134 Chapter 134— I Hate Bad Girls [R-18]

"Ahh– release my hair you shameless Huiying!–"

"Nooh!– you release my hair it hurts– ahh!"

"I–I don't want to– I must vent it, my anger to you traitor!–"

"Y–You– nasty girl–Ahw! I didn't betray you... Ye Feng is not your man– shameless–!"


"Ahh!– you!!"

Ye Feng was on the side looking at the two girls, who used to be very good friends.

Now, the two was like a cat pulling each other's hair, Yu Meixia was on the top while Shen Huiying was naked below gritting her teeth.

The two continue with it, Shen Huiying's cave the slit was pouring down the essence that she received from him.

Then, Ye Feng put the phone back in its original position, where the proper angle can see the scenes that they will do.


"S–Stop! Meixia! Ah–!"

Shen Huiying begged, she never thought that she will be beaten by Yu Meixia, who was always silent.

Yu Meixia has red eyes looking aggressively at Shen Huiying.

Seeing her breast pressed near her face, she moved and then forcibly bite it.

"Ahhhh!– don't– don't bite!–"


Shen Huiying release the grip on Yu Meixia's hair, as she held her head trying to separate it.

But, Yu Meixia was biting her left breast too strongly that her eyes teared up.

"Painful– ahh!"

Shen Huiying's eyes release some tears, but Yu Meixia didn't let go.

Seeing this, Shen Huiying look at Ye Feng with pleading eyes, as her face contorted in pain.



Ye Feng shook his head, he saw Shen Huiying's pitiful face.

But, he liked it.

The more she felt pain, the more he felt good for her.

But, seeing that Yu Meixia was biting moe stronger, he has no choice as Shen Huiying's nipples might be bitten off by this girl.


Ye Feng said with a resolute tone, as he patted Yu Meixia's head.

Hearing him, Yu Meixia's eyes tremble giving him a side eye.

But, she hesitated and forcibly bit more on Shen Huiying's breast making her cry out again.




Ye Feng spank her butt strongly, as she groan in pain releasing her best friend's breast and immediately she was pulled by him.

"Didn't I say that it's enough?" He said pinching her cheeks.

"B–But, She and yo–" she was about to reason feeling a bit afraid of Ye Feng's strict eyes, but Ye Feng laid her on his lap, as her back was facing him.



"Ahh! W...Why?!"


"Nooh! It hurts Ye Gege!–"






Yu Meixia was left crying, as Ye Feng continued to slap her butt, as she cried and howled.

"Y–Ye Gege... Why?" She said while crying putting her hands on her buttocks, hissing at it.

Then, Ye Feng sat her on his lap facing him, their face was near at each other.

"Shh... It's your fault, didn't I say to stop, why did you continue with it? Look at Huiying's breast, some blood is surfacing..."

Yu Meixia looks at Shen Huiying still crying clenching her fist on the bedsheets with a painful expression.


"See... Also, I hate bad girls who are not listening to me..." Ye Feng inwardly grinned, as he held Yu Meixia's chin and made her look at him.

Yu Meixia's face paled, "M–Meixia is not a bad girl... I couldn't control m–"

She wanted to refute it, however, he cut her off, and tears slowly runs down of her cheeks.

Ye Feng massaged her temples, "You know Shen Huiying's matter with me, right?"


"Then, why are you here?"


"Because you're a nosy girl, aren't you?"

"Ye Gege– I'm not!"

"Why did you disturb us? I don't like lying girls at all."

"I–It's because... I–I don't want Huiying to do it w–with you..."

"Mmm... really?"


"But, why does this concern you? Didn't you also have Zhao Peng?"

"I don't like him at all..."

Yu Meixia who was still tearing up look at Ye Feng clutching her shirt.

"Not answering my first question, eh?" Ye Feng laughed and then continue, "Does this mean Litte Meixia is a jealous brat?"

"N–No!" Yu Meixia yelled she didn't like to be called a brat.

"Ye Gege– you're bullying Meixia–"

Yu Meixia's face was pitiful like a bullied immortal junior sister, her expression was stimulating, and his hardened cock was pressed on her abdomen, and she blushed at the same time.

Seeing this, Ye Feng finally leaned forward and stole her lips.


Yu Meixia's eyes widen, at the sudden attack.

Their eyes look at each other, and the ambiguous air resurfaced, as they were lost in a deep kiss.

She leaned her body towards him, as her mounds were pressed on his naked chiseled chest, her hands crept up from his lower back until it arrived at the back of his head




Yu Meixia's tongue swirled with his tongue inside of her mouth, she was forced to swallow her own saliva mixed with him.

Ye Feng's hand grabbed her short hair on the back pressing her deeply.

He continue to attack her defenseless mouth, and this time his hands then suddenly grabbed her mounds.

Ye Feng immediately tore her clothes with the bra that she wear, he also does the same with her down undergarments!


She couldn't fight back, as she didn't want to.

She like it much, the rough treatment was giving her chills.

It only took a second, as she found herself shivering as the air conditioner made her hardened red-pink nipples tremble.

Finally, his hands cupped her E-cup breasts or could be measured as near the F-cup.


She moans as he squished both sides of her massive mounds, it couldn't fit well in her grasp, the mutton jade skewer was so fat!

Her brown eyes were slowly losing on lust, her virgin cave was pressed on his near his loins, it secrets some sticky liquid running down of his dragon eggs.

Her well-proportioned ass was also so healthy too much, and her slim waist and almost hourglass figure was awakening his desire to ride her like an expert on equestrian.

He then pinched the hardened cherries, as she shrieked on his embrace.

They continue to do that for almost 2 minutes, as Yu Meixia has a difficulty breathing on her nose.

He lead her, as he ravaged her first kiss she didn't even think of Zhao Peng.

After that, they separated and a string of transparent saliva that connected their tongue was seen.



Yu Meixia collapsed on his chest, breathing hard with a red face, there were still some tears on her left eyes and was about to roll down, but Ye Feng grabbed her head and then lick it.

Then, he pushed Yu Meixia as she lay on the bed with her head resting on Shen Huiying's thighs.

Her eyes slowly widen, when suddenly Ye Feng separated her thighs, as her tan alluring sexy thick thighs were seen, there was still black silk on her foot.

Then, he lowered his head and then stuck out his tongue, as he dive into the pinkish little tan slit of hers.








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