117 Chapter 117— Black Fire of Death Element

'System.... show me the information about this ring...'

Ye Feng inwardly said, he was holding his forehead with one of his hands, as his other hand was stroking Qin Xing Xue's red hair.

His eyes flickered, as he expected the blue panel to appear in his sight.


In a matter of seconds, a 'Ding' sounded in his ears, as a blue panel suddenly pop up in front of him.

[Ding! Draconic Soul Ring of Death.]

— An inheritance left by the previous holder, after he was slaughtered to ashes, it has the authority passed till now by the 'Supreme Primal Chaotic Evil Dragon of Death' a Billion of year olds item! It could be said that the ring will acknowledge its wearer one day.

— Additional: Can help the host grasp the concept of Death, the law of the everlastingness in afterlife.

— All the things left by the previous owner will be left to the new host! (Treasures, weapons, pills, etc.)

— Black Dragon's Blood Essence is on the Storage, inside the ring itself.

— Element of Death will automatically be given to the new host!

(Note: After the Supreme Primal Chaotic Dragon of Death pass, this is the only thing that is left! This is just a fragment of his treasure!)


Reading this, Ye Feng just blankly look at the blue screen, as he then switched his eyes to the ring on his right middle finger, which was now leaking a little black miasma in the air.

Though, it is not that toxin...

But, a mosquito flew and passed as it goes the black miasma, then... the mosquito, when it touched the miasma it suddenly perished, and not even an ash was left.

Ye Feng was not that much speechless, though he felt a little troubled by the ring...

After all, he received the previous owner's memories about the ring, and it was the Supreme Primal Chaotic Evil Dragon of Death!

'... The System is probably fooling me, the main source of his powers that became the fuel when conquering and battling Gods was this ring.'

'The law of Death's favorite is none other than him.'

Ye Feng states inwardly, as he stopped stroking Qin Xing Xue's head and then he brought his right hand near his face, and then...

A sudden magical thing happen!

The Draconic Ring on his middle finger then beamed with purple light, as black miasma was leaking.

Closing his eyes, as he concentrated his Qi on channeling towards the Draconic Ring!

Then, the ring was the one that automatically absorb his Qi energy, as it became even more fogged with miasma.

After that, Ye Feng murmured, "Let me witness the fire that even the Immortals feared."


He took a deep breath, and then...

Puff —

He opened his eyes, and he saw the fire itself.

His eyes saw this, and it was a little astonishing for him.

Because in his palm, a Fire purely black as the night could be seen floating! It has a touch of dangerous yet mesmerizing concept.

It was not that big, maybe just the exact size of a tightly closed hand.

The Fire of Death—

One of the Elements, a concept of death that manifested a Flame with death attribute itself as the catalyst.

In his palm, the fire that was feared by most immortals was peacefully dancing around, the black fire of death was like a child following and yearning for his parents to welcome him back!

While this happen, the ring, the eyes of the Draconic Ring Inheritance was flowing a violet light!

He then played with the fire, it was neither hot nor cold, when he poked it with his left finger, as if there were no effects!

But, who was he? Ye Feng received the Supreme Primal Chaotic Evil Dragon of Death's memories, so he can easily master how to let the black fire dance on his palm.

Remembering the memories that were passed to him, Ye Feng's eyes beamed and a tiny bit of his aura was suffocating!

But, it immediately diminished, as he canceled the Black Fire in his palms, "With this inheritance ring acquired by me, even though this is a blessing in disguise, but if his enemies know or sense that a new wearer of Fire of Death element appears, they will surely search for the ring's trace, even if they're from another far away World, with their strength and resources... it will only take a matter of time before the sensed the Death Element's awakening!'

He sighs once again, Destiny lately has been fucking with him, isn't he the protagonist? Then, why is he deliberately given all kinds of abilities for a villain like this element of Death?

The taboo Divine Spiritual Mind was also the same!


He took a deep breath, a heavy one, then he shook his head.

In the end, he could not do a thing anymore! It was already there after all!

Ye Feng's emotions fluctuate a little, then he grabbed his phone out of his system storage, and he sees that there were messages unread.

He then clicks to read the context, trying to ease his turbulent mind.













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