The Undead In MCU

a normal dude, gets flunked into the world of the Marvel Cinematic universe with many many changes. with him being an undead, the fuck is he gonna do? this is my first fanfiction, so please help me as i go along the way.

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I get dragged into a room, but just before I am pushed into the room, I shoot my pinky finger to the corner of the hallway I came in, intending to 'use' it later. 

I get pushed into the room, and stop regenerating my pinky, and I Conceptualize my ability to make it believe that that finger is still important for my life. I do NOT know if this is gonna work or not, this is a theory At BEST. if it doesn't work, i am gonna have to do things the hard way, and if it does... well, you guys can figure it out later in Undead Z-

After saving Coulson, I started thinking about what my power Couldn't do. like, regenerating someone, even AFTER they died, back to the point where they are alive again, like, what can i not regenerate, heart destroyed or ripped out, easy fix by regenerating all the organs connecting to it and forming a new heart. Head ripped apart, easy fix by regenerating all the nerves and spinal cord leading to the brain and the skin attached to the head. hell, even if a person is erased with only their finger left, i might regenerate them completely.

just how Busted my regeneration is through my imagination? and... if i could somehow make this regeneration permanent, at least with my own body, since my weakness is that my body parts only has 30 seconds of use after it is detached from me, and for me to make this permanent, i need to actively intent that the removed body part is needed for my survival, now, this might be easy BUT when someone automatically regenerates at any given time, stopping the regeneration is kinda annoying to do.

but, i focus on the detached pinky finger i shot out the hallway while getting dragged in here, making sure that it does not disintegrate into nothingness after 30 seconds. I wait for something to happen, just waiting.... waiting...




With Rai in a different Room, Whitehall brings the rest of the team to a hall with Ward And Agent 33 following them, and the noticeable thing about this room is that there are monitors, each connected to a camera attached in the hallway, from this hall to the room... Rai is in. In the screen, Rai is seen walking around in circles, looking at the things in the room. 

and near the Monitors, is a person in his 50s, staring at Skye with longing eyes, Coulson sees this and comes in front of Skye, shielding her from this man. The man's eyes suddenly turn into hatred and he moves a little to Coulson to do something, but Whitehall starts talking.

"Well folks, I am really happy that I get to have an audience during the success of my life's work. For this, I would like to thank Calvin Zabo for his valuable intel on the diviner and our Enhanced. his efforts really shined." The team looked at Cal, putting the pieces together and realizing 2 very important things. Cal was the one Rai left alive, and Calvin Zabo is....Skye's father.

This realization makes Coulson move forward, either to punch Cal or... hug him? no one knows guards start pointing their gun at the team, and in a twist of surprise, Ward points his gun at.... Whitehall?

"And here I thought you were still loyal to Hydr-" Whitehall has a smirk on his face while the team are surprised at Ward pointing his gun at his own boss.

" I was loyal to Garrett, NOT Hydra." his gun clicks, indicating that he is easily willing to shoot Whitehall if needed, and that is the thing he is gonna do.

"Unfortunately, Hydra lost Garrett then, but now, your skills are of no use." Whitehall yanks a gun and points at....Skye. he raises his other hand and presses a button in a control device, attached to Cal's skin, which inflicts pain and paralysis as a way to stop him from doing an action. causing him to collapse to the ground. Ward almost shoots Whitehall, but-

" OI WHITEHALL!" a voice echoes in the hall, and looking for the voice, leads to the monitor, seeing Rai, staring at a camera, looking at them.

"right, our dear enhanced. with all the 'excitement', He kinda took a back seat. Now, let's move onto the main show." Whitehall walks back to the Monitor, leaving his soldiers to take away Ward's gun, binding him and pinning all the members down to their feet, hands behind their back and their eyes on the screen. Raina slowly backs away little by little so as to not arouse suspicion.

"Hello there, Mr-"Whitehall wants to talk, but Rai doesn't wanna.

"If you open the door within 15 seconds, nobody will be harmed. but if the time is up then-" this statement spreads confusion among the team, since they thought that Rai wanted to defeat Whitehall, but now, he is talking about sparing Whitehall.?

" You know, while your confidence is reasonable based on your capabilities, such as Regeneration so advanced that you are able to heal a stabbed eye. This suggests that you might have the ability to heal at a level where you can fully regrow your arm and such." Whitehall starts 'geeking' out on how my ability works.

I mean, the video of you surviving the RPG Launcher would certainly-" Whitehall is interrupted by Rai again, continuing his words.

"If the door is NOT Opened by 15 seconds, I WILL open it myself and kill everyone in this Base." Rai just 'looks' bored, while looking at the screen, while the team is anticipatory over what i do, Whitehall smirks.

"oh, is that so? Well then, I have to start then." Whitehall presses a button which is connected to the room, and with this button pressed, something activates in the room Rai is.

" 15.....14....13.....12....11....10..." Rai starts counting, but then he turns his head to notice...fog starting to come from within the room, spreading to the corners, and by mistake, Rai breathes in.

"9....8....7...6....5.." Rai starts being wobbly, putting his hand on the wall for support, while continuing the counting, nobody knows why he is doing this, but he is still doing.


"1...0.." Whitehall finishes Rai's countdown, seeing Rai on the ground, unconscious. He smirks, and turns to the team to look at the faces, and they are in despair, except Coulson.

"Well, there goes your savior, whom you thought was gonna kill everyone here without stopping. like a bulldozer?" Whitehall sees their faces draining color, knowing what their thought process would be. except Coulson, who opens his mouth to say something, but Whitehall has enough. 

"Well, now I gotta go down there and understand our guests... more personally.. Since you know, discovery requires experimentation-'' Whitehall looks at Jemma Simmons being wide eyed, and sees where she is looking, back to the Monitor, where.... Rai.... his body is...being decomposition-ed in a fast pace, while Skin starts to peel away, becoming like a mommy. and it....turns into dust..

"What the hell?" Whitehall whispers, he cannot believe it, this guy just turned into dust, similar to a human eventually turning into dust..

"Sir!" a radio calls, leading Whitehall, and the team to look over to a different monitor, and what they see, shocks them. they see-


Well, that is weird.

I knew that I was gonna get gassed, I mean. there was a big probability of them doing it, but I did not know how regenerating my whole body.... through a pinky finger was gonna be. The sensations I felt were really good and really gross. I am not even gonna describe how it felt. 

my bones start mending, and skin comes out, with me slowly regenerating parts of myself, and looking like some horror movie villain who arises through the shadows. I finally get up after regrowing my legs and toes, and see that they are soldiers standing there, with their guns in their hands, but they are staring at me in shock. I smirk.

"boo" i shoot a finger at the first person, killing him while scaring the shit out of the other person, making him fire all of his bullets at me, and nothing really happening to me. I shot another finger, killing the second soldier too.

I turn to look at me, realizing I am naked, and then to the camera just above the door which trapped me. i know that all of the people are watching me....naked.....i go to pick up the dress of the dead guards, but stop. who knows how many times i would have to regenerate from my limbs till i reach Whitehall....and-

It kinda feels good knowing that girls would be watching me while I bulldoze the soldiers and their leader....naked.... especially Skye and Jemma.. I do have an attraction to both of them, but Jemma and Fitz are together forever, and I ain't a dick to steal women from other people. and speaking about dick, i got a boner, i do not know why.

" i Gave you one chance, Whitehall, you didn't take it. I am Coming for you now." I turn around to look into the camera, thinking that I am staring at Whitehall and talking to him. a cliché tactic for fear. I started walking, to the place from where I was taken away, where the BUS was located. I see soldiers going inside the BUS, And they see me too, resulting in them starting firing their guns at me.

I shoot an arm, killing one, while shooting the other, killing another one. I regrow my bones and start hacking the soldiers, killing them easily. After I kill the 6th person, I notice an entrance to the base. I walk into the BUS, push the closing button, and run off to the exit, while the BUS Closes its hanger. I wouldn't want anyone to snoop around the BUS now.

Just after I entered the exit leading to a hallway with different turns, I got fired at. it seems Whitehall sent all of his forces at me. it doesn't really matter anyways. I am UNSTOPPABLE. I cannot be stopped, by anything.

with my ego stroking over. I continue walking-.


I hear a familiar sound, and my body blows up. it was an RPG launcher, exploding and sending parts off. I regenerate like nobody's business and run off to the person who Shot the RPG launcher, stabbing him and killing him. it seems that the soldiers have upgraded, first guns, now RPG-


well damn, another one. These people do not let me think calmly. I regenerated the damage and killed the person who shot at me. I decided to not monologue much and just kill all the soldiers in the base, leading to Whitehall. I walk and turn a corner, and I get.... stabbed... in the heart by a soldier, with 3 more stabbing me. I just look at them, and kill them all. seriously, knifes, i survived a fucking RPG, and these fuckers think- ok ok, no more monologuing. but, this ticks me off-


I look at the thing which stabbed me in the chest, and it is a... disk? what the hell?- ooohhhh.

the feeling..... the feeling of my skin, bones and cells ripped apart, so fast to the point that i start disintegrating... into dust...

My ability immediately started mending myself back. By connecting these 'dust' particles to other 'dust particles' falling in the ground, I regenerated every bit in a milli-second. fully regenerating, I am on my knees, taking deep breaths. That feeling was brutal, even without feeling pain, feeling everything else, the feeling of disintegrating into atoms, feels weird.

I look up, to see a soldier surprised, and I attack, killing him. After killing him, I remember what this disc was, it was a splinter bomb, where the bomb burrows into the body of its target, the bomb releases a substance that replicates the petrifying power of the Diviner. The person begins to disintegrate after a few seconds, quickly crumbling into mere atoms. it even killed a Kree. this thing is dangerous, to anything but me.

I continue walking forward, and this time, more people come, with guns, launchers and now, Splinter bombs. The feeling of getting shot at, blown apart, and disintegrated all do not affect me, at least physically. mentally, i am becoming stronger, a normal human adapts to a feeling if he feels it continuously. For me, I am adapting to the feeling of death.

Death still bothers me, the feeling of life leaving your body, taking the last breath, all functions shutting down. Nobody can just get comfortable with the feeling of death. but I can, and I will. I will be so strong mentally that I will shrug at the face of earth similarly to the air hitting my face. if you get what i mean.

I continue forward, and take a turn, and from behind, a door comes down, closing it. I am trapped. I look around for something, but- 2 dudes come.... with a flamethrower? and being them, a door comes down, closing me with these 2 dudes with flamethrowers.

"Oh hell Nah." these guys wanna burn me now? disintegration was not enough?

I go to shoot one of them, I do not want to feel the fire burning my organs away. no thank you. i raise my hands to fire a parts bullet, but-


my skin, it burns. I feel it, I feel it melting little by little, bubbles coming from my skin due to the skin boiling, and the flame's heat also affects my inner body, like my organs. I am burning.

I stumble backwards, which causes my attacker to step forward. I raise my hand to my face, as a reflex, and the other guy with the flamethrower starts his flame, hitting me and making the burns in my body go faster. i open my eyes a little to see, but then-

I close my eyes, feeling a spark of the flame fall right in my eyes, burning it and making me blind- for a second, and then I regenerate, the feeling of regeneration gives me an idea. and I would look badass doing it. I take a step forward, feeling the intensity of the burn go higher, another step forward, and this is when I notice my skin has burned and now my organs are burning. I regenerate all of the burns and continue taking steps forward.

seeing this, one of them raises the flamethrower to my face, which starts accelerating the burns forming on my face, it even burns my hair. but I just walk forward, and as I am near them, I grin. making them see me and get terrified.

My body is horribly burned showing a mixture of melted skin, muscles and organs , while my head has its skin and muscles melted off, leaving my face to have half of the skull showing, with Skin and muscles mixed in it. All and all, I am looking grotesque.

The terrified soldiers could do nothing but see me healing all the damage, like their attack did nothing, and the last sight they see is my hand raising towards them.

I kill them off, and seeing that I am locked from both the ends, I look at the camera above me, recording all of the confrontations I had till now. I show a middle finger and walk to the door from where the 2 dudes came from, and look at it. it is a metal door, and i do not have the attack power of destroying a metal. so i think, think of a way to get out of this cage which has been formed.

there is no handle to open the door since it came from the ceilings, and the ceiling does not have any exit either, i put my hand down to the ground to where the door's bottom is, to feel the area. there is no gap so that i could squeeze a finger and regenerate. There is a gap. but it is too small for anything from my body to get to the other side, meaning, it is useless. So I got up. trying to think on what could fit in the gap. something small, but easily movable, what would that be?

I turn to look at the camera, then back at the situation at hand, trying to think of something. Looking around, I see the flamethrower and then think about using it, by burning down the metal door, but that would take too long and the fuel for the flamethrower would not last. I need something to do with the flame, but- wait.

i look at the small gap, and then back to the flamethrower, if i fire the flamethrower at that corner,if the flames reach the other side,it would help me melt the edges enough to send a finger through it like the movies where fire travels through the edges- wait..if i can send fire though it, why can't i send something else? something similar to the density and size of a power, the opposite Of fire, water. the water goes through the edges when a flood comes, i could find water somewhere and- 

my blood. my blood is water. I grin and lower myself to the edge while shooting a finger, and as expected, nothing happened to the wall, but I pointed my ripped apart hand towards the door, accelerating the blood, trying to cut through it. because water, at a high pressure achieved by forcing the water through a very narrow hole achieves an effect, through the cutting of metal.

The blood spurts out of my hand, and I heal most of the skin, leaving a small hole where I focus on the blood to come from, accelerating and pressurizing it. the blood hits the door, and splashes through it, i amp up the pressure to cut it through, but i notice something. the blood that hits the gap goes inside it, and would be coming on the other side.

i completely lie downward, and restart the pressure, intending to cut upwards, and-

wait.. if my blood can reach the other side of the door... then why can't I? Why can't I regenerate through my blood? I can regenerate through anything, proved by surviving and regenerating The splinter bombs, which disintegrates everything. If I can regenerate through atom dust, I can regenerate through blood too. i close my eyes and start shooting my blood, 'intending' for my blood to connect itself, and start regenerating my entire body. and i feel-

everything. the same feeling i had when regenerating from my pinky and after getting disintegrated. I can feel my blood connecting, creating my organs, skin, muscles and bones, and I fully regrow my body, fresh as the day I was born, naked.I get up, and see more people with guns on, so I shoot and stab my way to Whitehall.

On this day, I got to know more about my regeneration. I knew I could do things, but to actually do it and feel it, it is something else. i eventually turn a hallway, and see a person, and behind him 9 more people, but this person is intresting, since he has a fucking machinegun. Whitehall is throwing everything at me, and I just do not care. The soldier starts firing at me, ridding me with bullets non stop, but I just walk forward, but it seems they have learned their lesson, don't stand idly by when their comrade fires at me.

it seems that the remaining 9 members have all the weapons used at me today, AKs, grenade, RPG launcher, splinter bombs, flamethrowers. and they use it one by one, while i am getting sprayed by bullets, i get hit with splinter bombs one after the other, and immediately, i get flamethrower-ed, which then leads to them throwing the grenades and RPG Launchers, and the firing of AKs. they throw everything at me, and a smoke starts forming.

when the machine gun runs out after spraying 100 bullets, the group of 0 people stop, each throwing everything they have at me, bullets are over in guns, grenades are over, RPGs are over, Splinter bombs are over, and they are waiting, looking at the smoke, due to them doing this in an hallway, the walls are badly damaged.

the smoke clears and.... I stand there... unfazed. with my body looking like a mix of horror and trash, all of my body, skin, muscles and bones/organs mixed and melted together due to the heat, half of my side is disintegrated, including the head, while the other half has a blown apart arm and a leg that is ridden with holes. my ability kicks in, and regenerates every damage, while regrowing the lost parts, making myself as similar as before.

the soldiers just stand there, dumbfounded and terrified, i just shoot my arms at 2 soldiers, killing them, and then killing all of the others. I look and see a door, thinking that it is the door leading to Whitehall due to the heavy armory I had to fight. I take the soldier's pants and shirt, covering myself up, without any underwear. I really need to find one which does not get destroyed when I fight and leave me to fight naked.

I open the door, leading to.... yeah, it is Whitehall alright, along with all the team, with Agent 33, Ward. Whitehall has a gun, though he is scared, his face shows it. I walk forward, making him drop the gun and stumble backwards, falling on his ass. I grin, giving off a bloodthirsty grin which scares him even more.

"don't kill him yet, Rai." I look to where the voice came from, and it is Coulson, who is looking at me.... with a little bit of fear? I look at all the team's faces, and they have fear in their eyes, different levels of fear, but they do have. even Melinda May. i take a look at the people who are in the room ,and see the extras, Grant Ward, Agent 33 who is pointing a gun at m-





She empties her magazine in me, with me just looking at her lazily, I know what her life was, abandoned by S.H.I.E.L.D. And then brainwashed by Whitehall. Her end result is death, so I leave her, hoping like in Canon, Grant Ward 'Fixes' her. I look at the last guy in the room, Calvin Zabo. the man I wanted to see right now. I walk towards him, looking at his eyes, which have no fear, just anger, towards me.

" don't worry Coulson, I won't" I bend down to him, grabbing Cal's hand and shooting a finger at his cuffs, releasing him. I get up, and Cal gets up, while looking at me suspiciously, but he turns and walks straight forward to the....gun.

"what are you doing?" Skye finally speaks, looking at her father reaching for the gun and picking it.. and then pointing it at Whitehall.

"nothing, letting a man keep his promise." I turn towards Coulson, holding his Cuff.

"Do you know how long I have waited for this very moment, Reinhardt? the day when you butchered my wife, killed Daisy's mother. I swore to kill you, and I will." Whitehall crawls back in fear while Cal points the gun at him.

"stop him-"







I shoot a finger at Coulson's cuff, releasing him. i turn to look at Cal, everyone in the room looking at him, holding his shaking smoking gun while down him, Whitehall lays...dead.. Calvin Zabo has killed Werner Reinhardt. the one who killed his wife and made him and his little daughter seperate for all these years.

"this is for you Jiaying." he closes his eyes and drops the gun. shedding a few tears, but then he is manhandled by the now freed Coulson. who then looks at me freeing the other team members.

"Why did you let him go first?" a question which would make me the enemy if i don't answer it correctly. But, I cannot bullshit here.

"I don't know, when I saw him, I saw anger, I saw revenge, not at me, but at Whitehall." I shoot the cuffs for May, and go to Fitz-Simmons, while explaining my reasons.

"and...i just let him." I break their cuffs, while May goes to Skye, removing her cuffs. Eventually all the team's cuffs are removed, while silence prevails, nobody knows what to say, so they leave the talking to Coulson. and talk he does.

"We could have used Whitehall for intel, we could have finished Hydra off once and for all through Him.why did you let him kill Whitehall, the truth this time" Coulson comes to me, while May puts cuffs on Cal, the same one which Daisy had. well, this one might be true, the explanation i gave was kinda bland, anyone could know i lied. I sigh, deciding to try another way.

" I just.... wanted Skye to have a chance of having a normal father." i look over to Skye, and she is surprised, hell, everyone is surprised, and too suspicious.

"you knew?" Jemma is surprised I knew, but this makes them full blown suspicious of me. I mean, I wasn't there when they discovered that Calvin was Skye's father.

"Well, I got stabbed in the eye for talking about Skye, so yeah." a snarky response from me, but i kinda messed up here, since it is Fitz that put it together.

" wait, talkin- you mean during the facility. you knew Skye's father was there?" Okay, this is going where I do not want to go. I try to keep my face neutral, but I do show surprise, though I am thankfully able to come up with an answer.

"hell no. I genuinely wanted to Know more about Skye, that's why I asked that question. I DID NOT expect Him to be there, at all." I point at Cal, who is listening,while the girls, especially Bobbi, get the meaning behind my words, even when I did not intend to have a meaning.

" a bit of a Coincidence ain't it?" Hunter comes in, suspicious af, his british accent making things harder for me. I am getting cornered from each side, answering questions which make me dig a bigger hole in myself.

"It IS a Coincidence. I really did not know." oh come on, someone believe me-

"where is Raina?" One of the Keonigs - I do not know who- speaks up, thankfully distracting the group. Coulson looks all around, with Raina disappeared.

"Where is the Obelisk?" Another, this time the other Keonig, speaks up, and Skye is the first to react.

"she has the obelisk." Skye runs to the exit, with us looking at her.

"Skye. wai-" Coulson shouts at her to stop and almost follows her, but i react first, running behind her and leaving the team there to chase after Skye.

Raina used the chaos to enter the city on her own with the Diviner to see what she would become. She made her way to the temple at the center of the city. Before she could place the Diviner on a pedestal, she was confronted by Skye, who threatened to shoot her if she did not hand over the device. However, the Diviner activated as it became attracted to the pedestal, causing the walls of the temple to start moving to trap her. i slip inside the closing walls just in time, leading to Me, Raina and Skye getting trapped.

"Rai, why are you here?" Skye comes close to me, while all of us look at the glowing Diviner, before I could answer, it opens up to reveal a crystal inside, which then fart- i mean, releases a strange mist that touches both Raina and Skye. This causes Raina and Skye's bodies to start turning to stone, encased in dark cocoons, Skye reaches her hand towards me.

"Rai!'' I reach back, and we hold hands just before she gets fully encased. I look over at Raina, who is also encased. I look at the crystals, and raise my other hand, shooting it and destroying it. I didn't see the need to stop Skye from going through Terrigenesis, since that just makes her life easier. but there is no scenario in my head where only Skye becomes an inhuman without Raina also becoming one.

Since Coulson would never allow Skye near the diviner and the temple, this is my one chance to make her an inhuman, let canon play out. I am kinda excited, just the thought of Skye having Quake powers, and being there when she gets it, is exciting, since this is a monumental moment in the story.

Within a minute, the cocoons start to hatch, and one cracks, revealing Skye's eye, which looks at me. slowly cracks from in the cocoon and... shatters, sending a pulse of quake that shakes the temple. 

Daisy Johnson has become an Inhuman, the person known as Quake.

the shaking temple makes me look away from her, directly at Raina... and... Her skin had paled, her eyes had turned yellow, her hair was gone, and she was covered in sharp thorns. She became a hedgehog, a person who can see the future.

Raina starts looking at herself, feeling hideous, and I reach towards her, Skye in my other hand. when i touch her shoulder, she turns and slashes at my hand, giving it a deep cut, but it heals right away and i grab her hand and pull her and Skye towards me, noticing my hand being punched through her the thorns present in her hand, but i heal it easily, when the Temple collapsed.

leaving us three....unharmed...

I grab hold of both Skye and Raina's arms and hold tight. After some minutes, Coulson appears with the team, and I look at them, then look at my arms, holding Raina And Skye respectively.

I changed the future entirely. I changed it before, a little bit, but not this much.S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Calvin Zabo (Skye's father), they now have Raina due to me, They have ME, and most importantly, Triplett did not die.

Well, we ballin.





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