The Unbridled Life of a Lusty Reincarnator

(Book contains: smut (18+), scenes of murder and brutality, harem, romance, mature women) One day Felix wakes up in an unfamiliar house. After looking around, he realized that he was in an unfamiliar hut in the middle of the forest. There is no food, water, or other supplies. At this point, Felix is ready to fall into despair..... [Reincarnation System Activated] [Current Reincarnation: 1] [Talent Level: 1/10] "Wow! Hey, hey, hey... why are naked women here?" "Oh. I'm an elf this time."

MisterBombastic · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
15 Chs

The Kiki dance... what's a 'Kiki'?! It's a twerk!

When all the rules had been discussed, they closed the store and moved to a free room that no one used. It just so happened that Victor had gone somewhere, and Eirene's mother was at work.

"Six... Felix, the first loss is on you."


Felix, speechless, looked at how his cube showed him the number six, and stopping... he discovered that his character was on a red square.

"Who cursed me?!" he yelled loudly, clutching his head: "Is it because of that damned one?!"

Next to his head, a system panel appeared where he saw his current characteristics.

[Characteristics] -> [Strength: 10 ] [Dexterity: 2 ] [Endurance: 5 ] [Luck: 1] [Charisma: 25] [Magic: 1]

"My luck... my luck... 1?! You mean I'm worse than a worm?! It would be better if it were 0, there would be less shame on my head!"

Felix barely held back from crying. He couldn't even come up with a reason why his luck was so bad. He even actively began to remember all his bad deeds, but he couldn't find anything serious.

Although, there was something...

"Once I slept with my boss's wife, who insulted me at work... but it was an accident! It doesn't count!"

...One way or another, whatever he thought about, the fact remained a fact. He was the first one to end up in the red zone, which meant that he was to face punishment from two participants.

"Heh. Your luck is bad" Eirene said with a smile, practically pouring salt on Felix's freshly opened wound: "Well, according to the rules, you have to choose two actions: either answer a question or complete our task."

"Alright... I'm all yours, girls" Felix sighed.

At first, he thought that he would be able to tease these two with this unusual method, but in the end, they would be teasing him. Although he had nothing to lose... it was still embarrassing!

"What will you choose, Felix? To say something personal about yourself or to complete the task?" Lily asked, barely holding back a smile.

"Let's go with the first one..." Felix answered, rocking back and forth on the rocking chair.

"Good... then I'll be first," Eirene said, and then with a smirk asked: "Are you a virgin?"


The first one to react more strongly than anyone else was Lily, who blushed and looked at her friend in confusion.


Felix raised an eyebrow, looking at Eirene's mischievous face. Now he was convinced that this girl seemed shy, but she was quite a troublemaker. However, he was not a young man and did not get flustered.


The answer shocked Lily even more, causing a pang in her heart. For a moment, she was overcome with melancholy.


Eirene was even more disappointed. She expected to see embarrassment on Felix's face, but he answered as if it didn't matter to him at all.

"S-seriously? You didn't look like you had sex" Eirene said in surprise, covering her mouth in shock.

"Are you kidding me? How can you determine by a person's appearance if they've dipped their carp in the dragon's gate?" Felix replied with a puzzled look, and then waved his hand, looking at Lily: "Now it's your turn. Ask anything you want, and I'll answer."


Lily came out of her state and, squinting at Felix, thought for a bit and asked the question that had been bothering her since the morning.

"What were you doing at Aunt Lina's house today?"


Felix raised an eyebrow. It turned out that he had messed up earlier than expected. Although he didn't need to hide it, he didn't want to give a reason for bad rumors to spread about Aunt Lina.

"She asked me to help her move some furniture. I guess she wanted to sell a few pieces" Felix answered and casually shrugged: "Then I took a bath since I had to go to work. That's all."


Lily just grunted. She was sure that something was off here, but she didn't have the right to interfere in his personal life. So, she decided to leave this question alone.

Two minutes later, the next loser was decided. It was Eirene.

"Damn it. I can't play normally, I'm too unlucky" Eirene complained, and then, sighing, said: "Let's do tasks. Answering questions is too boring."


Felix didn't have any ideas yet, so he asked Lily to give the first task. As it turned out, her task... was unusual.

"How about this... you'll dance the Kiki dance," Lily said with a sly gleam in her eyes.


Eirene's face turned red. She blushed deeply and it was clear that she was embarrassed by this question. Felix, on the other hand, couldn't understand what was going on.

However, a few seconds later...


He raised an eyebrow as he watched Eirene turn her back to them and begin to shake her hips, twerking. From the side, it looked more funny than seductive.

"That's twerk," Felix thought and smiled, seeing the girl's face turn red: "Well... it looks more like the dance of a dying crab."

Although, during this time, he couldn't help but appreciate the beauty of this girl. Her butt was slender – not too big and not too small. The tight pants highlighted her juicy peach, so Felix had no objections.

When the "dance" was over, Eirene turned to Felix with a red face. Her gaze slid to a certain secret place of the man and she was disappointed.

"I thought this would turn him on..."

...in a normal situation, yes, but he had just been drained dry, so some time was needed for recovery.

"Hmm... I don't even know" Felix muttered, seeing that it was his turn. He thought for a bit, and then said with a smile: "Can I touch your cheeks? They're so cute, I've wanted to do this for a long time. It would be nice to squeeze them."


Eirene was a bit embarrassed, but thinking about it, she decided to simply give her consent. After all, it couldn't be said that she would lose anything from it.


Felix smiled and in the next second was squeezing her soft cheeks. This was the best anti-stress that humanity could offer... except Aunt Lina's butt.

Next up was Lily.


"Hehehe... now it's your turn, bitch!" Eirene yelled with a face colored with anger. She pointed at Lily and in a commanding tone said: "Now you dance!"

"E-e... n-no, I won't!"

"You will, of course!" Eirene yelled angrily and patted Felix on the shoulder, saying: "He agrees with me too! Right, Felix?"

"Eh? Uh... of course, comrade Rene".

...he just decided to support her.

Looking at these two, Lily shook with embarrassment. She was dressed very casually and was wearing an ordinary skirt. If she were to dance, then...

"They'll all see" Lily blushed.

Although in Eirene's case, it wasn't all that bad, since they were both girls, Felix was a man and he would enjoy such a demonstration.

And although part of her wanted to refuse another part... was quite excited.