The Ultimate Videogame Leveler Book

novel - Fantasy

The Ultimate Videogame Leveler


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(DISCONTINUED AND REMAKING...) Min-Beom Chun is a 24-year-old gamer who loves playing games and reading "The Hero's Destiny", a novel series. He lives a miserable life with his ill mother and abusive stepdad, who force him to work multiple part-time jobs to pay for their medical bills. He finds no joy or meaning in his existence, except for his escape into the hero's destiny and he had received a strange message from the author. One night, he decides to end his life by jumping off a building. However, instead of dying, he wakes up in the world of The Hero's Destiny, as one of the minor characters: the mysterious class E merchant. Now, he has to survive in a dangerous and unfamiliar world, where he encounters the main characters and the villains of the game. He uses the abilities of the merchant to level himself up and become stronger, despite not having any Visions and being all random. Will he find a way back to his own world, or will he embrace his new life in the game? *** A/N: THIS IS DISCONTINUED!!