1 it gets even better

Alex was making his way home from school to begin his break when it happened. while walking down the same route he always did the strangest thing happened, a large object fell on his head, a printer to be exact, it fell at such a speed that it killed the poor boy on impact.

it all happened so fast that he didn't even have time to see his rather fruitless life flash by or come to grips with his greatest regrets, all the tests he never studied for, the opportunities he let pass by and most importantly all the people he didn't fuck. That's right the poor bastard had died a virgin…or so it seemed because rather than being the end of a pitiable story, Alex's death was really the beginning of a great tale.

A few hours later on the second floor of a modest home of three, there was a room. In that room a young man could be seen quickly waking up with a cold sweat as if he had just experienced a violent nightmare, that man was Alex and in some scene, he had just awoken from a nightmare, a nightmare named his life.

Before now Alex didn't exactly have the best life, he was never the smartest, the most popular or the one with the most friends, his family life consisted of varying levels of shit, ranging from the utter disrespect coming from his older and younger sisters, Jessica and Ava, Ava being the younger sibling. and all the way to barely having a relationship at all which was the case with Alex's single mother, Charlotte.

It also didn't help that Alex was an outlier in his family, while Ava, Charlotte and Jessica were exceedingly beautiful to the point where one would have to be insane to say otherwise he was pretty apparently spared that gene and came out at a single atom above average which in comparison to his family basically made him some sort of ugly troll.

It also didn't help that Alex was a pervert, with his hormones still running rampant within him, he essentially spent every waking moment thinking about something lewd and his family members weren't spared the salacious thoughts and although he tried to hide his degeneracy it always felt as if this played a hand in his crummy relationship with them.

Going back to the current time Alex could be seen getting out of his bed feeling different, feeling better than he ever had before. After standing up he noticed something. He was looking at his room from a different perspective, a taller one, he then decided to check the mirror to try and make sense of his current situation but while walking over he noticed a few more things, his body felt lighter, his mind felt clear and every breath he took felt like it pumped his lungs with more air than usual and there was a new unashamedly confidant spring in his step. simply put Alex felt brand new.

After arriving at the mirror Alex momentarily jumped after seeing what seemed like a stranger only to quickly realize it was just his reflection, he stared at himself in the mirror for a while, the way he was checking himself out would be interpreted by any outside observer as pure narcissism and honestly, they wouldn't be wrong.

Alex couldn't believe it. His body had completely changed, he was taller, more muscular, had healthier skin, and looks so good that world-famous models were comparatively unattractive, he looked like the perfect version of his past feeble, unhealthy self.

Alex, after some thought ultimately figured he had been put in his current situation by some unseen power, one that had not only freed him from the cold grip of oblivion but changed his body to the ideal version he had always wanted to be. Alex could neither prove nor disprove this theory but that didn't matter because Alex had just had a revelation. Now that he has been given another chance at life he couldn't possibly keep living the same way.

his immediate thoughts went straight to himself and his seemingly unending lust. Without him caring much, what used to be Alex's acute self-interestedness had turned to near sociopathic hedonistic narcissism, as he thought of all the things he wanted to do it barely even occurred to him to consider what everyone would think of him.

While Alex thought his life couldn't get any better something came along and changed that. What seemed to be a semi-transparent holographic display popped up in front of him and looking past it and into the mirror Alex saw no reflection of it which lead him to the conclusion that it was something only he could see.

Looking back at the display it had a single page that read:

[Name: Alex

STR:20 / INT:7 / AGT:20 / AGT:20

( Note: STR = strength INT = intelligence AGT = agility AGT = agility )

Skills: Aphrodisiac scent (Description: makes everyone in the general area of the user aroused and more attracted to the user but can be made to focus more on a specific person/people though not totally)

Persuasion (Description: a lesser version of total mind control that makes targets more likely to do as the user says)

Bond (Description: a skill that activates once the user's target has submitted essentially making the target the user's slave if the user wishes to do so)

Copycat (Description: gives the user the ability to mimic the skills of others)

Regenerate (Description: gives the user the ability to heal any physical ails they may be experiencing at an accelerated rate)]

It turns out that whatever power brought Alex back from the grave and gave him an upgrade has also given him something he couldn't have imagined possible mere hours ago. Magical abilities.

"Wait a second, in the description for the copycat skill it says I can steal the skills of others, meaning there are other people with abilities too?" thought Alex before being interrupted and putting the thought in the back of his mind


"Hey shitface, Come downstairs it's time for dinner!" shouted Jessica in a disinterested manner as she knocked on Alex's door shortly before heading off.

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