The Undying Greed

The story focuses on two characters: Oga and Nuu. Journey with them on their path to Power using any and all means necessary to reach the Apex. Extra Tags: Clan-building, and Worldbuilding I OWN THIS IMAGE Art by, Weymaker, you can find him on Fiverr for art commission. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/ba79bd2eb4 Shout-Out to ChatGPT, saving me hours of editing (Original story). Slow Updates + If It's not your taste, drop it! You owe me nothing, no need to leave a dramatic comment! (Graphic Sex) (Not for the Faint of Heart)

Drifting_Clouds · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
72 Chs

Common Knowledge

WARNING: [Do not use anything said or done in this novel, or you might find yourself in jail. Read it, and move on with your life.]


Mogart (Commonly spoken in Lower Plane)

Joran (Commonly spoken in High Plane)


Currency of Planet Yargo

Ducats to Aether Conversion

10,000 Ducats = 1,000 Aether

20,000 Ducats = 2,000 Aether

30,000 Ducats = 3,000 Aether

40,000 Ducats = 4,000 Aether

50,000 Ducats = 5,000 Aether

[Ducats are inferior to Aether]


Days of the Week in Mogart

Mogu = Monday

Tugu = Tuesday

Wegu = Wednesday

Thgu = Thursday

Frigu = Friday

Sagu = Saturday

Sugu = Sunday


Terms that might be used

Lass = Young Lady

Lad = Young Man

Modor = Mother

Fader = Father

Madame = First Wife

Consorts = Second / Third Wife

Concubines = Unofficial Wives

Mistress = Lovers


Aesthetically Pleasing Ranking:

[The physique plays an important role in this calculation. An individual can be a 7 with just their face, but without the curves, they're simply an attractive individual. Those with 8 and 9 have a mouth-watering physique. However, individuals at 10 are rare to the point of being 1 in a billion]

1 to 4 Undesirable, 5 to 6 Average, and 7 to 8 Attractive, 9 Lucky dogs, and 10 perfect.

Town Level: 7 [ A higher chance of becoming the wife of a merchant or the Concubine of a lower household]

City Level: 8 [ A charismatic individual, has a higher chance of becoming nobility through marriage]

Empire/Dynasty Level: 9 [ An individual that stands out, can survive simply on their appearance, desirable among all ranking of society. ]

Continent Level: 10 [ The world is yours to play with ]