32 Blockage

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In the public car of the maintenance team…

Eddy, the leader of the team, was reading a file.

A file…

A file that was about the Haishi Union.

"I thought the Haishi Union's claim was ungrounded, but it seems to be true. Officer Rafael's son is really dead." Eddy put down the file.

"It's not exactly a false claim. They took advantage of the chaos and pushed York to the front stage," Next to Eddy, a middle-aged in a suit said.

He was also a member of the maintenance team. His name was Chet.

"York… I have met him before. He's a sly old fox." Eddy narrowed his eyes. A moment later, he said, "Aurora has ignored the matter because of Red Flames' troops on the border, but Rafael won't let it go so easily. According to my investigation, Russel was his only son."

"The Aurora Empire is suppressing the matter, but when the border stabilizes again, Rafael will certainly look into the case."

Chet said regretfully, "It's a pity that too few people are at our disposal. The situation in Shire is too complicated and using military power may raise unnecessary suspicion. Otherwise…"

"The military… If the army were available, I wouldn't have been sent to Shire on this mission at all," Eddy said, his eyes glittering. "The more difficult the situation is, the more necessary it is for us to do our job well to show our abilities."

"But the problem is that we don't have enough personnel. There are only twenty people in our team, and a half are for paperwork. Who listens to you if your fists are not strong enough?" Chet said, shaking his head.

"We're almost there. Almost there," Eddy said and looked at the file in his hands. Then, he remembered something else. "Have you found the murderer who killed Russel?"

"How is it possible? The place has complicated traffic and few security cameras… they must've pissed off a martial fighter that they shouldn't have and got themselves killed. The best experts of Shire left after General Melbourne's arrest, unwilling to confront the state apparatus. However, there are still dozens of them here who can finish Russel easily."

"Is that so? I know an old man named Baili Changkong. He was an expert. Although he's old now, it's not a problem for him to take care of a young martial fighter like Russel."

"Baili Changkong… He's on the record of the Association of Martial Fighters, but he's in his seventies. I don't think he has much vigor left. Besides, he lives in Wuhe City…"

Frowning, Chet was about to say the intelligence he knew, when Eddy glanced at him casually.


Chet understood.

"Got it. I'm afraid that it was indeed done by Baili Changkong. I think I have some proof. I will look into it after I return."

"That's right. Look into it well and list the guy as the primary suspect," Eddy said.

Chet nodded and said. He was about to say something when Eddy's expression changed and he told the chauffeur, "Find a remote place and stop the car."


"We're being followed."

Eddy said calmly and sneered. "However, it must be a rookie. He does not have any common sense and is scanning us with his eyes all the time when he's following a spirit-refining expert. I will see which group is after me. If things go well, we might get something big."

"Sir, should we call for reinforcements?"

"That's unnecessary. How many experts are out there in Shire?" Eddy said casually.

Obviously, he was very confident about his capabilities.

Soon, the car took a turn and parked next to an abandoned construction site.

Eddy got off the vehicle and waited.

At this moment, the man behind seemed to have realized that he had been exposed. Instead of hiding, a young man got off the taxi.


Looking at the young man. Eddy, who had a good memory, recognized him immediately. "I remember you. Aren't you Baili Qingfeng, Baili Changkong's grandson who developed vibe after only several days?"

Baili Qingfeng stepped forward and stopped ten meters away from Eddy. "Were you behind what happened to my father's factory?"

"Huh?" Eddy nodded. "I think so."

Then, he continued, "However, your grandpa seems to be very fond of you. You must be a talent in your generation. As long as you can convince your grandpa to work for me, I can ask the bank to offer loans to your father easily, and the factory will operate again with the money. In such a case, your family will get a factory worth hundreds of thousands for free."

"If my grandpa doesn't agree, you won't let him go so easily, will you?"


Eddy looked at Baili Qingfeng's young man. Such young people would be more obedient after they were intimidated. "I've been given the task to sustain the stability of Shire for the country and the people. If your grandpa doesn't cooperate, he will become a traitor of the nation, and his family will certainly be affected. The prison will be the easiest outcome for you. I never go easy on traitors and always make sure they are all executed. So, you'd better persuade your grandpa…"


Before Eddy finished, Baili Qingfeng moved before his eyes.

When he moved, it seemed that a furnace had been detonated, releasing infinite fire and heat that was almost concrete.

"Executing all of us? How insane! I will fight you!"

As he stepped forward, an abundant force emerged from his feet, allowing him to cover the distance between them instantly. While he was charging, the brutal air that had been accumulated through killing already hit Eddy, making him change his expression despite his previous confidence.

"Such momentum, such brutality… I didn't expect there to be such an expert in the Baili family!" Eddy roared.

He had been a spirit-refining expert for years after all and he was much stronger than people like Hong Lie or Jiang Ziheng. Few people in the entire Shire city could defeat him.

His battle experience and his powerful body allowed him to fight back without backing off under Baili Qingfeng's dominating charge at all.

Stepping forward, he seemed to have turned into a tiger unchained. The gory scent of blood and corpses spread out intimidatingly.

Fist vibe!

Even though Eddy had never developed fist vibe, his punch was as impressive as the fist vibe because of his appalling momentum!

Enhanced by the power, his fist seemed even stronger than Baili Qingfeng's.

"You should die!"

Coldness beamed out of Baili Qingfeng's eyes as he looked at that.


If such a fearsome bandit really attacked his brother and sister who were only mortals, they would be dead for sure!

He had to kill the man before he killed his family!

In the next moment, he imagined the Primeval Thunder Beast in his mental world, and it soared out instantly, crushing the battlefield gory atmosphere that Eddy shot out. In the meantime, Baili Qingfeng's body broke all human boundaries and the furiously surging fist vibe doubled…

An intimidating air of brutality rose to the sky like a bloody dragon!

Divinity revelation!

Demonic Dissolution!

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