The Ultimate Saiyan Warrior Reborn

I am in Dragon Ball, as a clone of Goku and Vegeta made by Dr. Gero. To be honest, this is going to be awesome and horrifying, isn't it? On the plus side, Android 21 might probably exist. I guess I have a goal now. Neutral Evil MULTIVERSE

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108 Chs

Waking Up Chp 1

Where am I

I look around but I can only tell that I am in some form of a tank filled with a greenish liquid with a respirator on my mouth.

After, a bit my eyes adjust and I see that I am in some form of a lab.

Gosh, I hope I wasn't kidnapped

I try to move around a bit and I manage to move something around my lower back as the rest of my body feels numb

I blink a few times as I look at what is in front of me

Something brown...a tail

Why do I have a tail and why can't I move the rest of my body?

I begin to panic as I feel some of my body losing the numbness as I panic and strength surges forth and my head begins to ache as I see some visions of people screaming and fighting but they all pass too fast for me to comprehend as something from inside me surges up and breaks the glass tank and I fall to the ground naken barely able to more

"I must have been sedated," I croaked as I take the respirator off and I try to move my body and pull out some syringes on my arms

I try to get up but I fall on my hands and knees as I my nose itches a lot

Like I want to sneeze but I can't

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH," I scream in pain as I fall on my side and hold my head as more images go through my head

No, not images, memories

I gasp as I see the memories of the people that I am seeing

I see myself holding a baby and calling him Gohan

In another, I see myself aiming a finger at a planet from space as purplish energy shoots from my finger and lands on the planet-destroying it while talking with a bald-headed man with a weird mustache

I see myself running around with a red Bo Staff that is expanding and getting shorter as I fight armies with it

"What was that," I say as the memories finally settled down I look at my arms as the numbness in my body is almost gone by this point

"My arms, they are fucking jacked and I have abs," I say looking down at my body which every bodybuilder would be jealous off

I look in between my legs and see my dick

"Nice," I say before shaking it off and looking around as I go through the new memories in my head

I have the memories of Goku and Vegeta

"I am not green, so am I a Saiyan?" I say still in a bit of shock as look around and spot another tank and see something inside

I narrow my eyes at it as I see the future monster inside


He is still an embryo at this point

I shake my head as I breathe in and out in an attempt to not freak out at what is happening to me

I spot a door and walk toward it cautiously

I hesitate to open it, but I do so and roll my eyes as I see a bathroom inside

I flip the switch and look at a mirror and gasp

"Holy shit, I look like..." I say walking closer

My hair is still wet but I can definitely make a guess that I look like Vegito or Gogeta

I have deep reddish-brown hair

I let out a breathe as I move my KI around my body and dry myself off

"I am Vegito," I say looking at the mirror and I look down at myself before a smile slowly creeps up on my face

"I AM VEGITO," I say letting out a laugh but stop as I see something in the reflection in the mirror and turn around

"Gero's computer," I say tensing up and getting ready to fight but I stop as I don't hear anything or anyone aside from me

"Strange," I say as I look around expecting some androids to attack me or something and realize that I took on a fighting stance

"Wow," I say before I focus on keeping my power lowered as much as I can

I walk over to Gero's computer and I see the screen

"He left it open," I say as I begin to snoop around on his computer

Thanks to Vegeta's memories of traveling to space, he was required to categorize how advanced a civilization is, then after he makes his report he would be either ordered to destroy the planet, or the citizens and take their technology for themselves

I frown as I shift through Vegeta's memories

It was never shown was how the Frieza force did things as they were more often than not just shown killing and taking over planets

They didn't destroy planets all nilly-willy, they categorize them and scanned for resources and stripping a planet bare of as many resources while forcing the citizens of those worlds to mine their planet for them

"Good riddance," I say feeling righteous anger at how they did things and satisfaction for knowing that I was the one who defeated Frieza

"What I didn't kill him it was..." I say before sighing at that

I shake my head again as I continue to look in Gero's computer

"Incredible," I say looking at the giant computer in front of me

Gero is an absolute genius

A genius who likes simplicity it seems

As all his files are neatly organized

"Ah there we go," I say as I look into Android 20 aka Dr.Gero

I grimace as I can see through a camera as he is going through the process to turn himself into an android

"Interesting," I say looking at the notes that he so graciously wrote for me to read

"Huh, so he was going to be as strong as Android 16," I say as I look through some of his video logs

Very interesting

He was planning to become a bio-android sort of like Cell

Androids 13, 14, and 15 were prototypes in order to test the KI generators that he made

16 was the completed result of it

However, Gero used his son's image and decided not to use him as his son never wanted to harm anyone

"17 and 18," I say as I look at their files

Lapiz and Lazuli

They were a test run for Dr. Gero to see the cybernetic enhancement process


It seems that they were the successful 17 and 18 as the other subjects were killed

I frown as I see how many he went through

Over 200 people in order to make 17 and 18

Android 19 was a prototype of the energy absorption that he came up with which is why it is so...robust

Gero was going to make himself into a powerhouse

I frown as I watch some more video logs of him describing what he was planning to do with Cell

I gasp as in one video he pulls out a small vial containing what looks like a piece of pink bubblegum that is moving in a glass container

"This will lead to me becoming powerful enough to murder the bastard called Son Goku. After my perfect creation absorbs Androids 17 and 18, I will then use this to merge with it and become the ultimate being," he says completely deranged but I close the video and look at the Android 21 file

I frown as I read through it

Android 21 is or was called Vomi, his ex-wife, who he still loved even after she divorced him for joining the Red Ribbon army

She was in the world martial arts tournament where Goku fought Piccolo Jr and when they were fighting, she was buried under some debris

Gero found her broken body and did the same process to her that he did with 17 and 18

He injected her with a mix of what I know is a piece of Majin Buu's body along with some DNA from the Z-fighters

I look up her location and find it easily

She is in an underwater lab

How original

I look at some of the other files and thankfully find my own but now I wish I didn't

I am supposed to be a mindless body for Gero to absorb once he reached his ultimate state and also experiment on

He didn't know about the Super Saiyan transformation, but he does know about the Zenkai and Great Ape form, which is what he wanted

I sigh at that possible monstrosity

A Dr. Gero mixed with Perfect Cell, able to absorb energy attacks, with 2 Ki generators, plus having a much better Zenkai AND having a Great Ape form, mixing all of that with a piece of Majin Buu's body

Holy shit

I look up his research on the Oozaru form and I am intrigued by it

I read up more on his findings and stumble upon his solution to bypassing the need for the moon

I gasp out loud at what he created

Synthesized Blutz Waves radiation

I read more about it and see his notes as he cut off part of my...excuse me, what the fuck

He tested it out by cutting pieces of me to have a readily available Saiyan test subject

Another reason he created me

Every once in a while he would inject some of it and it would help me recover from it

I look at around my still-naked body and saw no types of scars or anything to indicate such a thing

"He didn't record it," I say clicking my teeth

A small dose of the Synthesized Blutz Waves, is enough to help Saiyans heal, a slightly higher dose is enough to get Saiyans...high

I re-read that part as I go over it

"Similar effects to a human doing cocaine, dude what the fuck," I say before I shake my head

A higher dose than that is enough to trigger the Oozaru transformation

For around a week, with no natural moonlight

Dr. Gero is an absolute madman

I read over how it is made and sigh

It is very difficult to synthesize and it is a long process as well

I take note of it and look around more and find the security footage of what happened to Gero

Lapiz and Lazuli attacked Gero but he managed to shut them off and order 13 and 14 to place them in their pods while 15 took him to become an android to save his life

There are still 5 weeks left before the process is done

Something that I am going to take advantage of as plans begin to form in my mind

"Thank you, Dr. Gero," I say as I smile maliciously as I easily get access to 13, 14, and 15 programming


"Wow, what an idiot," I say as I look at the commands and smile as I simply type as if I was writing a Google search as I effortlessly reprogram some of the Androids

He made it so simple

I get to Android 16 and my smile turns dark

I reprogram Android 16 to obey my every command and ignore the order of killing Son Goku

I don't feel bad for doing this

16 is a literal robot that while it can get sentience, I am not allowing sentient machines to roam around with the potential to kill me

I reach 17 and 18 and I frown

Gero managed to put in the chips to control them with his mind once he turned into an Android however, he didn't get the chance to do so as he had to be turned into an android immediately after he managed to shut them down and was heavily injured

An extremely rushed process

I think about it some more

13, 14, 15, and 16 are purely machines, but 17 and 18, are living people

I decide to ignore them for now and move on to Cell and just erase the program of wanting to become perfect and his orders to kill Goku as I put that he will train to make himself stronger, obey my every command, and get smarter to become my personal scientist.

I look at the controls of the machines currently turning Gero into an android

I have no thoughts other than he needs to die

There is no other way around it

He is far too dangerous to be left alive

He managed to create machines that are at least capable of fighting Super Saiyans, at most outright killing them

That is not even mentioning just how many more projects the bastard has

Most of it is related to killing Goku obviously

I look at Gero undergoing the process and close my eyes a bit

I am Vegito or at least something close but to make it easier on me, I will just call myself Vegito at this point

I look at some screens showing a live feed of some of the Z-Fighters

Goku is currently hanging out with Gohan, Krillin, and Oolong next to a lake

Tien is training with Chiaotzu

I sigh as I look at them

I am definitely Vegito alright

Comparing myself to Goku, I am at least 30 times stronger than he is at the moment

Also, I am pretty sure I can turn Super Saiyan but I haven't done so yet as I don't want to draw attention to myself

Heck, I am pretty sure I can kill Cell the moment he shows up

Still, though, what should I do

Realistically, I am not even sure, if they will truly need me anymore at this point

I am pretty sure that with a bit of training, I would be powerful enough to defeat Super Buu in Super Saiyan 2

Oh, who am I kidding, by the time Buu rolls out around I am pretty sure that I am going to be a Super Saiyan 4

The question is what SHOULD I do?

I am going to wish for immortality now way around it

It is so easy

I can use the instant transmission to get close to Bulma when she is sleeping, read her mind, steal the dragon radar, get them, then use the Dragon Balls, and boom, immortality

I tried some little exercise here and there though

I can use Ki telekinesis which has been awesome, also have a limited form of Telepathy, which I can use to communicate with others, the one time I went out of this bunker, but it doesn't exactly extend to being able to affect their memories, then again I didn't really try though

Once my crazed time enjoying everything I could do now, did I realize that I am essentially stuck here

Away from my universe

Then again, I didn't really have many meaningful attachments to anyone

My parents died in their sleep

My brother and sister got married and have begun their own families

Which is the worst part?

My sister is older than me by 21 years and my brother by 18 years

My mother had me when she was forty and passed away when I was 14 due to not taking care of her health, and my dad also died for not taking care of himself enough within months of each other

My brother is 33 years older and my sister is 36 years older while I am 15

Both of them are married and with kids

Kind of weird to form attachments with them when I barely even saw them for most of my childhood, then after our parents passed away I was lost

Incredibly so

Some family events that I went to were so awkward for me

We cared about one another but I could tell that I am or was the odd one out

Heck, I am pretty sure that their kids called me brother a few times which made me go to my room for the rest of the day due to not being able to handle the awkwardness of it

It was harder for me due to not having my parents anymore and while we got along, they cared more for each other than they did me, due to them knowing each other since childhood and I hardly ever got to bond with them

I could tell, and I would ALWAYS behave myself when I went to live with my brother

I do care for them but we never really got the chance to hang out

I shake my head as I force myself to stop thinking about them

I sit down on a chair and start thinking about what to do

I could try to introduce myself as a Saiyan that escaped Planet Vegeta's destruction like Goku...maybe I am overthinking it

I can just say that I am a clone made by Gero created because Trunks traveled back in time and that I gained my own sentience and killed Gero after I woke up

I sigh as I think about it some more

I can try to introduce myself that way, but I am sure that someone is going to have an issue with that


I can imagine his reaction and calling me a fake Saiyan or something, but maybe I can work with this

I have Goku and Vegeta's memories up until a certain point each

A metaphorical lightbulb appears on my head as a near-perfect plan enters my brain


He was able to defuse Kibito and Shin

I can bullshit my way through by explaining that Goku and Vegeta were separated from me while leaving Vegito/me truly alive in order to have one more fighter on their side and that while I lost a huge portion of power, I became my own person over time

Eventually, over time we would have come across numerous enemies that we fought against

Like the Shadow Dragons

After 2 years or so after Majin Buu was defeated, the Dragon Balls cracked and they were released

Due to the Shadow Dragons far surpassing our power, we were forced to retreat into the lookout, where we entered Hyperbolic Time Chamber

I can blame Bulma for wishing to be 5 years younger which due to her selfish wish, they cracked which released the Shadow Dragons

Then I can explain about Super Saiyan God

I blink at that

Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and Gohan

I am 1 Saiyan short of being able to do the Super Saiyan God ritual

Maybe, I can find Tarble...

I shake my head

I want to reach Super Saiyan 4, if Goten is born during that time then I will wait until both he and Kid Trunks are Super Saiyans

Sounds like a good plan

But, I need to be careful, my story has plenty of loopholes but...huh, that might just work

I can say that I got into a confrontation with someone called Fu and he sent my consciousness back in time and into this body which was created by Dr. Gero due to Fu's manipulation

I will workshop it