The Ultimate Saiyan Warrior Reborn

I am in Dragon Ball, as a clone of Goku and Vegeta made by Dr. Gero. To be honest, this is going to be awesome and horrifying, isn't it? On the plus side, Android 21 might probably exist. I guess I have a goal now. Neutral Evil MULTIVERSE

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Living My Life Chp 45



I open my eyes as a pleasant sensation comes from between my legs as the memories of the past 2 days come to the surface

I almost let out a moan of pleasure as I go over how Vegito 'claimed' me for himself

I smile as I remember when Vegito took me like bitch in heat in front of the mirror

I stop at that while thinking it over

I guess I found a new kink

Something to think about later

Moving my head so that my chin rests on Vegito's chest to stare at him sleeping

He looks so calm, so relaxed

I smile as I think of these past few years

We had a rather interesting beginning thanks to my ex-husband going insane due to the loss of our son

My son

I have accepted his death but the pain still lingers in my heart

The Red Ribbon Army took much from me

More than anyone should have taken from them

Now, I can't exactly complain about my new chance at life

The time that I spent with Vegito training was enjoyable and really brutal at worst, but I understood where Vegito was coming from

Learning that gods exist shook me to my core as I am a scientist and a researcher

Then learning what my ex did to me in an attempt to save me and his horrible actions with the Red Ribbon Army brought me back to reality and helped give me the push I needed

When Vegito confessed about what he planned to do with Android 18, I was disgusted, but then I went over the copy of her memories and saw what she did

I wouldn't complain and will in fact support it if he wants to make her nothing but a glorified slave

I had some serious thinking about that and Vegito helped me realize that my new type of existence was far different than before

Going over the information about Saiyans and their culture, plus adding the Majin side of me into the equation made it obvious that my mentality would be affected 

Vegito helped me as I would be lashing out nearly every training session until I got myself under control 

I have accepted who and what I am 

I am happy with my current life right now

I have a wonderful man who cares for me and he has shown me the universe, I have studied technology from advanced civilizations out of Earth

But, I wish Vegito would tell me more about this stuff about the Evil Dragon Balls which he claims he doesn't know who made them, which I believe him, but...

I resist the urge to sigh

I have a really long time to find out more about the subject, so i shouldn't get so worked up about this

That is another thing

Vegito told me that he is immortal while I would live for an exceedingly long time

Once he gets God Ki, he will be nigh-unstoppable, and God Ki is also something that I am going to be getting for myself later

While I also have a taste for battle it is nowhere near that of Vegito's

The closest I could compare it to was when he took me for a ride

Vegito may hide it or control it with an iron fist but that thirst for battle is still there

He is craving a battle that will get his blood pumping

Something that he may get when he fights this Beerus

Going by what Zalama said in his notes, most Gods of Destruction keep their real power hidden, their true forms are massively more powerful, except that in their true forms, they risk destroying the universe just with their mere presence

I am sure I do not have the same drive as Vegito and the rest of the fighters on Earth to constantly break my limits to reach new heights of power

Which is why I am going to support Vegito as much as I can

I trace a finger around his chest making sure not to wake him up

My smile widens as I remember a particular benefit to Vegito's immortality

He doesn't need sleep anymore

Which means that he simply wanted to feel my body against his

Not that I am complaining

His dick is still inside of me

I can tell it is soft but if I make any motions with my lower body, I will awaken the sleeping beast

Not that I would particularly mind but I have several projects that will require my attention soon enough

Also, Vegito may be a bit too much for me

He fucked me unconscious then he used his Ki to wake me up after a few hours

I am certainly not complaining about that

His primal tendencies did awaken something in me

Especially when he said that he wouldn't stop until breeds me

Another kink, I found out about myself

Next time, we have to use our transformed states

I shudder in pleasure as his dick twitches inside me and I think about him fucking me in Super Saiyan

I don't think I will be able to handle him alone

I resist the urge to bounce up and down on him as I think about my recent projects

Vegito asked me for help in improving his ship and the gravity chamber

I have had a lot of fun working on them but I did tell him that I probably wouldn't be able to improve it by much since my main area of expertise lies in biological sciences

He said it was fine, and I accepted

Having access to nearly unlimited resources had me excited about the new prospects

Seeing Vegito being able to create matter itself threw me for a loop

He explained that is a technique of the gods which made me have another existential crisis

The amount of energy that would be required to create from nothing but his energy alone must have been immense

Moving past that he introduced me to a rather special material called Nth Metal

Such an interesting metal

Experimenting with it, I found that it can negate gravity allowing someone to fly, help deal with the vacuum of space, regulate temperatures and so much more

That metal is an insult to science and I love it

I created some simple devices and as long I used an appropriate amount of Nth Metal I could power them

Nth metal is also what I am using to create our new ship once I found out that Vegito could simply create more of the miracle metal, I went wild with it

I enjoy finding out more and more uses for the stuff...

I moan as Vegito's dick gets hard again and I feel his hands on my ass, kneading it like dough

"How did you sleep," he asks leaning down to my left ear as I moan

"Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaatttt," I moan out in pleasure as I begin to move my bottom around causing Vegito to grunt in pleasure

Pressing his lips against mine, I return the kiss with equal passion as we begin our next session

"My projects can wait a bit longer, mama wants to enjoy this as much she can," I whisper to his ear as I begin to bounce and moan


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