The Undead In MCU

a normal dude, gets flunked into the world of the Marvel Cinematic universe with many many changes. with him being an undead, the fuck is he gonna do? this is my first fanfiction, so please help me as i go along the way.

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I grab hold of both Skye and Raina's arms and hold tight. After some minutes, Coulson appears with the team, and I look at them, then look at my arms, holding Raina And Skye respectively.

I changed the future entirely. I changed it before, a little bit, but not this much.S.H.I.E.L.D. Has Calvin Zabo (Skye's father), they now have Raina due to me, They have ME, and most importantly, Triplett did not die.

Well, we ballin.

Well, things could have gone much better than I initially hoped.

After the collapse of the temple, me, Skye and Raina are taken into Custody by S.H.I.E.L.D, Well, mostly Raina. and, they had a good result due to all of these events, getting Cal, Ward, Agent 33 and a few others. But why is this bad?

I started getting questioned.

" did you know Skye's father before we met?" Coulson looks at me, through the containment pod. This is due to the team thinking that We got Contaminated from whatever happened in the temple. Raina is kept separately in the side of the room, where the doctors as well as Simmons are doing tests using Raina, who is sitting and looking at me and Coulson. The reason she is calm is because she does not have anywhere to go.

"And the truth this time, Rai." yeah, figures they think i am lying to them. which i am not, but i can't tell them the true reason. but.... they won't trust me if I tell any lies, or even bullshit at this point.. but I have to, and for that, I need time to make a story.

"Okay, I will. ask me anything.'' I sigh, trying my best to dodge the question that he asked, but Coulson ain't having it. He asks me the same question again. I sigh again, looking at the rest of the team, Skye is in another containment pod similar to me, while the rest of the team looks over at me, Simmons included.

" yes.. not personally, but i did know who he was and the relation to Skye." I look at Skye, and her shocked face, her eyes show Betrayal, and I feel a little bad, but when I got to know that I was in the MCU, I told myself that I would never reveal what I know, since if I did, this would go bad. and how do I know this? the domino effect, a chain reaction of events would happen if they knew about the knowledge that i have.

for example, let's say i tell them what is gonna happen to the future, there might be a chance that the 'real' S.H.I.E.L.D Would learn about it and attack the Afterlife, the safe haven fro Inhumans, which would lead to war between S.H.I.E.L.D And Inhumans, and it would spiral out of control and lead to the death of innocents, i might not be a hero, but i cannot have innocent deaths in my conscience. a hypocritical view, but i don't give a fuck.

"tou knew?You knew and you didn't tell me?" Skye speaks up from her pod, betrayal visible in her tone. she feels betrayed, she saw me as a friend, and i hid a big secret from her, when i should have been honest with her. 

"I had to, I am sorry." I look back at Coulson, not wanting me to feel even more bad than I already am feeling, but the questions do not stop, they may start questioning me.

"You....are Hydra Aren't you?" I look at her, dumbfounded, even Coulson looks at her. Surprised, I killed Hydra agents a day before, and this woman is accusing me of... being part of the same organization that I was killing?

"what..? No..!" my tone is incredulous, i seriously do not know how the hell she even came to that Conclusion-

"You knew information you weren't supposed to know,you knew that Skye's father was Hydra, you knew the reason why Skye's father killed Whitehall. you knew the relationship between Skye and Her father. The only one who even could know this type of information would be a Hydra Soldier. you are, aren't you?" that logic is heavily flawed, i could have gotten that information anywhere- oh come on Coulson, do not look at me like that, that thought process is stupid. I need to talk before it gets worse.

"I am Not Hydra Coulson, the 'information' I have comes from somewhere else entirely." Well, I just dug a deep hole right now. and there is only one option, tell the truth....or-

"from where?'' His tone is incredulous, she does not believe me, and it makes sense, the words that are coming out of my mouth are not believable.

"i.... can't tell you that.'' I bow my head down, not wanting to look at Coulson, and it seems that it was the last straw for someone.

"put him in a cell Coulson, i'll deal with him after we get more information from Skye's father." May looks at Coulson, and Coulson stares at me for a few seconds, I raise my head to stare him back, my eyes pleading from him to believe me.i... genuinely want to be friends with this group, and help them. Hell, I saved Triplett's life.

'Fine." Coulson sighs and gets up from his chair, commanding the soldiers to take me into a cell after my examination is done. I sigh, and put my hands on my face, defeated.i did a lot for this team, and they don't acknowledge that. I try going through my memory of all the events that happened in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, trying to remember all of the member's characteristics- wait.

"wait...." I open my mouth, still holding my face in my hands, I sigh and release them, looking at Coulson who turned around and looked back at me.

"I'll talk..." I sigh again, I am sighing a lot ain't I?

"See, I told you it would work."May shrugs at Coulson. oh.. mind games huh? you really played Mind games on ME?....fine then, 2 people can play at that.

"okay...so, what is your source-"

"I am....from the Future." yeah. i know, more bullshit, but this answer came through one thing, time travel exists in the future, and Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D All experience it. I know they won't believe me....yet, and the way they are looking at me, like I am mental, makes me a little giddy to get back at them. especially in May. I have already made a plan regarding what to tell, and what to hide.

"okay, that's it... Lock him Up." okay, i thought that Coulson was gonna question me, but it seems that he has had enough of my lies, he turns around and walks to the door, extending on leaving, with rest of the team also leaving with him,(except Jemma) giving me looks, with Only Fitz looking like he is Contemplating. I knew Fitz would think more about my claim. I take a breath, release it, and start my plan.

bullshitting knowledge.

".....in 1995, you and then Agent Nick Fury went to a Blockbuster Video store in Los Angeles. specifically for a crash landing sight. there, you met someone, who changed your perspective in life... a woman, so to speak." Coulson turns back, in shock and surprise, even the team turns back to me, confused on what shit i am blabbering about. but I got Coulson's attention, and that's step one. 

" hell, you even pointed a gun at Fury that time." I try not to smirk, be serious, but it's hard for me not to smile, since I know I got him. i got his fucking attention now, now, jus to add fire in the wound.

"how do you-" nah nah Coulson, i am not done yet, i still have things to spill.

"Melinda May, when you were 7 years old, you became an Ice Skater-" finally some emotion out of her.. but, i ain't done yet.

"when you were 12, you changed that profession to martial arts, since according to you " the ice was too hard.'' End quote. you took Martial arts after that'' howcha like that for mind games? If I wanted to, I could spill everything about you. her expression turns from surprise to full blown shock, even her mouth comes apart.

"you-" yeah sorry May, i ain't done yet. I could reveal more, but that would go into dark territory. so, the next person near to may, is Hunter. Now, I do not know much about him, but I do know some things.

" Hunter, you were a lieutenant of the special Air Service, where you met a low Level Hydra dude, who you used to mock about his fiance." HUnter is shocked, the background on him is limited, it is still enough to talk about it. next is Mack and Bobbi, now about Bobbi, i know from the comics she is known as hummingbird and trained by Hawkeye, but here, i do not know, And for Mack, i do not want to go dark. so...I go semi-dark.

"Mack, you had a wife whom you divorce due to..." i turn to the next person, Fitz, leaving the incomplete statement there, and as i suspected, Mack is horrified.

"Fitz, you-' before i could continue, May barges in the pod, picks me up, and throws me outside, even with Jemma's protest, i land on the ground and before i could stand up, she comes at me, and stomps in my chest, pushing me to the ground. she looks at me with anger,

"how do you know all of this?" DAMN WOMAN, you could ask nicely, and... it's not nice when it is your mind that is being played huh?

"May, Stop it." Coulson gives an Order, and May looks at him for a couple of seconds, when i stay silent, and then she-

it starts to shake. the room starts to shake.

"an earthquake? " Jemma is suprised, of course she would be, since earthquakes are not that common- wait... I look at Skye, and see her hand shaking a little, she is causing this. while a leg is still pushing my chest down, I raise my hand....towards Sky.

"Skye, Calm Down." She looks at me, scared, i mean, this all might be too much to her mentally, her father in a cell, the team fighting, it's all too much and her power starts uncontrollably, shaking things up.

"i- i don't know what is happ-" i cut her off, since the room started quaking even more.

"Nothing is happening Skye, Just Calm down. take a deep breath, do not think about anything else." yeah, it might just go bad, she might have a panic attack, similar to the one in canon, i push away May's leg on my chest, get up and go to Skye, holding my hand in a placating manner.

"i- i-" she starts to stutter, and the place shakes up even more, i reach her, and hold her shoulders and make her face me.

" Skye, Breath-In, Breath-Out! do NOT think about anything other than- Breath-In, Breath-Out." she is scared, confused and troubled, the situation is not good for her. Her panic attack increases a little, but I tell her to calm down, to listen to my voice, to.... not resist, but to embrace it.

This seems to make Skye snap out of her panic attack, he calms down, and holds my hands, nervous.

"what.....what am I?" great, existential crisis, just want we wanted. ( that was scarasm btw)... how th fuck am i supposed to handle this? I am currently at a crossroads. If I don't deal with this properly, then there might be a chance that Skye will never become a Quake. I need to remember how I felt during my existential crisis- yeah. No, Bad Idea. i need to think of another answer-

"You....are Daisy Johnson. Biological Daughter of Calvin Johnson and Jiaying, the Daughter figure for Philip .J. Coulson, a Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'' Yeah, not the best choice of words, but it did the effect, the nervous and scared face turns into surprise, and she stops shaking, making the Room normal, with all the members of the Team silent.

"Are...you okay?'' I look at her, asking for confirmation, and she nods. I pull my arms back, noticing that Skye is reluctant to let go, but I pull away, take a few steps back, and pinch my nose, closing my eyes and sighing. things just got fucking worse.

After some seconds of complete silence, Skye/Daisy starts asking.

"Daisy?" the name, to her it feels.... right. to her at least. a weight lifted from her shoulder, something.. that she searched her entire life, is currently in the base., all the answers she might want answered, and the person in front of her, Me, has all the answers. her voice is desperate, like she NEEDS confirmation.

".....yes, that's the name that your Parents gave you at your birth." I look at her, and see her face turn.... peaceful? I don't know. but now, if i say more, then things might get really messy-

"you.....are really from the fu-future?" C'mon Fitz, stop talking please.

"Yes, I am...dammit, you guys were not supposed to know about time travel for years." i start babbling, thinking about the effects this would have on the timeline, with Skye knowing her name this early, meaning she would try to connect with her father, her true origin revealed, the team would learn about inhumans much earlier on and the war would be soon upon S.H.I.E.L-

"we get to know time travel exists in the future-"

"just please shut up. don't cause a massive time paradox by talking about it please." yeah, i do not know what kind of change this will happen in the future, i rather control the way the future goes than leave it up to cause and effect, and them knowing about time travel this early on, means that Fitz would eventually create a device that would be able to help in time travel, the Quantum Realm.

"no..... you know more things than you let on, and you are gonna tell us everything...NOW" Coulson Comes in front, demanding answers as the Director Of S.H.I.E.L.D, the people who keep secrets, do not like when people keep secrets from them.

" I won't. i....can't. if i want to preserve the timeline." i stand tall, not bowing to the orders given to me, the team steps back, knowing that a fight might break out. except May that is.

"it does NOT matter if you can't. You WILL. I will make sure of that.' oh, May is seriously pissing me off. First, she accuses me of being Hydra, then talks about torturing me, and now this? yeah. this fuckin-

"Sir... it would be wise to listen to him, Time Paradoxes will cause catastrophic-'' thank you Fitz, i know you are the only person to understand, at least somewhat, the consequences of time travel. but he is Cut off by Coulson.

"Agent Fitz, your Expertise will be needed when ASKED. not now." oh, you wanna pull rank Coulson, really?. .... C'mon Fitz, don't leave me hanging here.

"And you, u WILL tell us EVERYTHING-'' yeah, i am done with playing your game.

"No. I won't. do you guys understand what would happen when you try to change the timeline-"

"It Doesn't Matter." ...it does not matter? May.... you said....it does not matter? then.... it feels like my anger over May's attitude is overturned into cold fury....does it not matter? everything i did? Does it matter? the torture i endured, does not matter? 

"Now, Come With Us-"

"IT DOES MATTER!" i shout at may, for the first time, raising my voice, surprising everyone, and making May frown. but i do not care anymore, i will show them why it matters.

"IT Matters. A Time Paradox could be the reason that THIS PLANET BLOWN TO BITS." oh, now you are surprised May? I ain't done yet.

"Let me give you an example so that your dumbass brain can understand. Time Paradoxes are a contradiction to the timeline, a contradiction caused by time travel. Let's Take your life as an example." She tries to say something, but I don't let her.

" a change happens in your past. let's say... you don't slip and fall when you were ice skating, meaning, you would have never known that the 'Ice was too hard', which would mean, you would not have taken Martial Arts, meaning, you would not have joined S.H.I.E.L.D, and that would lead you to never meet Coulson, which would also mean that you would not save Coulson's ass, meaning, he would have died earlier. meaning, he would not be there Alive, to motivate the fucking Avengers, and without the Avengers Motivated, they would not properly fight the alien invasion, AND THE EARTH WOULD BE DESTROYED. DESTROYED ALL BECAUSE YOU DID NOT SLIP WHEN ICE SKATING.'' I huff, taking a deep breath, finishing my rant, and it seems it had the intended effect. May is Horrified, Coulson is Horrified, every member of the team is Horrified.

phew, that was one long tirade of words. and I still have more words to say.

"and this all happens... because of one single change. one single change in the timeline, causing a time paradox, creating a butterfly effect, leading us all to be doomed. all because S.H.I.E.L.D didn't like being kept away from secrets they have no business on.' i look at Coulson, making my point reach to him, that it would be his fault if the world got destroyed.

"Wha-" Yeah, Coulson. I still have words to say.

"Coulson, when you tried to recruit me, you were harmed and almost died. I could not have let that happen, because without Phil Coulson, their Director, The Team would fall apart. Daisy, May, Fitz-Simmons would become a mess, Hydra would have won, and the world would have been Ruled by hydra, even the Avengers could not have some anything, without Using Hulk, and Thor. without you,....There is No S.H.I.E.L.D,Without you Coulson." a Quote from the TV show itself. I emphasize what he is to S.H.I.E.L.D And what S.H.I.E.L.D is to the world. 

he looks at me, and then looks at Skye, and then back to the team, thinking about Something... his eyes then land on May, and he repeats what i told him, he then looks at Fitz, and Simply asks a question.

"Is it true.?" Fitz is confused, but then he figures it out, and...just nods.Coulson sighs, turns back to me...nods, and turns back and walks to the door, leaving the room.

The group is confused, May follows behind Coulson, and I walk back to my Pod, sitting with hands in my face, sighing. Eventually, the room clears out, with only Me, Skye and Raina being there. the silence is kinda suffocating, but it lets me think in peace-

"so...you are from the future huh?" I look up, and Raina looks at me, in wonder.. well, how can Wonder be seen in a spiky hedgehog face, i don't know, but i do confirm.

"Am...I...still in... 'your' Future?" That's a weird question, but ok.she wants to know if she is still alive in the future. which she is... but- wait a second.. She has the ability to see the future, right? meaning... she should know the answer to it. but, if i remember correctly, she didn't know she had this power, so she wouldn't know.

"yeah...you still are." If I could save her from her fate of dying at Skye's mother's hand, I will take the chance. She looks....Happy? I look over to Skye and see....is shocked...and....something? I do not know. whatever, it doesn't really matter. I need to find a way to convince them to trust me again....if not, I need... to make plans to escape from the base.





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