The Ultimate Saiyan Warrior Reborn

I am in Dragon Ball, as a clone of Goku and Vegeta made by Dr. Gero. To be honest, this is going to be awesome and horrifying, isn't it? On the plus side, Android 21 might probably exist. I guess I have a goal now. Neutral Evil MULTIVERSE

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God Ki Chp 44



"So, what does it say?" Asks Vomi sitting down on my lap while fiddling with some technology to enhance the gravity chamber

"It says the God Ki can be obtained by anyone as everyone has a piece of creation/divinity in them, however, this piece is only capable of granting us the ability to exist, and to be honest the way that Zalama explains it is that it is a very tiny sliver of it," I tell her as I read through Zalamas notes on God Ki

"From what I gather, there are a couple of methods that can help stimulate this piece of divinity within everyone. First is for a god themselves to pour their God Ki into you while separating their Will from it, and you get a set amount of God Ki that stimulates your own and from then on you will be able to tap into the power of God Ki which will then grow the more you use it. The downside of this is that while at the moment that you get it, is that it will dissipate after a while and the amount of God Ki will be so small that you will only be able to use it in short bursts," I explain the first method which isn't really bad all things considered

"For the second method, is to go by what Zoori said and to try to reach my mortal limit, but in far more simple terms is to just prepare my body to be able to handle God ki in general. Being in a place where God Ki is abundant can speed up this part, somewhere like the Supreme World of the Kai's would be the perfect place for me to train in. Also, the Kai-ken is perfect for preparing the body" I continue

"Is there a place abundant in God Ki in this realm?" Asks Vomi looking at me

"Not sure, as we still need to explore this place thoroughly," I answer her

"Now for the third method which is far more possible is to overflow myself with Pure Ki, while this is dangerous it will help stimulate the Sliver of Divine Ki present within me,"

"Oh, like that Full Power form of yours," Says Vomi

"Close, very close, but what I will have to do will be far more difficult,"

"My Full Power Super Saiyan 4 fills my body with a tremendous amount of Ki to the point that steam is released from me. My body in Super Saiyan 4 is capable of enduring such a thing with relative ease. In my base, this will make it incredibly painful as it's going to feel like a needle piercing every single one of my cells at the same time. But, this is the fastest way to get God Ki, once it reaches a certain point, the accumulated God Ki will begin to rise on its own as my body becomes more accustomed to it,"

"So, it will be like you have 10 units of Ki, and the tank is full, God Ki will essentially just be another tank, that will then fill up on its own," Summarizes Vomi

"Exactly, but it is a bit more complicated than that. God Ki from Zalama's notes and my own theories about it point towards it giving a conceptual advantage over Mortal Ki. Which I will discover for myself soon enough. But that's not all," I say as a grimace rises to my face

"I can become a full-on god if I were to feed the entirety of my Mortal ki to my God Ki," I say with a grimace

"What would be so bad about that?" She asks looking at me in the eyes

"The power multiplier," I answer as she nods in understanding

"Super Saiyan God is not exactly another transformation, it is just someone that has begun to use another form of Ki as fuel, it is still possible to transform using it, and obviously it carries its own differences compared to the normal forms, such as making them far stronger than they normally are," I explain

"God Ki itself is on a whole other level. The laws of physics are practically thrown out the window by a canon,"

"Even just having God Ki, increases your natural healing allowing you to heal from severe injuries in just moments, and the max, your body will no longer age, not only that, you can just decide to ignore gravity, no longer needing to use Ki to fly around, but you can still use it in conjunction to speed yourself up. You are also no longer affected by the passage of time, in fact, if you are not careful, you can just break time and space by merely walking around," I tell her

"Zalama's full might was such that he could destroy everything merely by wanting it, he had such control over such power," I say as I let out a breath at while leaning my head

"I am sure you can surpass him," She says and I look at her in surprise


"It's just..." I begin staring right at her eyes as she looks at me with a supportive smile which I will admit made my heart skip and a warmth spread throughout my body

"Thank you," I say smiling as I lean down to kiss her deeply

This woman knows how to push my buttons every single damn time

I felt her tongue poking my lips so I open my mouth and we begin to make out heavily as she moves around on my lap as she wraps her arms around my neck as I grab her waist and pull her closer to me

Continuing to kiss, she begins to grind her body and mine which is beginning to arouse me

We part our lips with a small string of saliva connecting as we stare at each other

I kiss her again as I use a rather interesting ability of mine to change the taste of my saliva to vanilla ice cream

One of her favorites

She moans into my mouth as I hold her

One of her hands grabs my hair while the other moves to my cheek

I put my hand behind her head while the other moves down to her ass which I greedily grab as she lets out a moan that makes me feel...proud

We separate again as we pant, feeling rather wet on my crotch, and looking at Vomi's eyes I can tell she is as aroused as I am

Without another word, I teleport us over to my room

Taking my shirt off Vomi looks lustfully at me which fucks with a certain instinct of mine

I throw her to the bed gently and she smiles at me with pure lust as I follow her and kiss her again as she rubs her hands all over my chest

I grab her left breast with my left hand while my right hand begins to lift her shirt off

We part our lips as she takes her shirt off and I stare down lustfully at her braless chest

I lean down to kiss her again while I gently rub her breasts again as she moans into my mouth

Soon enough she groans out a bit annoyed

"Too many clothes," She says as a flash of light annihilates my pants and underwear from existence while Vomi's remaining clothes also receive the same treatment

I rush towards her as she wraps her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist as my dick touches her opening

We separate our lips as we look to each other

"Take me," She says and I comply


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