⚠️ THIS BOOK IS UNDERGOING EDITING "Brother Chen! Cousin slapped me!" Anna said as she tried squeezing her tears out. "JANE LU! What did I tell you about harming my fiancee?" An angry voice filled the venue attracting everyone's attention as Edward went forward to cover his fiancee. "Just look at your fiancee, why would I slap her and commit animal abuse? I am also kind incase you never knew." Jane replied them with a lazy smile on her lips as she checked out her well polished nails. She is Jane Lu, The undisputed queen of the business world in Country X. No one can tell her anything in the business world except for one man who is on the same level as hers. Because she refused to give into her fiance's demands, he sought to cheat on her with her cousin. She promised to repay both of them for every single pain she felt. What will happen when she slowly ends up falling for the business King, love at first sight without her knowledge? Will she open up or will she cover herself up with the insecurities she had during her previous relationship?

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Anna Lu

That evening, a statement was released by Lu cooperation stating that the engagement between the CEO of Lu cooperation and the heir of Chen Enterprise had been cancelled. Nothing much was added to it, but the statement, as short and as simple as it was caused an uproar. Afterall, it was widely known that the two were so much in love.

'Eeh?The power couple has broken up?'

'Is the a prank?'

'I bet the Chen bastard cheated!'

'Tsk...love is just but a name!'

Many Internet passers-by couldn't help but comment, causing the Lu account to experience a temporary crash!

In one of the presidential suites, a man and woman were busy entangled in bed when a phone call suddenly interrupted their moment of passion. The woman got up annoyingly and took the phone. She did not even bother checking the caller and directly picked up the phone.

"WHAT! " She annoyingly asked.

"ANNA LU! IS THAT HOW YOU SPEAK TO YOUR MOTHER?!" A sharp voice echoed in the suite. Anna quickly detached herself from the man and left to answer the call in the a more secluded place and private place.

"Mom I am sorry, I did not know you were the caller. I am actually with Brother Chen right now. Sigh! You know what mom? If I manage to get pregnant I can easily become Mrs Chen!"

She calmly explained in a low voice. Her mother on the other hand, was overjoyed that her daughter was with the young master of the Chen Family but quickly remembered the purpose of her call.

"Right, I called you to let you know that that lousy girl has cancelled her engagement with your brother Chen, take this opportunity to make an article stating she cheated, and that is why she cancelled her engagement. Afterwards, you can freely start dating in public! Hurry up! "

Anna's expression visibly lit up as she heard her mother's words. They quickly agreed and she hung up. "Haha Jane Lu, prepare to be ruined!" Her eyes were clearly full of victory, malice and pride.

She quickly called her assistant and instructed her on what to do. She hurriedly went back to 'her' brother Chen.

On the enormous bed lay a man, Edward Chen. He was truly a handsome man but in comparison to Ryan and the top bachelor of the country, he paled in comparison. He diverted his eyes and looked at the woman approaching the bed. She is beautiful but one can clearly see she has had plastic surgery in different areas, one's that seemed not be well done but oh well!

She wore the expression of a girl who would automatically make anyone want to directly protect her, a complete opposite of his fiancee's nature. To him, she is a fierce woman who won't submit easily. To be honest, he knew he loved Jane, but because she refused to give in, he decided to make her jealous. 

Edward knew Jane had always loved him but little did he know that at the moment, he is nothing but an insignificant fly. The man let out a sigh, as he looked back at his decision of deciding to provoke her by sleeping with someone she does not get along with, her step cousin.

When she did not give him the desired reaction, he decided to hint to her that he was going to break their engagement. Contrary to his expectations, she did not react for the second time. 

Edward had then decided to go to the Lu elders and provoke her further as he was positive she would finally respond.

Looking back at her love for him, he knew that if she got the news, she was going quickly come back on her knees and to him, that is how his woman should be.

Who would have known that he miscalculated and underestimated Jane!

It had been hours since he hinted his intentions to the Lu family, without receiving the intended feedback.

To let some steam off, he had decided to search for Anna to quench his thirst because for him, she is just a tool and nothing else. He wouldn't dare wife her!

As he was lost in his thoughts, Anna's shriek voice brought him back to reality.

"Aah! Brother Chen! How could cousin do this to you!?"

She raised her phone before Edward as the bold article captured his attention. 

'Did CEO Lu cheat on her fiance thus cancelling her engagement?'

Edward immediately knew that the article was fake as he could vouch for Jane innocence.

He was about to reprimand Anna for showing him such nonsense but his line of sight seemed stuck on the part talking about her cancelling their engagement.

A sudden wave of panic hit him as he felt his stomach churn for a second.

"WHAT! She can't do this.It must be a rumour...Yes it must be a rumour."

His voice contained traces of panic and anger at the same time, as his eyes kept re reading the same words over and over.

He kept mattering to himself but Anna thought that he could not stomach the thought of being cheated on.

Her eyes flashed with a malicious glint, as she kept spouting hateful words about Jane.

She was about to climb on the bed but before she could even complete what she wanted to do, a knock was heard on the door.

She thought Edward had ordered something and therefore headed to open the door in nothing but a towel, her thoughts still stuck on how to soil Jane's name further.

Edward on the other hand had finally snapped out of his little episode as he swiftly tried to get dressed. He was already planning on how he was going to scold Jane when he finally noticed Anna's actions. 

For some reason,her presence seemed to irk him all of a sudden, but as he watched her open the door, he did not say a word since he thought she had asked for some room service.

Once the door was opened, numerous camera flashes blinded Anna's vision as immediate panic crept in. 

Uh oh!!


As Anna had instructed her assistant, an article was released shortly after, claiming that Jane Lu cheated on her fiance and she was ashamed and therefore cancelled her engagement.

The article stated a lot of things but did not back up it's claim with anything. It caused an uproar as it became the first time for the queen of the business world to be involved in a scandal. 

An hour later, an anonymous account posted an article ' portraying Jane as the victim. The article explained the relationship between Edward Chen and Jane Lu, explaining who exactly cheated. The article was attached with different photos of Edward and the B list actress Anna Lu, going in and coming out of a certain presidential suit in Fantasy hotel!

The article also exposed the account that spread the previous fake article being that of Anna Lu! It further stated that there might be a possibility that the two people were in that suite at that right moment. Since the suite number was clearly visible, different reporters gathered their equipment and rushed to capture the news. Afterall, it was about two CEO'S and a famous actress, no one would want to miss that!

In a certain dark room, a beautiful woman sank in her chair as she read through the comments cursing Anna and Edward, and asking Jane to stay strong. She let out a rich, composed laughter as she sipped her wine elegantly. "Tsk tsk tsk cousin... enjoy"

Jane shut her eyes in delight as she continuously sipped her drink, but the amusement on her face couldn't be ignored!