128 Chapter 128— The Deal is Set Tonight

It was already nighttime.

6:04 pm.

The night sky was peaceful.

Meanwhile... Outside of the massive Ghost Mansion, in one of the huts in the Mountain just near his place.

A young man could be seen sitting cross-legged on the floor, as his eyes scanned the place.

He was holding his smartphone while he was busy tapping on the screen.

Ye Feng was currently not inside of the Ghost Mansion.

He was on the other small mini Hutt a fountain was in the center outside, as the lake was on the other side.

He didn't want to sleep inside the room, this is the first time he came here.

It was to his liking, as it was refreshing.

The starry night atop the sky was beautifully mesmerizing.

Only the moonlight was reflecting on the hut.




"Finally, I just spend 500 Million Yun by donating it to five orphanages, it's good that they're Online also."

Ye Feng sighed.

He donated 100 Million Yun to each orphanage, though he made his identity not known.

He saw the donation link on the screen, and he checked it and it was a legit one, so without batting an eye, he donated.

Money is not a problem, as soon he'll leave this place for another plane.

Also, the money can help some poor children who were at the orphanage.

Though, he was no saint at all.

Then he continues to scroll finding some sites and links asking for donations online.

He only saw 4 and he donated 400 Million Yun as his Black card even online has unlimited money!

He asked the system if some high authority could find his card suspicious, but it reassured him that his identity will not be known as he was untraceable.

He heaved a deep breath, though the government was not really his problem, those who have a connection with the hidden world may find it too.

That'll be a problem again.

After that, Ye Feng finally heaved a relaxing sigh.

Overnight, he just spends 900 Million Yun, which in the past he couldn't do.

He may regret it donating to the orphanage just like the him in the 'Script'.

That Ye Feng was after all too stinky and stingy.




Someone called him.

Seeing the caller's name on the screen, Ye Feng facepalms.

"I almost forgot this night was supposed to be Shen Huiying and Yu Meixia's performance."

He then answered the phone call.

"Hello... Y—Ye... Feng...!?"

Immediately, Shen Huiying's voice was heard, there she was stuttering a little.

He then replied, "It's me."

"A–About the deal... D-Do you want to meet up now?" She has a shaky voice.

His eyes raised, "Hmm, alright then... Why is your voice too small?" She was like talking to him in a mosquito tone.

"N–Nothing... It's just that I'm in my rented apartment with... M-Meixia..."

"I... I don't want her to know this..."

He was amused but he replied and said that it was alright, then he asked again, "Where do you want for us to meet?"

Shen Huiying on the other side of the phone then slowly exclaimed, "C–Can you go to my apartment... Yu Meixia is leaving at 8:00 pm... Is that fine with you?"

Hearing that, naturally, Ye Feng agreed with a playful smile painted on his lips, "Alright... I'll call you if I've arrived there."

"T–Then see you later, Feng..."

He was about to hang up when.

"Also can you buy a... a condom?"

"I have..."

"... B–Bye..."

After hanging up the phone, Ye Feng's eyes glinted, after all, before killing Li Kun and his peppa friends, they must first feel despair.

Ye Feng stood up, he was supposed to cultivate this exact night, but changed of plans for now.

Later, he'll online donate his money again...

He goes to the Mansion and saw Qin Xing Xue still cultivating, they both are not hungry at all.

Ye Feng was not, and she was a cultivator at a higher stage eating food is like a hobby.

He took a cold shower deeply thinking of something that clearly bothered him...

'Qin Xing Xue's story is also about to start...' he let the water drops on his bare white skin, enveloping his enchanting physique.

He's thinking of Qin Xing Xue's story...

What can he say, a 5th Stage of Qi Gathering Realm was overpowered by a certain Martial Sect.

Qin Xing Xue was at the 5th Stage of the Qi Gathering Realm, she didn't ascend yet.

Ye Feng knows that the Martial Sect, where her enemies were not just simple ones.

'An Ancestor at the 9th Stage of Qi Gathering Realm is after all on a seclusion in that place."

His eyes glinted, fortunately, that ancestor's awakening will soon happen...

Ye Feng after he was done showering himself, he change into a new clothes and was now ready to go outside.

'Let's start the NTR project.'








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