The Untamed: Game of Hearts

[r18+ content / Book Status: COMPLETED] She described herself as his worst nightmare. But to him, she was his most beautiful dream... A vicious and dangerous vixen… A ticking bomb that no one could diffuse… This was how Raine, the infamous Princess of one of the three clans of an underworld group called MIRAGE, was often described by humans and the mythical creatures in disguise coexisting with humans. Everyone was scared of her. Well... everyone except for one man who never batted an eye meeting her glare. Could he be the only one who could tame the untamed? Or would he end up getting played by the naughty and dangerous Princess of the Moon Clan? *****EXCERPT***** “Being with me is always a game…” she whispered, staring into his eyes with her fiery gaze as if to challenge his cold stare. “You should have known that I’m willing to play any game you want just to stay by your side. After all… you’re my sweet vixen…” He leaned closer to the point where his lips almost touched hers, “You're not someone that can be easily forgotten. You are someone who drives other people crazy, and you drove me insane!” She parted her lips to say something, but all she felt was his familiar warmth on her lips as he silenced her. He was kissing her hungrily, leaving her no room to even think let alone say a word. His chest felt like a hard rock pressing her against the wall. “Don’t fight me… Don’t fight what you truly feel for me...” He wanted her so badly and he would stop at nothing just to make her his! ***** Follow all my works at WWW.LINKTR.EE/EUSTOMA_REYNA Book cover is mine, AI generated.

Eustoma_Reyna · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
370 Chs

I’ll show you how**

Raine gave Tyrone an alluring, temptress-like look as she crawled towards him to close the gap between them. Tyrone's breath hitched at the unexpected movement. It looked so sexy, making the bulge in his briefs throb even more. He was hard. so freaking hard... 

Raine's face was so close. Her eyes stared at him as she whispered, "I want to kiss you."

Raine didn't have to say the words and just do it, but somehow, she was curious to see how Tyrone would react with her telling him what she wanted to do before actually doing it. It was not their first time to kiss, and like before, the burning desire in his eyes screamed at how much he wanted her to do it. Her eyes went down to his parted lips before she then dragged her stare back into his eyes.

She was curious if she should kiss him first again or if he would do it first of his own accord.

"Can I kiss you?" Raine asked, prolonging the torment inside the man without her knowing.