14 Encounter

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"Get out of here! Get out of here now!"

"What are you doing here? Go back! Do you want to be punished or kicked out of school!?"

"Send an ambulance here. Someone is injured…"

The policemen dispersed the crowd the moment they arrived.

They hit the people who were unwilling to stop with sticks and captured them after knocking them down.

Baili Qingfeng and Gu Le were at the edge initially and retreated fast. So, they were not beaten. But they were still forced to leave.

After they returned to school, they were both speechless for a long time.

At night, Gu Le, who went out to look for updates, returned angrily. "They've all been released! Fourteen people were injured, and three are still in the emergency room, but Russel, Caff and Wilson are to be set free! I don't know what to say!"

"Are you talking about the thing during the day?" Buttu asked.

"Yes. We were there."

"Isn't it obvious? Russel drugged and killed someone, but he's set free? Someone died!"

"Do you know their explanation at the police station? Caff paid dozens of bucks for it, so it was not forced sex but only a deal. As for Linna's death… Caff has an alibi around the estimated time of death! Hehe. If I stab them and let them bleed to death, would I not be punished if I am not there when they die?" Gu Le was furious.

"Our policy is to maintain an international relationship with Aurora and avoid the escalation of conflicts. It's said that Russel is from an influential family. Naturally, such things are best suppressed," Momil said after a brief silence.

"Maintain the relationship with the Aurora Empire? We want to maintain the relationship, but Aurora has always been aggressive. Will there still be a place for Shea on the East Continent? Many girls are now proud of having a boyfriend from Aurora. Why? Because it gives them privileges and satisfies their vanity." Buttu was also indignant.

He also attributed his lack of girlfriends to that.

"Tomorrow, the Haishi Union will hold a demonstration to object to the Aurora people's invisible privileges. Will you join it?"

"The Haishi Union?" Momil frowned. "A while back, somebody said that the Haishi Union is backed by Red Flames. Also, the leadership of the organization advocates the autonomy of the Xiahai State."

"Autonomy? That's the best! We'll make our own laws and defend our own benefits. After the maggots of the royal family are cleared, the air in the Xiahai State will be fresh again," Gu Le said.

"The royal family will never agree to an autonomy… A civil war will definitely break out, which will make the situation worse because it drains our own strength. Aurora will be even more aggressive then," Momil said.

"Whatever the outcome, it will be better than the lifelessness right now."

"Peace is better than war." At this moment, Baili Qingfeng opened his mouth. "For us ordinary people, a peaceful environment is more important than anything."

"Can you really earn peace by begging?" Gu Le asked back.

Baili Qingfeng said nothing.

A debate was meaningless at this point.

"So annoying! Let's eat something. Who's with me?"

"Alright, let's go."

"Count me in."

Momil and Buttu both agreed with him.

Baili Qingfeng raised his books. "You go without me. I haven't finished my book."

The dormitory fell quiet after they left. Baili Qingfeng read the book patiently.

"It's rather unsettling. Greater chaos is coming."

Baili Qingfeng raised his head and looked at the peaceful night where the Aurora Empire lay.

"Is peace not good? Why is there war in the world?"

He lowered his head and read for a while longer, only to discover that the ocean of knowledge could not captivate his disrupted mind anymore.


His mind…

His mind was disrupted.

"I am still not focused enough."

After a while, Baili Qingfeng dropped the book.

Now that he could not devote himself to it, he decided to give up.

He left the dormitory building.

He would enjoy the breeze next to the river to calm himself down again.


The police station was close to the river.

Although the river was two kilometers away, walking did not take Baili Qingfeng much time.

The place had been turned into a scenic spot along the river. Although it was night, most places were bright under the lamps, but few people were there.

Baili Qingfeng waited for a moment. Laughter soon came from another side. He vaguely saw four people approaching.

He heard their voices before they arrived.

As they drew near, Baili Qingfeng looked at them.

The three people he met at noon, Caff, Russel, and Wilson, were all here. He could not recognize the last one.


What a coincidence.

They walked and discussed what they would do.

"The police station gives you bad luck. I'm told that virgin blood is best to dissolve that. Should we find more? Wilson, do you have more drugs?"

"Of course, as many as you want. However, the girls here are not enjoyable enough. We should check Blue Ocean. The art students there should be much better."

"What are you waiting for? Let's go now!"

They immediately burst into laughter in eagerness and they headed towards Blue Ocean Music College.

Baili Qingfeng, on the other hand…

He observed the four of them…

And he vaguely felt that he shouldn't believe everything in the book.

He had been staring at them the whole time. Normally speaking, one of them should yell "What are you looking at?", and he would say "Am I not allowed to look at you?", and they would fight… However…

They simply ignored them.

Now that Baili Qingfeng's tactic failed, he could only move forward.

His movement immediately drew Russel's attention.

"You are a native of Shea?"

Baili Qingfeng looked at Russel and glanced around.

"Boy, I'm talking to you. Are you dumb?" Caff roared.

"I know you. Did the girl named Linna die because of you? But you do not seem guilty at all, do you?" Baili Qingfeng said.

"Hehe." Both Caff and his partners laughed.

"Another man pretending to be a hero?" Russel rubbed his fists. "There were too many eyewitnesses in the day, and it was inappropriate to kill many people, but nobody is around. Who knows what might happen after the body is thrown into the river? Caff and Wilson, you should know that a martial fighter learns through fighting instead of practicing. The best technique is the technique that kills the enemy. Today, I'll show you. Just observe…"


Before Russel finished his speech, Baili Qingfeng took action.

When he stepped out, the stone plate on the ground trembled so violently as if an elephant thumped on it.

As he exerted his force from his feet, the auras all over his body boiled like a peaceful volcano that had just been detonated.

Scorching air surged out of his body as if a powerful dragon had been grown within him. The power gathered into a string and passed through his spine, stretching his body out. Then, while he charged forward unstoppably, it turned into a punch and pierced out.


It was like a swordsman's long-sheathed sword had finally been drawn.

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