or even his own family.

Love, because how could he not love him? Ever since the beginning, Wei Wuxian has change his life, with his mischievous teasing way, plugging him out of the darkness he was not aware he was living in, to had a taste of the light he bring around. He felt more free every time Wei was by him and his heart was torn apart as he see him go down the darkness he horned to survive in such a cruel world, scarifying everything he had to protect those he care for. Love, because Wei Ying had conquer his heart in record time beyond salvation and more so now, when his admiration for him was the highest.

He glanced at Jiang Cheng and an unmistakable rage surged to the surface. That man had always envy Wei, to the point it was hard to watch, yet his sworn brother had silently swallow his insults and insinuations, even when he was set in throw him away from the Clan and his life. As tears still ran down his checks, he grabbed Bishen with more strength that needed and strike the wooden floor with force. This was the point in which he no longer will tolerate anyone to hurt Wei Ying, no matter who it was, whatever it came from his own Clan or anyone else.

Wen Ning looked back, understanding the Second Young Master Lan's rage and watched as he caringly carry the Young Master Wei away. After he make sure the Clan Leader Jing Cheng will no longer try to hurt Wei Wuxian, he will join them, but for now, he will leave the Light Bearing Lord to take care of the person he love most.

Soon, Lan Wangji had Wei Ying back on his arms, resting inside the boat that will take them away from that place that was no longer Wei's home. He let the boat float freely over the waters of the Lotus Lake. He knew that Wen Ning will soon join them, so he waited patiently as he watched the man that hold his heart. A minute or so after the boat begin to drift, Wei open his eyes with a low moan.

"Lan Zhan..." Wei whisper, looking up at him, noticing the trace of tears in his handsome face. He dare to move his hand and remove what was left of them quite gently, making Lan Zhan to close his eyes for a second, embracing the welcoming warmth of the caring hand. Lan Wangji was struggling to keep his deep feelings from brake out of his control, but with Wei touching him like that, he wonder for how much longer he will keep his love for him bottle up, because ever since Wei came back, his affection for him had escape in small waves already, making it obvious, even for Jiang Cheng to take notice.

"What happen? Why are you crying? Did Jiang Cheng said more hurtful words to you? Lan Zhan, please don't mind them... when his is mad, he said things like that without a care. It had been that way ever since we were kids. About his accusation of us been intimate friends..." Lan Zhan's heart beat faster.

"I don't mind..." Wei Ying arched an eyebrow at those words, wondering about their meaning. Was really Lan Zhan getting that bold? He knew for a while now, that his heartbeats will only increase when near that beautiful and strong man, to the point he could call it love, but he didn't expect the Light Bearing Lord will also share the feeling.

"Lan Zhan... Oh, Lan Zhan... why don't you mind?" The Yiling Patriarch pressed, hoping to crack that wall he had built since childhood. Lan Wangji locked away but even with the single light of the lantern, Wei could see a tint on Lan Zhan's earlobes. Then, he decided to find the answer more directly.

"Lan Zhan, if I were to kiss you now, what will you do?" Wangji looked at Wei in surprise. He was mischievous by nature, but Wangji wasn't expecting him to ask him such question out of the blue. His feelings were already in the verge of bursting out, so he didn't needed Wei to give him a reason to let them out in full. Sixteen years ago, he had promise to himself that if he ever had the chance to have Wei Wuxian back, he will protect him until his last breath, leaving everything behind, but a physical relationship beyond that of brotherhood was... his cheeks flushed and Wei smiled.

"I see... you are too shy to even think about it... but..." Then, Wei pull Wangji to him and go right ahead and kiss him, expecting the Light Bearing Lord to pull away instantly. However, to his surprise, Lan Zhan didn't push him away, nor reject the offering, but held him closer and took control of the kiss. Soon, Wangji was demanding for Wei to surrender to him, deepening the kiss, exposing his desire to Wei like an open flower.

Wei didn't resist him either, allowing Wangji to go deeper, to take full control of his mouth, as both of their hearts went crazy inside their chests. Wei moaned in pleasure, taking a bit of air in the process, but Lan capture his mouth again, unwilling to part with it, as his repressed feelings finally overpowered his will force. Long minutes passed as they kiss each other, until finally, Wangji let him go.

"Wei Ying..." His voice was deep, full of desire and love and Wei caressed his face once more.

"Ah, you kiss so good... who would have thought you could..." Wei smiled.

"You acted first..." Wangji said in protest.

"Indeed I did... Lan Zhan, for how long had you bottle up those feelings?" Wei asked curiously.

"Long." Was his short answer. Wei pouted.

"Ah, that's not near enough, was it before or after I die?" Wei asked first.

"Before..." Lan Wangji said calmly.

"Hum... before or after I leaved the Cloud Recesses the first time?" Wei pushed further.

"Before." Another short answer, yet Wei simply smiled.

"Before or after we stumble into the Cold Pool Cave by accident?" Wangji looked down at him with a hint of a smile that make Wei heart jump inside his chest.

"Before." Wei smile widen.

"Before I make you drink wine?" Wei asked even more curiously now.

"Yes." Wangji reply.

"That early? But back then you didn't..." Lan Wangji couldn't stop himself from simply shutting up Wei with another kiss. There was another boat coming and he was sure it was Wen Ning, which mean they needed to go on their way soon.

"We can talk about this later... Wen Ning is coming." The Light Bearing Lord said and Wei Wuxian smiled.

"Alright... it's a promise." Wei said before sitting by Wangji.

"Mmm." The Second Lan Master nodded in agreement, while looking at Wei Ying, wave his hand and yell to Wen Ning, with his heart still full of love for the man that had go against the world out love for his family. No sacrifice he had done for Wei's sake will ever be enough to surpass losing a golden core, yet he was set in protecting the Yiliang Patriarch against all odds and that, was an unbreakable promise coming from the deepest part of his heart.

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