123 Chapter 123— Out of Script Again!

Huang Meiyin's class started when she goes for a math test, though the test was quite difficult for some of the students.

They couldn't help but groan, whilst the tigress was having a very bad mood.

Her eyes were fiercely looking at Ye Feng, whilst when their eyes meet she just gave a chilling scarousing smile.

Whilst, Ye Feng however just ignored her, and this made her more angry.

'Cocky man! Just you wait... I didn't know what you do to make that dog Huang Zou defend you, but I'll never let you off!'

Huang Meiyin was ready to pounce at Ye Feng.

Then, it did not take too long as the test was finished and Ye Feng wanted to relax a bit, but suddenly...

"C—Classmate Ye Feng, can I take the empty seat beside you...?"

Ye Feng looks at Lin Rouxi who has flushed cheeks.

But, he nodded and said, "Help yourself, classmate Lin."

"Then, pardon my intrusion..."

Lin Rouxi sat near him.

'A—Ah! It's quite graceless of me.'

'But... Something does really change, sister Goddess, he never shows the cute embarrassed expression just like what he always did.'

She was saddened by this.

Ye Feng when he was admiring her, courting her was always showing a genuine and flush face.

But, now...

He did not even look at her even a second time.

He just sat there playing with his phone.

Lin Rouxi could not help herself from looking at him with nostalgic eyes.

Seeing that, Lin Rouxi's emotion was affected, Goddess Long Aotian comforted her, 'Lin Rouxi you little girl, control your emotion, this might cause you in danger in the future, d-don't think too much, if he can't or doesn't want to be yours, I'll let you find my treasure, there was a red thread of marriage inside, and with that, he can no longer escape from you, it's said that even the soul will be forever linked, the two lovers.'

'Really? is there such a thing... But, all I want is his genuine affection, I should let him see our memories.'

'Sigh— Helpless, even I as an Immortal is having a headache because of your thinking. Well, as long as you don't forget your Cultivation... I can consider that.'

Meanwhile, as Lin Rouxi was chatting with Long Aotian, the whole class was startled.

"What! Isn't Ye Feng Lin Rouxi's dog licker!?"

"Ahh! Why does the beautiful flower Lin Rouxi sat and initiate a conversation, she never even bother to look at me!"

"W—What's the situation!?"

"Male God Ye, please don't fall, don't fall!"

"Envying, but the Goddess and him were a match made by heaven, look at their appearance!"

Feng Susu saw Ye Feng and Lin Rouxi sitting near each other, the way Lin Rouxi affectionately look at Ye Feng for some reason saddened her.

'Ah? W—Why is my heart feels hurt... B-But, the two of them really look good together...'

She laughed, but her eyes were wet, Feng Susu then ran towards the restroom.

While running, her eyes were watery as it flows down her cheeks.


Something deep inside her was awakening...

She could not control herself from crying, she never felt this way before.

She just have a conversation with Ye Feng, and has no label.

But, why does it sadden her?

As if the door was left open, and he left her hanging without coming back.

Her red eyes glinted, as she ran.

She felt nostalgia even though she never has expected this.

It's like she has seen this from before.


[Ding! System's notification; Congratulations— Warning; Warning; A sudden rise of Luck is discovered!]

[Ding! Feng Susu's Luck value is on trend! Breaking through the Mortal Limit!]

[Ding! Warning; Warning; Warning; Warning; The system advice the host to become more observant...]

Ye Feng: "..."

He held his forehead...

How can he forget Feng Susu?

'The Tragic Yandere, who in the original script was ignored and was later killed by the 'Ye Feng' in the story...'

Ye Feng was having a bad feeling.

He cursed inwardly.

But, regained his calm demeanor.

He couldn't help but want to choke the author of the book!

There was a Yandere girl that loved him but instead, the 'Ye Feng' in the script was a simp for Lin Rouxi.

Nonetheless, he was curious about something...

'System, Feng Susu died later, and isn't it suppose that she is not a Heroine of my script?'

'How come her Luck value broke through and is on trend just like Rouxi and Xing Xue?'

[Ding! Error! Error! Error! Error! Error! An unknown force is restricting the information!]

[It's recommended that the host should upgrade the system's version to know the answer to your question...]

'Is it out of the script again?'

Ye Feng has a blank face.

Things are now getting interesting and complicated.


Ohh, why Luck?

What are you doing to my life?


It didn't take long before the class ended and Ye Feng stood up, though he never forget Feng Susu's eyes when she came back to the class.

That eyes were simulating his ding-dong, he felt weird once again.

Then, he stood up suddenly he heard Lin Rouxi's voice.

"Can we go together, classmate Ye Feng?"

He look at her, as he nodded and immediately they walked out of the room.

Leaving their classmates in awe.

While somebody was still sad.

Lin Rouxi and Ye Feng never open their mouth, but their shoulders were touching.

They were like a pair of couples.

Then, Ye Feng said goodbye to her, saying that he still has a meeting with the professor.

Lin Rouxi could only have a complicated look.

Looking at his back.

Ye Feng never looks back to Lin Rouxi, as he goes to Huang Meiyin's office.



"Come in."

He then goes inside, as Huang Meiyin was sitting on her chair, while her desk was in front.

She then stood up and said, "Have a seat, Ye Feng right?"

Ye Feng then sat on a chair, as he look at his professor.

She walked towards him and then...

"Where did you go? What did you do to make that Huang Zou in your defense?"

She grabbed his collar as she brought her face near him.

She has an angry scary face.

Her breast was almost close.

However, Ye Feng still has a calm face.

"I did not do a thing, I simply converse with Headmaster Huang about something."

"What is that something!? Don't try me, boy."

"Don't you feel ashamed by this?"

"Ms. Huang is really concerned about my disappearance in just a week, I'm quite touched."

"I would mistake you for having an affection for me, after all, you worry more than my own mother."

"What did you say?!"

"Ms. Huang there is no need to use force, but as a man, my dignity might be stained, if you do this to me."

"Foul-mouthed brat, ahh! You're making me more furious, answer my question!"

Huang Meiying was now really mad, she gritted her teeth, forcibly clutching Ye Feng's collar.

Then suddenly—


The door of the office opens.

"Y—You! Huang Meiyin! What are you doing to a student!"

Huang Zou arrived, scared that Ye Fegb was being beaten by Huang Meiyin!

After all the photos and the deal was set.

"Uncle Huang Zou—"

"Ah— Headmaster help me~ Professor Huang is abusing me!"



Ye Feng sends a signal at Huang Zou by blinking one of his eyes.

Immediately, Huang Zou knows the script.

He walked towards them and grabbed Huang Meiyin's hands.

"See this! Immediately get your hands away!"

"I said let go of the student niece!"

Huang Meiyin's eyes shook, as she hesitatingly let go of Ye Feng's collar.

"Student Ye Feng, right? I apologize for the inconvenience, you can go now, don't worry."

Huang Zou said, as Ye Feng fixed his collar and walk to the door.

However, he looks at Huang Meiying before leaving, making her furious.

Inside the office.

"Don't ever do that again! Do you hear me? Didn't I say that Ye Feng has my consent? Why do you still do this?"

"Do you ignore my words, the headmaster! What if I tell this to your father, hah?"

"If I ever know that you do that again to student Ye Feng, I will tell to your father that you assaulted a student!"

Huang Zou yelled at her, Huang Meiying was scared when mentioned her father.

Huang Zou walked out of the office.

Huang Meiyin was left gritting her teeth, frustrated that she could not fight back.

But, her hate for Ye Feng rises.

Though, she did not know that Ye Feng has already started his plan for her.

The meat of the tigress will be soon steamed enough for him to feast.





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