Chapter 116: The Real Test of My Daoist Heart _2

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But it was Feng Qing'an who had only witnessed him being targeted by the heavenly calamity, then she was taken away by the Underworld Phoenix. What happened afterwards, she had no idea, all she could do was to wait in agony in the underworld.

"Feng Qing'an is fine."

Not keeping her in suspense, Dong Huang responded to his sister's anticipation. Naturally, the result the girl wanted to hear brought a joyful gleam to her delicate face.

"But it seems like you have a big problem. What's going on? Why has your strength declined so much?"

The little phoenix fluttered down onto Dong Huang. Up close, she could feel his changes more keenly. After all, they were inseparable, so she could sense the changes more clearly than Song could, even though they came from the same source. Since Song was too far away, he couldn't notice much.

"It's nothing. I just made some sacrifices. But it's only temporary. Everything will return to normal eventually!"