The Unknown God

Author: SteamBun
Video Games
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What is The Unknown God

Read The Unknown God novel written by the author SteamBun on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering mystery, cultivation, conquer, videogame, dragon. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A few hours after being announced, Novus became the centre of the world's social media updates. It claimed to have created the dream of many: "A living, breathing virtual world, with 'real' NPC and a constantly evolving environment. Backed by the power of the most cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, code-named the Goddess." Overnight phenomena worldwide, taking the world by storm. Not only had it come out of nowhere... but it was released a week after the announcement. Gamers, disappointed by the lack of innovation and the profit first quality later mentality of the big game companies, jumped on the occasion. -- From within the void, someone returned home. -------------------- Release schedule: 3-4 per week. Cheers, SimplyBum

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Volume 1 :Novus


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It's a great read if your into over powered mc's. It has a great storyline and fantastic writing. I hope this story continues for a while.


Like the fact that the mc is op in the real world. The beginning is different from the usual mmo novels since he had the money and from this fact it can take some time before he comes in to conflict with other clans .


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