252 Massing

Priamus Jin.

Before Sheera Lin and the rest of my monstrous cohort arrived in the National Mecha Pilot Academy and took it by storm, his name was probably somewhere in the top three most famous and recognizable list.

Like Emma Whitefrost, he was extremely proficient in fighting, had a very cool head on his shoulders and balls made of brass. His keen intellect and sharp instincts were also top notch.

All those attributes made for an extremely fearsome combination, and like Sheera Lin prior to the battle, he was one of the most hotly contested students among the military divisions.

His appearance with two thousand mechas before Sheera Lin's four thousand was probably a military scout's wet dream come true.

One of the top established superstars versus a scorching hot newcomer superstar!

Emma Whitefrost was not a nameless character too, especially within the inner circles of power.


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